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Places to Visit in Goa in 3 Days

Discussion in 'Goa' started by SheniVerma, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. SheniVerma

    SheniVerma New Member

    Hey, everyone, I need a quick response from you all. I will be Goa in 6 days times, but I will only be there for three days which is a very short period. As this will be my first time in Goa, I need to know what to see and do for the duration of three days.

    I need a list of the places to visit in Goa in 3 days, covering the most popular places. It would be a bonus if the location of the place were added too, so that when I plan it all I can see the places in a single location together instead of going up and down Goa.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    Since you only have three days to spend in Goa, here's a possible itinerary for you:

    Day 1 - Arrive in Goa from Pune. If you plan to bring your own vehicle, that can take anywhere between 7 to 8 hours. Better start earl to arrive in Goa by mid-afternoon, the earlier, the better. After a short rest and meal, consider visiting the following beaches:

    • Anjuna Beach. Perhaps one of the most popular beaches in Goa. Located at the North of Goa, this is just a few minutes away.
    • Calangute and Baga Beach. Definitely a must-see because of the wonderful views the beach offers. Located in North Goa, a few minutes away from Anjuna Beach.
    • Palolem Beach. Less crowded beach, more peaceful and quiet. Located in South Goa, about an hour or two drive away from Calangute and Baga Beach.
    During this time, you can try out water sports if you'd like. Snorkelling, scuba diving and parasailing, just to name a few. Otherwise, just enjoying the beach is fine as well.

    Then, you can have dinner at:

    • Banyan Three. Located in Palolem, offers Thai curries, noodles and other yummy dishes.
    • Fern's by Kate's. Authentic Goan dishes like fish curry rice and local sausages.
    Day 2: Explore Old Goa.
    • Fontainhas. A must-see place for history lovers, you can feel the old colonial era of Goa in here. Located in Panaji, about an hour drive away from Goa.
    • SE Cathedral. Also located in Panaji, considered to be one of the largest churches in Asia.
    • Keri. Best place for Ayurveda, about 30 minutes away from Fontainhas.
    • Mapusa Market. For some shopping, about 10 miles away from Panaji.
    Then, you can have lunch or dinner at:
    • Ruchira Restaurant. For authentic Indian, Asian and continental dishes, located in Mapusa, so have dinner here.
    • Sher-E-Punjab. For lunch, consider this place located in Panaji. Serves authentic Punjabi dishes.
    Day 3: Visit these places:
    • Salim Bird Sanctuary. Located near Ribandar Ferry in Chorao.
    • The Arvalem and Rivona Caves. About 36 minutes away from Salim Bird Sanctuary.
    • Vagator Beach. About an hour and a half drive from Arvalem Cave.
    • Loutolim. Or instead of Vagator Beach, you can consider Loutolim. There's a museum you can explore here. This is about an hour drive from Arvalem Cave.
    Then, for lunch, consider:
    • Antares. Located in Vagator, seafood dishes at their best.
    • Shalini Restaurant. Located in Loutolim, opposite Bigfoot.
    So there you go, a possible itinerary for you in Goa for three days. I hope this helps!