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Places to visit in Kerala in December

Discussion in 'Kerala' started by Roy823, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Roy823

    Roy823 New Member

    I am going to Kerala in December with my wife. We have the flights and hotel bookings all confirmed and are yet to decide on what places we would be visiting there.
    Last time we went on holiday we just researched places, and some of the places did not turn out as we expected which just wasted our holiday time. So this time, I thought I would join a forum to get some suggestions from actual members.

    So guys, please give a list of details of the places to visit in Kerala in December.

  2. Blue Betta

    Blue Betta New Member

    There is a year-end carnival in Kochi which is worth seeing. There are swimming and cycling competitions during the festival. You also will want to see the fire displays and the floor drawings (which are both amazing). The festival goes on for ten days, at at the end (on the 31st) there is a parade with decorated elephants, music, and costumes. There is a lot of folk art and dancing. It's hard to find the words to really do it justice, so here is a picture:


  3. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there, welcome to the forum!

    Kerala is actually an all-year round destination as it has varied places that you can choose from any time of the year. But winter, including December, is the peak tourist season because it has the most pleasant climate for sightseeing and even enjoying the beaches. Although the temperatures are lower during this time, they are never too chilly nor too cold. You can enjoy the rich culture and heritage of the state too as numerous festivals happen during this time, including the onset of the festive Christmas season.

    Best Places to Visit in Kerala in December

    You can't leave Kerala without a backwater cruise...

    1. Alleppey - Alleppey typically has a hot and humid climate almost all-year round. But during the month of December, temperatures don't exceed 31°C so it's quite comfortable. Most houseboats don't have air-conditioning that operate all-day long so it can be a bit unpleasant during the summers. Since temperatures in December are quite cooler, even without air-conditioning, you and your loved one would still enjoy the tour. Aside from the houseboat tour, you can also explore some places around Alleppey. You can start with the temples as there are plenty around the city. The Ambalapuzha Shri Krishna Temple is famous for the delicious paal-payasam that they serve to pilgrims but it's also worth it to visit just because of the sheer beauty and serenity of the place. There's also the Mannarasala Shri Nagaraja Temple, dedicated to Nagaraja, which is revered sacred by childless couples. A very simple shrine dedicated to Kuriakose Elias Chavara, known as the Chavara Bhavan, can also be visited but only by boat and while it isn't as lavish or grand as the other temples, it showcases the simple life of the saint. For this history lovers, there's the Krishnapuram Palace, showcasing a typical traditional Kerala style of architecture. Lastly, you can also visit some of the beaches around Alleppey like the Marari Beach and Andhakaranazhi Beach.
    • Must visit places - Ambalapuzha Shri Krishna Temple, Mannarasala Shri Nagaraja Temple, Chavara Bhavan, Krishnapuram Palace, Vembanad Lake, Marari Beach and Andhakaranazhi Beach.
    2. Kumarakom - Just like Alleppey, Kumarakom has mostly hot and humid climate all-year round. December sees a drop in temperature that can even reach the 18°C mark. Thus, a houseboat cruise along the backwaters of Kumarakom can be very enjoyable during this month. On the other hand, Kumarakom is also blessed with abundance of natural sceneries and wildlife. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a haven for bird watchers especially in the winter season when migratory birds flock to the sanctuary. You can opt to trek the jungles of the bird sanctuary or even to ride a boat taking you to the backwaters of the sanctuary. Don't forget to climb the top of the watchtower here for a panoramic view of the surroundings. There's also the Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls, which requires some trekking to reach. It is best visited post-monsoon season though when it has been fed by the rains. Lastly, you can also visit the Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. There's a lamp here that's been continuously burning for a hundred years now.
    • Must visit places - Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls and Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple.
    Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary (Image Courtesy of Concord Aviation)

    Beautiful hill stations...

    3. Wayanad - Wayanad is one of the lesser visited hill stations in the state. During December, temperatures here are quite pleasant and typically do not go lower than 10°C. Because of its natural beauty and serenity, Wayanad is a perfect destination especially for couples. Its landscapes are mostly of green hills and forests, scattered alongside these are waterfalls and other bodies of water. Nothing screams romantic more than a stroll along the serene fields of Wayanad. Do visit the Banasura Sagar Dam and indulge in boating. While it isn't as huge as the backwaters of Kerala, it's every bit as beautiful and tranquil. Ever wanted to do something adventurous with your loved one? Why not try bamboo rafting in the Kuruva Island of Wayanad? Or maybe you can try trekking to reach the Meenmutty Waterfalls or the more challenging Edekkal Caves. There are also some peaks around Wayanad that you can trek, only if you and your loved one are up for the challenge. Of course, if you're just in for a relaxing vacation, it's also acceptable to just relish in the beauty of Wayanad, right at the window of your hotel room. Most hotels in Wayanad have huge windows giving you the perfect view of the hill station, all day and all night long.
    • Must visit places - Banasura Sagar Dam, Kuruva Island, Meenmutty Waterfalls and Edekkal Caves.
    4. Thekkady - While summers in Thekkady can reach the 36°C mark, winters are relatively cooler with temperatures not exceeding 21°C. Thekkady is one of the most popular hill stations in Kerala, much like Munnar. But what sets it apart is that you can indulge in plenty of wildlife activities here. Ever wanted to see tigers? Well, the Periyar National Park has the Periyar Tiger Trail program and the chances of seeing tigers are higher with this one. Programs include trekking and even boating in the majestic Periyar Lake. Do keep in mind that tigers choose when they want to be seen so just enjoy the moment and if you're lucky, the tigers would appear in front of you. You can also indulge in an elephant safari while in the national park. There's also the Deepa World Spice and Ayurvedic Garden, where you can enjoy a tour of the different herbs and spices produced in the hill station. Lastly, do visit the Kadathanadan Kalari Centre to witness an actual Kalaripayattu match. It is an ancient martial art form indigenous to the state of Kerala. Unlike some hill stations, where there's not much you can do, Thekkady offers plenty of activities to tourists and as such, it is the best feature of the hill station.
    • Must visit places - Periyar National Park, Deepa World Spice & Ayurvedic Garden and Kadathanadan Kalari Centre.
    Beaches, beaches and beaches...

    5. Kozhikode - Kozhikode is located on the Malabar Coast of Kerala and experiences tropical climate almost all-year round. December is neither too hot nor too cold, just perfect for enjoying the beaches of the city. Temperatures rarely reach below 27°C and do not exceed 34°C. Its other name is Calicut, and it is one of the most developed cities of Kerala. Thus, tourist infrastructures here are very well-maintained so you can enjoy your stay especially if you're someone who enjoys malls, internet and other commercial hubs. Numerous beaches, religious sites and shopping markets line the city. For the beaches, there's Kappad Beach and Kozhikode Beach, both have golden shores and are very busy. You can try Beypore Beach too, which has a long bridge leading to the waters itself. It's relatively less crowded and more serene than the former beaches. The best beach of Kozhikode though is the Payyoli Beach, with its white sands and shallow water. It is also a nesting ground for the endangered Olive Ridley turtles, which can be seen in the winter months. If you have the time, you can also visit the Tali Temple, one of the oldest Shiva temples in the state.
    • Must visit places - Kappad Beach, Kozhikode Beach, Beypore Beach, Payyoli Beach and Tali Temple.
    Payyoli Beach in Kozhikode (Image Courtesy of Kerala Tourism Guides)

    6. Kovalam - Kovalam is synonymous with beaches and is probably one of the most well-known destinations in Kerala. Summers can be very hot though as it reaches the 40°C mark in temperature. Winters are generally cooler with temperatures not exceeding 34°C. Although the beaches of Kovalam are more crowded, they are also the best destinations for people who love adventure and activities. For instance, Kovalam Beach, divided into three parts, has plenty of water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, surfing and boating. Do visit the lesser crowded regions of the beach like the Samudra Beach and Hawa Beach. You can also explore the nearby attractions like Neyyar Dam, where you can indulge in boating and the Vellayani Lake, where you can enjoy bird watching.
    • Must visit places - Kovalam Beach (Samudra Beach & Hawa Beach), Neyyar Dam and Vellayani Lake.
    Fun festivals...

    7. Bekal - While Bekal can be visited all-year round, December is the best time to visit it for the Perunnal Festival. This festival coincides with the Christmas season and as such, churches in the city are designed for the festivities. Cultural events, processions and even fireworks accompany this auspicious event that is celebrated with intense fervour by the locals. On the other hand, Bekal also has some beaches that become alive during time, like the Bekal Beach, Kappil Beach and Hosdurg Beach. There's also the Bekal Fort, historically important as it is one of the few forts in the country built entirely for defensive purposes. You won't see much inside the fort, no palaces nor temples, but the views from it are quite beautiful, with the surrounding backwaters.
    • Festival - Perunnal Festival.
    8. Cochin - Cochin typically has a tropical monsoon climate so temperatures almost all-year round are high. December is the exception though as temperatures can go as low as 25°C during this month. Yet another good reason to visit Cochin during this time is the Cochin Carnival. It is a very likely festival held during the last two weeks of November until the onset of January. It is celebrated to give way to the New Year. Processions, dressed animals, cultural dances and performances, food carts and games are done during this carnival. It is usually done at the Fort Cochin and the abundance of white designs is apparent. Around Cochin, you can also visit numerous attractions like the Mattancherry Palace, occupied by different rulers like the Portuguese, Dutch and even the Rajas. The Hill Palace is also worth a visit, which has now been converted into a museum, showcasing the rich heritage of the city. Different churches in Cochin also become colourful during this time like the Saint Francis Church and Santa Cruz Basilica. Lastly, also worth a visit during December, is the Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary, where you can find various species of migratory birds.
    • Festival - Cochin Carnival.
    Nature at its best...

    9. Vagamon - If you're looking for something offbeat yet beautiful, look no further than Vagamon. It has a pleasant climate all-year round but December has particularly colder temperatures. Untouched by commercialism, the landscapes here are virgin and stunning. Pine forests, luscious hills and colourful meadows would greet you once you're here. There's not much you can do, expect trekking, so it's the perfect excuse for just laying around and relaxing. On the other hand, places like Kurisumala, Thangal Hill and Barren Hills provide you with some form of activity. Yet trekking these places won't be tiring at all as you're rewarded by beautiful views all around. There's also the Vagamon Meadows, where the Vagamon Lake is located and you can indulge in boating rides here.
    • Must visit places - Kurisumala, Thangal Hill, Barren Hills, Vagamon Meadows and Vagamon Lake.
    Vagamon (Image Courtesy of Trip Advisor)

    10. Malampuzha - The beauty of Malampuzha is not as well-known as the other cities in Kerala. The Malampuzha Dam is actually the largest water reservoir in Kerala. Here, you can indulge in boating and enjoy the lush greenery and bird species around you. You can also visit the Malampuzha Garden, located just in front of the dam. Entry fee here is very nominal at Rs. 25 and you can access all the facilities of the garden like the fountains, hanging bridges and even a swimming pool (for Rs. 75 per head). During night time, the garden is illuminated too, which is quite a sight to behold along with the twinkling of the dam's water. Nearby to the dam is also a Snake Park, which is home to several species of snakes that were rescued by the centre. There are plenty of hotels in Palakkad, which is near Malampuzha so you can easily reach the dam any time you like.
    • Must visit places - Malampuzha Dam, Malampuzha Garden and Snake Park.
    Good luck and enjoy Kerala!:)
  4. wellfrancis

    wellfrancis New Member

    You should visit Wayanad also.Such a Beautiful place you can't avoid.