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Best honeymoon places in India in December

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by MaheshShah, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. MaheshShah

    MaheshShah New Member

    I am getting married in 10 days times, and I haven't yet planned our honeymoon. I know I have left it a bit too late, but I am hoping members of the forum can help me out in this.

    I would like a list of the best honeymoon places in India in the month of December.
    I am from Bangalore, but there are no restrictions on how far we can travel, after all, it's a honeymoon which should be special.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi there, welcome to the forum!


    (Images from Wikimedia, Wikimedia and Henrik Jagels)


    With the cooler temperatures of December in the whole of India, you have picked no better time for your marriage and honeymoon. However, winter season is also usually the peak tourist season for most destinations around the country. For honeymoon couples, privacy and serenity are the two most important features of a honeymoon destination. It's a given though that the honeymoon destination should be a beautiful and scenic place. Luckily, India has tons of destinations that can cater to the needs of the newlyweds. So if ever you're looking for a winter romantic honeymoon destination around India, a place that can give you tranquility and peace, read on and find out what are your options.

    Best Honeymoon Places in India in December

    Because what's more romantic than hill stations...

    1. Auli (Uttarakhand) - When you think of a honeymoon destination, what first comes to your mind? Most honeymoon couples would agree that the most important feature of a honeymoon destination is ultimate seclusion. A place away from the crowds, where you can just cuddle with your loved one and enjoy the beautiful views around. Auli is one such place, enveloped by a thick blanket of snow by the end of December, it's every bit as romantic as any other international honeymoon destination. To reach Auli during winter season, as the roads are mostly blocked, you can enjoy a cable ride from the nearby city of Joshimath. Although Auli is a popular skiing destination, it remains under the radar of most tourists, as they flock to commonly known ones like Shimla and Manali. So for the honeymoon couples, privacy and serenity are pretty much covered here. While there isn't much you can do around, it's the perfect excuse for just lazing around and getting to know each other more. Or if you are an adventurous couple, try your luck with skiing, which can be a perfect bonding activity for couples as well. The Auli Artificial Lake is one of the hill station's attractions, although it becomes frozen during winter. Spot the snow-making machines around, these are fed by the lake to make the slopes of the hill station smoother. There are also some treks around Auli that you can do but they can be challenging in winter, namely, the Gorson Bugyal and the Kwani Bugyal trails. Temperatures can go as low as below zero though so make sure you and your loved one bring heavy woollens to combat the cold temperature. There are only a handful of hotels around Auli so book your room in advance as well.
    • Must Visit Attractions - Auli Artificial Lake, Gorson Bugyal and Kwani Bugyal
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    2. Coonoor (Tamil Nadu) - Perhaps you have heard of Ooty, Tamil Nadu's most popular hill station. Hidden under the shadow of this hill station is Coonoor, perfectly suitable for honeymoon couples. While Ooty is a bit on the commercialised side, Coonoor remains pristine and idyllic. It is also just 19 kilometres away from Ooty, yet isn't as visited as the Queen of the Hill Stations. You can even reach the hill station by the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, a fun ride beginning in Mettupalayam and ending in Ooty but passing by Coonoor along the way. With the chug chug of the train, every scenery is worth capturing, as you pass through beautiful tea estates, tunnels and bridges. In Coonoor itself, there are a few attractions that can keep you busy. Sim's Park can be very enjoyable for couples as they can enjoy a leisurely walk here or even ride a boat within its small manmade lake. The view from the Dolphin's Nose, a view point, can make you fall in love even more. The unending misty mountains coming together with the blue skies, such views are hard to forget. Lamb's Rock is another view point but it requires a bit of trekking to reach. Once you reach the peak, you can enjoy the views of the valleys and distant mountains too. About seven kilometres away from Coonoor proper is the Laws Waterfalls, approachable after a bit of trekking from the main road. The beauty of the waterfalls remains untouched by modernisation, where nature and serenity still are bounded as one. Last is the Wellington Lake, located within the Wellington Army Barracks. It's a small and picturesque lake maintained by the army so it's very clean and serene. There is also a cafe within the lake premises where you can enjoy dining with your loved one. Coonoor doesn't have many hotels but there are around ten that you can choose from plus lots of guest houses around.
    • Must Visit Attractions - Sim's Park, Dolphin's Nose, Lamb's Rock, Laws Waterfalls and Wellington Army Barracks
    Flower in Sim's Park in Coonoor (Image from Thangaraj Kumaravel)

    3. Darjeeling (West Bengal) - With the views of the distant Kanchenjunga ranges, Darjeeling is yet another hill station to be reckoned with. December is one of the best months to visit it, especially for honeymoon couples, as there's that higher chance of experiencing snowfall. Even if not, temperatures reach as low as 2°C in this hill station so you really need to pack your jackets and inner thermals. With the mixture of three cultures, Indian, Nepali and Tibetan, Darjeeling is a delight for the tourists, because where else can you see such a unique fusion of heritage? There are many places that you can explore around Darjeeling but if you want to just lie around and enjoy the romantic views with your loved one, that's perfectly acceptable too. For that clear view of the Kanchenjunga ranges, reach Tiger Hill, the best sunrise and sunset point in the hill station. From here, you can watch the changing hues of the sun as it sets or rises amidst the majestic mountain ranges. The Japanese Peace Pagoda stays true to its name as it exudes serenity, especially as its encircled by greenery and fogs during early morning. The Barbotey Rock Garden is another must visit here, although you need to drive a bit to reach it. The rock garden, surrounded by waterfalls, greenery, flowers and several bridges is very suitable for just hanging out with your loved one. To further bless your marriage, visit one of the oldest monasteries in the state, the Ghoom Monastery. The monastery isn't huge nor does it have any bewildering sculptures but it exudes what most couples want, serenity and spirituality.
    • Must Visit Attractions - Tiger Hill, Japanese Peace Pagoda, Barbotey Rock Garden and Ghoom Monastery
    Sunsets by the sand...

    4. Andaman Islands (Union Territory) - On to the second section of our list and we begin with the Andaman Islands. By early December, the region might still be affected by the monsoon rains so you can opt to reach it a little later, preferably by the end of December. The Andaman Islands is India's very own piece of paradise, located off the Andaman sea, closer to the countries of Thailand and Myanmar. Because it is only reachable either by sea or by air, the Andaman Islands are cut off from mainland India and not as frequented by tourists. Thus, the beaches here have remained quite pristine and beautiful over the last couple of years, despite being promoted as one of the country's prime tourist destinations. Ideally, all islands of the Andaman and Nicobar can offer ultimate seclusion to honeymoon couples. But there are some islands restricted for tourists, some which can be visited only during day time and others that are open for night stays as well. The Havelock Island is a favourite here as the beaches are all of white sands and turquoise waters. The beaches here are named by numbers and a cult favourite is the Beach No. 7 or the Radha Nagar Beach. There are no water sports facilities in this beach, perfect for the couples who just want to enjoy the waters to themselves. Port Blair is where you'd land once you reach the Andaman Islands and even the capital has an assortment of places to keep tourists busy. Did you know that the British also conquered the Andaman Islands during their reign? An evidence of this is the Cellular Jail, where they kept political prisoners during their reign. A short boat ride from the capital can take you to nearby islands of Viper and Ross. For snorkelling, you can head to the Neil Island, which has a variety of beaches filled with exotic marine life. There are many more places that you can explore around the Andaman Islands but for honeymoon couples, it's usually fine to just stay in one island and have a relaxing vacation.
    • Must Visit Attractions - Havelock Island, Port Blair, Viper Island, Ross Island, Neil Island and many more
    Havelock Island in Andaman (Image from Sankara Subramanian)

    5. Lakshadweep (Union Territory) - Now let's go to the Lakshadweep Islands, a series of about 36 islands located off the coast of Kerala. This is perhaps India's most underdeveloped beach destination. Don't let that put you off from going here though as that only means that the beaches here are one of the most beautiful ones in the country as well. During December, the weather is crisp and a bit cooler, making it the ideal time to reach the islands. Just like the former destination, the Lakshadweep Islands can only be reached through sea or air so they remain under the radar of many tourists. The Kavaratti Island is probably Lakshadweep's most commercial island. Here, you can enjoy a myriad of water sports such as speed boating, jet skiing, banana boat riding and more. Still, the beaches here remain quite clean and beautiful, so you can also enjoy frolicking in the water with your better half. Agatti Island is mostly preferred by adventure couples who love snorkelling and scuba diving. The variety of marine life here is quite extensive, so you can enjoy exploring under the sea especially on a clear day. Bangaram Island is suitable for couples who just want to be away from the crowds, as it is an uninhabited island but has a few accommodation options for tourists.
    • Must Visit Attractions - Kavaratti Island, Agatti Island and Bangaram Island
    6. Pondicherry (Union Territory) - You don't have to go to France to experience the French culture as India has its very own French capital that you can explore, which is none other than Pondicherry. Until the middle of the 19th century, this town was inhabited by the French and the influences of that era are still evident in Pondicherry. From the way the streets are planned, up to their names even and to the deliciously French Indian cuisines, a honeymoon in Pondicherry would be very memorable. While there are many attractions around Pondicherry, its beaches are underrated. Starting with the Promenade Beach, right at the heart of the city, this is probably the most popular beach in the union territory. Swimming here isn't advisable but the views of the waves crashing into the rocky shores can be very calming especially around sunset. A number of restaurants also line the shoreline so you can enjoy eating along with the views. Approachable by a boat ride from Chunnambar is the Paradise Beach, one of Pondicherry's well-kept secrets. The beach has golden sands and mild waves so you can enjoy swimming here. There are no water sports facilities though for the adventure lovers. From Pondicherry proper, about 10 kilometres away, there's the Serenity Beach, another serene beach. The waves here are rougher though but the shores and water remain very clean. Again, an ideal beach for the honeymoon couples who want some seclusion. Karikal Beach, about 20 minutes away from Pondicherry, is a very vibrant beach with tons of water sports and facilities around. Although it's a bit more crowded, you can spend some time here before venturing into the more secluded beaches of Pondicherry.
    • Must Visit Attractions - Promenade Beach, Paradise Beach, Serenity Beach and Karikal Beach
    A royal treatment...

    7. Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) - Nestled in the desert state of Rajasthan is the Golden City of Jaisalmer. Because of its location, Jaisalmer can be hot and humid during monsoon and summer. Thus, winter, especially from December to January, is the best time to explore the city. Temperatures during this time vary but they don't usually exceed 23°C. While many tourists go to the usual route of Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur, not many reach further to Jaisalmer. You can definitely enjoy a unique honeymoon experience here, one that you can cherish forever. The prime attraction here is the Jaisalmer Fort, the only living fort in the world, where there are actual human settlers inside the fort. Witnessing this unique experience of people living their daily lives in the fort can be very enjoyable. This fort truly represents Jaisalmer, with its golden hue, more apparent during day light. The Gadsisar Sagar Lake is another must visit here, enjoy a boat ride amidst this lake during sunset while in the arms of your loved one. About six kilometres away from Jaisalmer, you can reach the Bada Bagh, these are cenotaphs of the royal family of the city. Made with yellow sandstone, they seem to be camouflaged in the surroundings of the city. Excursions out of the city can lead you to the Tanot Mata Temple, a revered temple by soldiers as it was able to survive the bombing of the Pakistanis, and also to the Kuldhara Abandoned Village. If your other half is a history buff, then Jaisalmer can fulfil that natural love for heritage that he or she has.
    • Must Visit Attractions - Jaisalmer Fort, Gadsisar Sagar Lake, Bada Bagh, Tanot Mata Temple and Kuldhara Abandoned Village
    Jaisalmer Fort (Image from Vil Sandi)

    8. Alleppey (Kerala) - Next on the list is Alleppey, the famous setting for the well-known houseboat tours of Kerala. A houseboat tour takes you around the serene backwaters of Alleppey. The houseboat is a traditional trading boat once used in the state. They were then renovated to be used as a tourism means to tour the backwaters of Alleppey. These houseboats can be as simple or as luxurious as you'd like. They have the same look though, wooden on the outside, with bamboo poles for roofs and held together by ropes. Some houseboats even have several bedrooms for larger families. A houseboat tour of the backwaters of Alleppey can be very romantic, especially as you witness the rural life, very simple and easy on the eyes. Once you're done with that, there are some more places that Alleppey has in store for you. The Ambalapuzha Shri Krishna Temple is Alleppey's most popular temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temple is also known for the delicious payasam that they serve to devotees. Also worth visiting is the largest Nagaraja temple in the state, the Mannarasala Shri Nagaraja Temple. Over 30,000 snake images flank the place and it is also revered holy by couples who want to bear a child. The Krishnapuram Palace is another worth visiting attraction, as it has a traditional Keralan style of architecture. The sloping roofs, the use of wood and the narrow hallways are typical of a traditional palace in Kerala.
    • Must Visit Attractions - Alleppey Backwaters, Ambalapuzha Shri Krishna Temple, Mannarasala Shri Nagaraja Temple and Krishnapuram Palace
    9. Rann of Kutch (Gujarat) - The Rann of Kutch in Gujarat is best visited during December as well, when temperatures don't exceed 25°C at the most. It is also during December that the Rann Utsav takes place in none other than the salt desert of the Great Rann of Kutch. This lively festival showcases handicrafts made by the locals and a couple of cultural performances to keep tourists entertained. In itself, the salt desert of the Great Rann of Kutch is undeniably beautiful. The vast expanse of the white desert, which only appears a few months in a year, changes hues depending on the time of the day. The Kala Dungar is the highest point in the region, where you can view the vast white desert along with the nearby border with Pakistan. This point is best visited during sunset to experience the changing colours of the sun reflecting upon the desert. There's also the Koteshwar Mahadev Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, has the distinction of being located at the westernmost point of India, just before the border with Pakistan. Located close to the sea, the temple offers one with the most picturesque views. Last but not the least is the Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary, found in the Little Rann of Kutch. Apart from the Indian wild ass, this sanctuary is also home to many species of resident birds plus migratory birds during winter season. The Rann of Kutch may not be your ideal honeymoon destination but it can sure be the most memorable destination.
    • Must Visit Attractions - Great Rann of Kutch, Kala Dungar, Koteshwar Mahadev Temple and Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary
    Bonus! Surprise your better half with this unique destination...

    10. Pelling (Sikkim) - This hill station located in the western side of Sikkim is little known to honeymoon travellers. Pelling though is every bit as beautiful as other hill stations, if not more. With the views of the snow-capped Himalayan mountains and a fresh blanket of snow in winter, Pelling can fulfil your white vacation wish list. Temperatures can go as low as -4°C so pack your heavy woollens as they're very necessary. There are many monasteries, natural attractions and manmade attractions around Pelling that you can explore. The Sangachoeling Monastery, approachable after a four kilometre trek, is one of Pelling's most popular monasteries. The trek is very much enjoyable but only men are allowed inside the monastery. You can, however, enjoy the views from the temple itself as it overlooks the snow-capped mountains. The quaint Tashiding Monastery is also worth a visit, with its golden spire and white facade, its quite easy to spot. Built during the 16th century by Ngadak Sempa Chempo Phunshok Rigzing, this is one of the hill station's oldest religious sites. A landmark of Pelling is the Singshore Bridge, the highest bridge in the region and also one of the highest bridges in Asia. Surrounded by lush greenery, you can take picture perfect selfies here with your loved one. The sacred Khecheopalri Lake is part of the Buddhist circuit in Pelling. A unique phenomenon here is that leaves cannot be seen from the lake as birds dutifully pick them up the moment they do so. Natural attractions such as the Kanchenjunga Waterfalls and Rimbi Waterfalls can also be visited as they are located close to Pelling. Finally, make your way into the Rabdentse Ruins, a series of chortens and palace ruined by the Nepali. These structures were built by Tensung Namgyal when he made Rabdentse his capital in the 16th century.
    • Must Visit Attractions - Sangachoeling Monastery, Tashiding Monastery, Singshore Bridge, Khecheopalri Lake, Kanchenjunga Waterfalls, Rimbi Waterfalls and Rabdentse Ruins
    View of Kanchenjunga from Pelling (Image from Shankar S.)


    India is a vast land, with so many destinations that even honeymoon couples can enjoy. The truth is though, any destination becomes livelier, better and more beautiful because you're with your loved one. The views, the sceneries and the luxuries are just additions to your already perfect honeymoon. Enjoy your honeymoon and make memories that would last forever!