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Places to visit in Madhya Pradesh

Discussion in 'Madhya Pradesh' started by UmaCrazy, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. UmaCrazy

    UmaCrazy New Member

    Madhya Pradesh is a state in India which I have not been to, although there is so much the state offers.
    As it would be my first time in the state, I am in a stuck situation and don't have a clue which place to visit.

    I have given myself 15 days for a holiday in Madhya Pradesh and these 15 days I want to cover some of the most important and vital places. Although I would like to see most of Madhya Pradesh, I don't think it would be possible, due to time and it would become too tiring.

    In order, please list the places to visit in Madhya Pradesh and include any places where I should stay over night.

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