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Radio Taxi Vs Private Taxi In Delhi

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by NandNaryan, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. NandNaryan

    NandNaryan New Member

    I will be in Delhi and will be touring the city going to see the famous tourist places and shopping as well. I know that you can get a private taxi as well as a radio cab, I need to know which one works out to be the cheapest and best. I would not need a taxi for the whole day unless I will see more than one place in a day.
    Please advise which taxi would be more cost effective and sufficient for me.

  2. JimmyKakkar

    JimmyKakkar New Member

    According to the information you have provided it would all depend on where you are going, how many places you will visit and the duration at these places. If you are going to just one destination then a radio cab would be good, but if you are going to many places and staying there for more than an hour then getting a private taxi would be better.

  3. Akshay

    Akshay Member

    An easy way for you to find the cheapest way for travelling is working out the costs. Radio taxis charge from Rs12 - Rs17 per km, waiting time is extra. Ask a taxi company for hiring a car for the whole day or for how many hours required then compare the charges.

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  4. PremUlas

    PremUlas New Member

    If you are time bound then please avoid radio taxis, I have had bad experience with radio taxis in Delhi, one company cancelled just 15 minutes before the arrival time and one company just never turned up, plus if you need to stop somewhere even for 10 minutes you will be charged waiting time. I have just answered a query on another similar thread so it is worth reading the thread about travelling in Delhi on Metro, another thread you can visit is the HoHo bus thread.
  5. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    I don't understand what a radio taxi is. Maybe it is like Uber taxi where you call the company and it sends you a taxi? When were in Singapore, there are taxis like that but we couldn't call because we do not know the number. Pardon me but it looks like taxis in India are like taxis in the Philippines that are unreliable most of the time. I will check on that link of Hoho bus. We took that in Kuala Lumpur - hop on hop off bus that you pay only once and get the privilege of riding for the whole day.
  6. Selvie

    Selvie New Member

    I think radio taxis are like our meter taxis where you pay per kilometer and per minute which works out much more expensive because that meter keeps running even if you stop. And if you are in traffic you can imagine how high your bill will be.

    Rather compare price with a private taxi or if possible rent a vehicle to drive yourself if you know the roads. Good luck.
  7. nomad

    nomad New Member

    Like others have said, it will really depend on where you are going as well as how frequently. If you're intending to go sightseeing reasonably close to your accommodation then you might be happy with a combination of walking and taxi (or Uber if you use that service). If you are using a taxi you can also check the approximate price of the journey with the driver before you begin. If you are comfortable, you can see if they will agree to a lower price if you are taking several journeys with them.

    If you are going further afield you might want to look at other transport options such as bus or even train. I found train a really great way to get around in India as you can also get 'sleeper' seats if you are travelling a long distance. It allows you to arrive refreshed (in theory) for your day ahead.