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Rishikesh Ashram

Discussion in 'North India' started by Isafab, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. Isafab

    Isafab New Member

    I'm trying to narrow down my travel plans and I want to stay at an ashram in Rishikesh or Haridwar. But there are so many! Does anyone have experience staying at a specific ashram?

  2. swalia

    swalia Guest

    I have stayed in Swami Swatranand's ashram in Rishikesh when I had attended an advance course organized by Art of Living. However, Swarg ashram and Parmarth ashram are two of the biggest and well-known ashrams in Rishikesh.

  3. Isafab

    Isafab New Member

    Thank you so much for the information! Someone with personal experience is exactly what I was looking for. I will look into these ashrams further.
  4. Vinaya

    Vinaya Member

    I have never traveled to Rishikesh thus I don't know much about this place. Since Rishikesh is Hindu pilgrim site, I very much want to visit the place and stay on some ashrams. I am seeking for a travel itinerary and any information on this regard is much appreciated.
  5. swalia

    swalia Guest

    Rishikesh is a beautiful place. I have visited there numerous times. My spiritual master comes to Rishikesh every year and during his visit, we make it a point to go there and have his darshan. We have a small ashram in Rishikesh at the bank of Ganges but when Guruji is there then the place is too crowded with devotees all over from North India.
  6. Isafab

    Isafab New Member

    I chose to avoid the month of March this year as that is when the International Yoga Festival is in Rishikesh and there will be so many people! It is selfish, but I would like to there with something less than thousands of people.