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How To Reach Art Of Living Bangalore Ashram?

Discussion in 'Karnataka' started by Mahira, May 8, 2018.

  1. Mahira

    Mahira New Member

    I am going to Bangalore and during my time there I would like to go to the Art Of Living Ashram to attend a course or even a couple of classes.

    I would like some help in knowing how to reach Art Of Living Bangalore Ashram.

  2. Mohit Eagle

    Mohit Eagle Member

    The Art Of Living Ashram is located about 20km from the South of Bangalore. There are two options for reaching the ashram either by taxi or by bus. Getting a taxi would obviously be easy as it would directly take you to the ashram without you having to worry where you need to go, but if you are on a budget then going by bus would be best.

    There are frequent buses which go from Bangalore to the ashram.

    You need to get a bus to Banashankari, once you reach Banashankari you need to get off the bus which will stop outside the bus stop building. Do not go inside the building instead go tot he stop opposite the building. That is where you would find you bus to the Art Of Living ashram. Just make sure before boarding the bus that the bus is going to the Ashram/Art of Living or the Kanapura main road.

    The distance between Banashankari and Art of Living Ashram is around 16km, so it would take you roughly 20 minutes to reach.