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Road trip through Karnataka

Discussion in 'Karnataka' started by psanch, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. psanch

    psanch New Member

    My parents and I have wanted to do a Karnataka road trip for the longest time now. While there's no dearth of beautiful places to see, accommodation at these places often falls sadly below expectations. Has anyone here ever done some thing like this in places where the accommodation is clean and has good service? I would sincerely appreciate the input.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    Hmmm... It's really hard to just show up at a hotel and find out that it doesn't meet your expectations. However, I've travelled many times already to different places and I'm quite lucky to have stayed mostly in good hotels. They're not five-star hotels but they do have great service, amenities and clean rooms. What you need to do is research well and also look for word of mouth. This way, you can be ensured that the hotel you're picking is well worth it.

    Most of the places I've been in have good accommodations. Yes, there were some that were a disappointment. But most of the time, I research them before reserving a room. When it comes to Karnataka, here's a few accommodations that are the best when it comes to cleanliness and service:


    • The Green Hotel. This is an environment friendly hotel. There's no doubt that their rooms are clean and they also help the environment by donating their profits to charity. Aside from that, they use solar power and recycled power for watering the garden. Rooms lead directly to the garden. Rates start at Rs. 2,150 per night.
    • Fortune Hotel. Rooms are luxurious, elegant and most of all, clean. They also offer view of the Chamundi Hills. The hotel itself is very close to the Mysore Palace. They have several restaurants like the Orchid, the Oriental Pavillion and the Terrace Grill and Tandoor. They also have a banquet hall for events like weddings or birthdays. Rates start at Rs. 3,750 per night.
    • Lalitha Mahal Palace. They offer a royal experience, much like a Maharaja living in a palace. Rooms are elegant and very clean. Rates start at Rs. 5,000 per night. There's a swimming pool, tennis court and banquet hall as well.
    • Escape Hotel and Spa. They have modern rooms that doesn't scrimp on cleanliness or amenities. They have two restaurants: the Bricklane and the Black Rabbit. There's also a spa and swimming pool. Room rates start at Rs. 4,080 per night.
    • Oberoi Bangalore. They have classically designed rooms that are well-maintained. All rooms feature views of the garden as well. They have many restaurants like the Rim Naan and Le Jardin. Relax and enjoy their spa as well. Room rates start at Rs. 9,300.
    • Gateway Hotel. They have very spacious and modern rooms that are clean. They also have an Ayurvedic centre, fitness centre and lounge. You can even arrange tours for coffee plantations or treks right in the hotel. Room rates start at Rs. 4,531 per night.
    • The Serai. You can opt for a room with your own private jacuzzi. What's more, rooms are maintained and very clean. Opt to have dinner or lunch in their restaurant facing the surrounding greenery. There's also a spa and lounge. Priced at Rs. 15,337 per night per room, it's a bit steep but well worth the price.
    • Orange County Cabin. Some rooms have their own private pools. I love the interiors of the room but they also deliver on cleanliness and maintenance. You can also try their Ayurvedic massage for pure relaxation. There's an infinity pool, swimming pool and lounge as well. Rates start at Rs. 26,500 per night, bit higher but it's worth it.
    I hope this helps!

  3. psanch

    psanch New Member

    Thanks for that, that's a lot of really good information. So I'm actually from Coorg and live in Bangalore so we're not looking at those areas. I guess I should have been more specific. This all started because my folks recently decided to take some time off and go to B.R. Hills. The place that they stayed at had glowing reviews on TripAdvisor and all of that but when they got there it was really quite awful. We're looking at places other than Bangalore, Mysore or Coorg since we pretty much live in these places. Chikmaglur looks great, a good place to see Belur and Halebid from. Would you happen to know anything about places further north? Hampi and maybe places along the coast?
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  4. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello again!

    Here's a few accommodations in Hampi in Vijayanagara:
    • Hotel Rock Regency. They have several rooms you can choose from even a non-AC and an AC option. The AC room has WiFi and room service for 24 hours. They also have a banquet room, conference facility and even a function hall. Room rates start at Rs. 2,152 per night. Rooms are very basic but they do deliver well with cleanliness.
    • Krishna Palace. Rooms are elegantly designed but doesn't compromise on cleanliness. Rooms are complete with amenities like television, a bathroom and a sofa set. Room rates start at Rs. 1,000. The hotel also have a restaurant and a bar.
    • Hotel Malligi. One of the best hotels in Hampi, with luxuriously designed rooms complete with amenities. The hotel makes sure that each room is clean before a guest checks in. You can also opt to have it cleaned whilst you're travelling in nearby destinations. A Standard Room costs Rs. 2,500 per night. There are many facilities to choose from: a gym, a spa, restaurants and even a shopping lounge.
    And then, here's some other destinations along the coast with great accommodations near them:

    • Hotel Sharada International. Be mesmerised by the swaying coconut trees and lush greenery around this hotel. Rooms with AC come with television, bathroom and housekeeping services. Rates start at Rs. 1,800 for AC rooms. They have several banquet and conference halls as well. There's also four restaurants you can choose from.
    • Hotel Sri Krishna. Rooms are very basic but they are clean though. Rates start at Rs. 1,531 per night. They don't have much though, only a multi-cuisine restaurant in the hotel.
    • Sanskruti Resort. Their most affordable room, the Deluxe Room, has a sea view. It also comes with television, AC and a generator backup. Rooms are simple in design but very clean. Rates start at Rs. 3,500 per night. They also have a restaurant, a spa and conference hall.
    • Hotel Varad International. Right on their website, you'll see their claim that they have a record for the cleanliness of their hotel. And rightfully so, their rooms have very elegant designs for the price. Aside from that, they're very clean and well-maintained. Rates for room start at Rs. 606.
    • Premier Residency. With just a white and beige colour motif for their rooms, the Premier Residency stands out because of their cleanliness and simplicity. There's a fridge, safe and television in their Super Deluxe Room, priced at Rs. 1,400 per night. They also have three different restaurants.
    • Aditi Comforts. This is more like a service apartment but they do deliver on cleanliness as well. They even have a kitchen area in the room. There's also bathrooms with washing machines. You can use the gym but for a fee. Room rates start at Rs. 1,950.
    I hope this helps! Let me know if you need more details about other places in Karnataka specifically. Good luck!
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