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Seeking Female Travel Buddies

Discussion in 'Travel Partners' started by Arabella Seebaluck, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Arabella Seebaluck

    Arabella Seebaluck New Member

    There's been a lot of talk on these forums... and it was interesting to see comments about seeking people online for travel. Well,I am all ok with that, as long as it's women. Just for my own safety and peace of mind... as I tend to prefer travelling with male friends I know really well... as opposed to joining in with people I've just met. So please inbox me if you'd like some company. I run a small group of about 80 ladies on Meetup and plan my trips every month or so, but unfortunately it's been hard getting company. So please get in touch either here or on Meetup if it's something you would consider:
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  2. joshkhtan

    joshkhtan New Member

    It's always better to go with people you trust and feel comfortable with. The people you travel with can make a world of difference, especially if it's people you just met. I'll be sure to pass this along to some of my female friends :)

  3. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    What a great idea to have a meetup group - I had a look and I love a lot of the events you're holding! I'm still a little way out from booking my flights but I'll definitely have to connect with you closer to my travel date. Having a group of like minded ladies who love to travel and explore the world sounds like my idea of a good time :)
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  4. Chanterelle

    Chanterelle New Member

    What a great group Arabella. I would love to join and make use of it if I am going to be in your area. I've had experience with MeetUp groups before, and all were very positive, so anyone thinking about it, give it a go. Looks like you have some good things planned, well priced too.
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  5. rz3300

    rz3300 Member

    Well I consider myself pretty lucky because I had a great group of people along with me when I traveled to India, and I would imagine that it is pretty fun to see what you can find out there in terms of others looking to share their experience. With anything else though, it is important that you do your research and really examine all of your possibilities before making a decision.
  6. xTinx

    xTinx Member

    I've been on a number of solo excursions for a few years now and it's not all the time that you get to meet people who are on the same wavelength as you while travelling. You can't just give away your trust and confidence to random people. With girls, however, you know when you can build a rapport with one or not. So perhaps getting to know them prior to the trip would be very advantageous.
  7. Arabella Seebaluck

    Arabella Seebaluck New Member

    That would be awesome! Looking forward to it. I have two months when I'll be pretty free and would love to connect with more people to travel!
  8. Arabella Seebaluck

    Arabella Seebaluck New Member

    Hi Chanterelle! Yes thanks! Our MeetUp is non commercial. We just find out the average costs of the trips for members to have an idea of the budget. We've also been approached by commercial groups however and if their costs are ok, we will go with them too. But most of the travel groups on MeetUp are commercial unfortunately.
  9. Arabella Seebaluck

    Arabella Seebaluck New Member

    Totally agree with that... which is why the girls on my group are running into our 3rd non-travel meeting since I started the group in January. So we're doing karaoke... which is all about just bonding and having a good time and also getting to know the girls so that we know what to expect if we end up travelling together at some point. Since the group is fairly new, this has been a great way of breaking ice and also just warming up prior to some more serious travel plans.
  10. Chanterelle

    Chanterelle New Member

    I once did a weekend bus tour with a group of strangers, (not via MeetUp), and got stuck next to a woman who was determined to be negative about everything she saw or did. I am an upbeat person, so you can imagine how it was. I mean sure, maybe she had problems or things on her mind but it was too much.

    At a rest stop I asked the organiser if she could announce a seat change was necessary - to allow more mingling. (I didn't mention my issue.) Luckily she thought that was a great idea and I met some people I got on with better.

    I guess what I am saying is that no matter how much we want to it isn't always possible to like or get on with everyone, so planning ways for people to mix it up is essential on long trips.
  11. Elaine Lat

    Elaine Lat Member

    I'd like to travel with more than one person. There's always safety in numbers and it would also be more fun that way. It would be interesting to travel with different personalities and there may be activities tht would require more people than two. I definitely won't mind holing up in a single room because it would be like a sleepover with friends.