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Shimla - Places and Attractions to See

Discussion in 'Himachal Pradesh' started by ChaiNashta, Jul 18, 2015.

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    Shimla is one of the most mesmerizing tourist destinations in India. It is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and this hill station offers a number of places and attractions to visit. All types of tourists, be it couples, family, kids and friends gang like to visit Shimla during the season starting from March and lasting till October. Shimla was the British’s summer capital in India. Some of the important tourist spots in Shimla are discussed here.

    • Jakhoo Hill
    This famous hill is just 2kms from Shimla and it lies at an altitude of 2455 m from sea level. There is an ancient temple located on top of the Jakhoo Hill with a huge statue of Hanuman as the deity. You can enjoy the 1 hour walk through the deodar forest to the top of the hill. You can opt for hiring a taxi or a pony ride, if you are not interested in walking.

    • Summer Hill
    Summer Hill is a township five kilometers away from Shimla which is well known for its scenic beauty. This hill is at about 1983 meters above sea-level. Summer is the best time to visit this place as the winter temperatures are very low. You will need to use woollen clothes, even in summer. Mahatma Gandhi used to stay in summer hill whenever he visited Shimla. The prestigious Himachal Pradesh University is located here. This is a place with pristine environment and the slopes of the hill with the deodar trees add to its beauty.

    • The Ridge
    If you are a person who loves cultural activities, you should visit The Ridge. This is one of the best places to hang out in Shimla. This is the most commercially important areas in Shimla with malls, banks, clubs, restaurants, etc. Most of the buildings here are in neo-gothic style and has impressive architectural designs. All the cultural activities occur at the Gaiety Theatre. A five day long summer festival is hosted here and people from different parts of the world attend this. The festival includes cultural performances by local artist as well as national artists. You can find different handicrafts products from the Himachal emporium here or from the Lakkar bazaar on the eastern part of the ridge road.

    • State Museum Of Shimla
    The state museum of Shimla has a good collection of various exhibits such as sculptures, art, archeology, paintings and information on the culture of Himachal Pradesh. This museum was started in 1974 and has many galleries like prehistoric objects, Indian archeology, wood carvings, Gandhi gallery, arms gallery, contemporary art, etc. Any person who is interested in the cultural heritage of the Himachal region will find this place worth visiting when they are in Shimla.

    • Chadwick Falls
    Is an exciting place to visit in Shimla. You will be awestruck by the magnificence of this waterfall that comes down from a height of 67 meters and cascades into the bottomless gorge. You can enjoy the wild beauty of this waterfall at its best soon after the monsoon in September.

    • Christ Church
    Located on the ridge, this church is one of the oldest churches in North India. This church was built in neo-gothic style and it served the Anglican British community. Built in 1857, this church has splendid stained glass paintings on windows that attract the travelers. You should visit this architectural fineness when you visit Shimla.

    • Indian Institute Of Advanced Study
    This building was built in the year 1884 during British rule. Henry Irwin, the PWD architect has designed this building and it was used as his home by Lord Dufferin, the viceroy of India during the period 1884-88. This building was called as the Viceregal lodge and all the succeeding Governor Generals and Viceroys used this as their home. One can only marvel at the expertise of the artisans created this architectural wonder.

    • Shilon Bagh
    This place in Shimla offers the most serene and pristine environment to the tourists visiting Shimla. This tourist spot is 24 km from the mall road and has great resorts housed here. Most of the tourists include this spot in their must see list because of the inspiring beauty of the nature here. Any nature loving person will find this place extremely refreshing and soothing. The resorts here offer the most luxurious and comfortable stay.

    • Annandale
    Located 2-4 kilometers from the ridge Annandale is a plateau that has been developed into a playground. This playground lies at an altitude of 1864 meters and you can get the best view of Shimla and the surrounding areas from here. Annandale has become as one of the popular picnic spot and spot for playing games like cricket, polo, etc. The domestic and foreign tourists find this place really alluring with its awesome beauty.

    • Tara Devi Temple
    The Tara Devi temple is at a distance of 11 kilometers from Shimla on the Kalka –Shimla national highway. This temple nestled in the backdrop of the Himalayas will help the visitors to forget all their worries. The fresh air and environment will rejuvenate your mind. This temple was built by the kings of Sen Dynasty 250 years ago. It is believed that the Goddess Tara Devi has come to Himachal Pradesh from West Bengal and became the family deity of the Sen kings and according to her wish the temple was constructed in the particular spot.

    • Wildflower Hall
    This building is a good example of the British colonial legacy. This historic building was the home of Lord Kitchener and has now been converted into a magnificent five- star resort. This resort is positioned in 22 acres of pine and cedar forest.

    Apart from these main attractions there are many other enthralling places like ski slopes, temples, wildlife sanctuaries etc. located in and around Shimla. The fruit research station, Nalendra golf course, Kurfi ski slope, Mashorba are other places which are worth seeing if you are spending more days in Shimla. Shimla is an excellent place to do adventurous activities and to do shopping of handicrafts items. If you want to spend your holidays or honeymoon in a romantic, serene and clean environment, consider visiting Shimla.
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    Great info mate, I have been to shimla but Neva heard of those waterfalls..
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