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Should we visit Spiti?

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Chigs, May 14, 2015.

  1. Chigs

    Chigs New Member

    We and another family will be going to Shimla, and have thought about going to Spiti, but we dont know whether it is worth going or not. Is there anything special in Spiti is it worth visiting at all? I need some honest reviews as I dont want to be wasting any holiday time that we have.

  2. Dhruv

    Dhruv Member

    If in Himachal Pradesh then you should defiantly go to Spiti, there is not much to do there, but the natural beauty and scenic view when driving to Spiti Valley is something which can not be explained and should be seen. You have not mentioned how much time you wish to spend on your holidays or any other details about your stay in Shimla, as there are other areas near Spiti which are worth going.

  3. Prits

    Prits Member

    You shouldn't miss the trip to Spiti, the place is absolutely amazing, you can say it is the perfect place to relax as it is so peaceful there. There are a few monasteries you can visit there and an old fort, but above these attraction is the actual beauty of the area and valley's.
  4. Chigs

    Chigs New Member

    Thank you for the views, any recommendations on hotels there?
  5. SanjayP

    SanjayP New Member

    Spiti is a must there is no way you should miss this trip. Many plan to go Spiti but drop out because of the long drive or cutting short their holiday, but do regret it afterwards, so if you have the chance then go.
  6. VishalGaba

    VishalGaba New Member

    If you think about it there is nothing special in Shimla either, the place has become popular with tourists which it has become a holiday destination. Spiti is a place something like what maybe Shimla was like many years ago when hardly any tourists used to come there, so if you want a similar place without the various number of shops and large crowds of tourists then Spiti is the place. You would also be able to see more of the hills there as well, which is a plus point.
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  7. Chigs

    Chigs New Member

    We did not go Spiti as there was a shortage of time, but for next time round I do have a few queries.
    Is Spiti the place where there is an awkward road and it is known to be one of the dangerous roads in India? This is something which now putting me off from going there in the future.
  8. Gabydi

    Gabydi Member

    I've heard the most beautiful things about this place. My sister lived in India for a year and Spiti is one of ther favorite places. She told me it has the most amazing views, and the food is delicious. The entire valley is surrounded by mountains and she told me that even though is one of the most impressive places to see there're not many tourists. I'm planning on going next year and I'm definitely going there, I wouldn't miss it. But one thing you should consider is that on winter it's hard to acces. You booked already? Please let me know how it goes.
  9. alifakhoury1

    alifakhoury1 New Member

    You should definitely give it a visit! The beauty of nature is something worth the visit, and Spiti is one of the best places to see that beauty! Many people claim that it is the best place on Earth, others claim that it is another world! Just by hearing this, I think you would want to go there already! And since you are going with family/friends, the visit is going to be much more fun and you will definitely have beautiful memories there. Even though going there might be time consuming and tiring because of the rough terrain, you will be rewarded and you will not regret it! Hope everything goes well!