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Snow Points In Himachal Pradesh

Discussion in 'Himachal Pradesh' started by VipulBakshi, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. VipulBakshi

    VipulBakshi New Member

    I am planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh and I want to visit in particular the snow points in the area. I am not familiar with the places in Himachal Pradesh so need help from forum members to list the snow point destinations in Himachal Pradesh and also when the best time to visit would be.
    I don't need any recommendations for hotels as that is something which would be decided together as a family.
    Many thanks.

  2. SharadKal

    SharadKal New Member

    There are quite a few snow points in Himachal Pradesh where you will find snow especially in the winters and in some places leading up to June.
    Salong Valley in Manali has a snow point where you can get snow from November to late March.
    Jalori Pass and Shoja are other two places where you can get snow fall between December to February.
    Hatu Peak along with the near by places of Kufri and Narkanda get snow fall between January to mid March.
    Khajjiar in Dalhousie also known as India's version of Switzerland also get a good amount of snow from December to February, and I think the best places to see snow.
    If you want to travel in June and want to see snow then the place to visit would be Rohtang Pass.

  3. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    The word Himachal itself means "The Land of Snows" so you can definitely enjoy snow points in the region. However, some of the best snow points in Himachal Pradesh are:

    1. Kullu-Manali. Because of their close proximity, these two places are often considered as one. They are well-known to tourists because there's lots of activities and sightseeing places that you can explore in here. Snow is also experienced here especially at the height of the winter months. Attractions with snow here are:
    • Rohtang Pass. This is open only from May to November. You can do some snow activities here like skiing and even trekking. Others opt for horse riding and scooter riding.
    • Solang Valley. Another name for this is "Snow Point." Some activities here are parachuting, paragliding, skating and zorbing which should be done from May to November. However, to enjoy snow and snow activities, it's best to visit this place during January and February.
    2. Kufri. This is popular winter destination for many tourists. This is probably the region that gets the most snow in Himachal Pradesh. Various snow activities are done here during the winter season. Attractions for snow here are:
    • Mahasu Peak. A great place for witnessing the sunset in Kufri. It is best visited during the winter months of December to February.
    • Kufri Wildlife Zoo. There's this potato plantation here that turns into a skiing track during the winter season of December to February.
    3. Narkanda. This is about 64 kms from Shimla and is another popular winter destination in Himachal Pradesh. Attraction for snow here is the:
    • Hattu Peak. Offers amazing views of the Himalayan Ranges. There's also the Hatto Mata Temple in here.
    4. Laka and Triund. These are offbeat places for snow points in Himachal Pradesh. Some tourists choose to trek these routes to enjoy the challenge. Skiing is also done here and you can enjoy the almost virgin snow in the area. These places can be visited during the winter months but March is equally good as there's snow but it's mild and bearable. Specific attractions for snow are:
    • Triund Hill. You would need to trek to reach this place. At its peak, you can view the beautiful Dhauladhar Ranges.
    • Snowline Cafe. You would see the remains of the stone huts used by the Gaddi Shepherds here.
    • Lahesh Cave. At its side, you'll find a waterfall fed by snow, it's an amazing spectacle.
    I hope this helps!