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Tourist places in Himachal Pradesh

Discussion in 'Himachal Pradesh' started by SonalKal, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. SonalKal

    SonalKal New Member

    I want to go to Himachal Pradesh, and not sure to which destination I should choose there. I was given an idea by a friend to ask on the forum, so I am hoping for the answers I can decide which destination to choose.

    I would first like to know the tourist places in Himachal Pradesh, then according to my interest, I can make a decision to where to go. Well it will be a few of us, so it would be a joint decision but at least we will have the information in front of us.

    Thanks for the help forum.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi there, welcome to the forum!

    Himachal Pradesh, located at the foot of the Himalayas, boasts of unending beautiful landscapes and sceneries. It's the best getaway for adventure seekers as it offers numerous activities that they can indulge in like trekking, skiing, river rafting and many more. For those seeking some solitude, Himachal Pradesh is also a great option for that as it has a number of offbeat destinations that you can go to. For those interested in nature, Himachal Pradesh has many fruit orchards producing some of the freshest produce in the world. In fact, Himachal Pradesh is one of the largest producers apples in the country.

    Here are the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh:

    Most popular tourist places in Himachal Pradesh

    1. Shimla - This list won't be complete with including the state capital, Shimla. Being the most popular hill station in the country, the city receives throngs of tourists especially during peak season. The entire hill station is set amidst seven hills, namely: Bantony Hill, Elysium Hill, Inveram Hill, Jakhoo Hill, Observatory Hill, Prospect Hill and Summer Hill. Once the summer capital of the British soldiers, Shimla still has that colonial era vibe to it. It's evident with the many British style buildings and monuments in the city. Aside from the colonial style buildings, there are also many temples around the hill station that you can visit. During winter time, do try out ice skating in the only natural rink in southeast Asia, located only here in Shimla. For accommodations, there are plenty of options in here, from budget hotels, mid-range hotels and yes, even luxury hotels. Over the years, Shimla has retained its charm and beauty that's why lots of tourists still enjoy this destination.
    • Must visit places - Viceregal Lodge, Kuthar Fort, Annandale, Jakhoo Temple, Tara Devi Temple, Himalayan Bird Park and many more.
    2. Manali - The picturesque hill station of Manali, one of the few places where there's a different landscape for every season. Just like Shimla, Manali is also set in three adjacent hills, namely: Dhungri, Old Manali and Vashishtha. These three adjacent hills has a main temple each as well Hadimba Temple for Dhungri, Manu Temple for Old Manali and Vashisht Temple for Vashishtha. It also has a number of waterfalls, hot water springs and museums that you can explore. For the adventure seekers, there are plenty of activities to thrill you here, from paragliding, river rafting and trekking. Rohtang Pass is a favourite amongst tourists for the snow activities available here like skiing and snow boarding. Manali is a great getaway for families, couples or even friends. It is also the gateway for reaching the higher regions of Ladakh and Spiti.
    • Must visit places - Hadimba Temple, Manu Temple, Vashisht Temple, Jogini Waterfalls, Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley and many more.
    3. Dalhousie - Yet another hill station, this time it's Dalhousie. Built amidst five hills (Kathalagh, Potreyn, Terah, Bhangora and Bakrota), Dalhousie offers beautiful and stunning views of the snow-capped mountains and the valleys below. Perhaps, as compared to the previous hill stations, Dalhousie is not as talked about. But if your main goal is a relaxing vacation, don't disregard Dalhousie. It may not be as commercialised as other hill stations but it has plenty of attractions to offer. From trekking, to quaint little eateries and to shopping markets, Dalhousie has got it all for the tourists.
    • Must visit places - Khajjiar, Kalatop Rest House, Kalatop Wildlife Reserve and Ganji Pahari.
    Places in Himachal Pradesh for adventure activities

    4. Spiti Valley - Breaking away from the hill stations, let's go to Spiti Valley, a one-of-a-kind mountain destination in Himachal Pradesh. The barren valleys, combined with the backdrop of the mountains, is sure to mesmerise you. This is where the lands meet with the skies and witnessing this is an experience in itself. During night time, the views of the dark skies with the brightly lit stars are hard to resist as well. In Spiti Valley, you need to leave all comfort from where you left. There are no luxury accommodations here, only home stays. There are no malls or commercial buildings as well. You would be surrounded by small villages, monasteries and uninhabited lands at the most. River rafting, trekking, camping and yak safari are just some of the adventure activities that you can do here.
    • Must visit places - Tabo Monastery, Key Monastery, Chandra Tal, Spiti River and many more.
    5. Bir - This is a quiet little village in the Joginder Nagar part of Himachal Pradesh. Bir is an emerging adventure destination, especially for paragliding. In fact, Bir regularly hosts paragliding events and competitions to promote the tourism in the area. For those seeking some serenity and peace of mind, Bir also has many meditation centres. Being a Tibetan settlement, there are also many monasteries within the village. Another upside with this town, food here is quite cheap but delicious.
    • Must visit places - Dzongsar Institute, Palpung Sherab Ling, Dharmalaya Institue and Paragliding Club.
    6. Sangla - This is located in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. Sangla has plenty of adventure activities for tourists. The most popular activity here is trekking as the valley is a good base for treks to Kailash or to Rakcham. There are also plenty of camps here providing activities like rappelling, river crossing and rock climbing. Or you can opt to camp by the stars as well, which can be a laid-back activity. Angling is also possible here in the Baspa River. There are also a number of monasteries, temples and orchards that you can explore in the valley. Sangla is definitely the destination for those seeking some thrill and adventure.
    • Must visit places - Kamru Fort, Sangla Meadow, Baspa River and many more.
    Offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh

    7. Chitkul - Ah, the last village in the Indo-China border, that is Chitkul. The beauty of this place is that it remains relatively untouched by commercialism. You would be surrounded by lush greenery, snow-clad mountains and rivers all around. The village can only be visited from May to October though as the roads leading to it are closed during winter. As a small village, you cannot do much in here. All forms of communication like mobile signal or internet also don't work here. So if you'd like a break away from all these things, do visit Chitkul. Accommodations here are in the form of guest houses. Meals are most home cooked by guest house owners.
    • Must visit places - Chitkul Temple, Kagyupa Temple and Village Houses.
    8. Barot - This is located in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Barot is surrounded by thick deodar forests and bounded by rivers. From Joginder Nagar, there's this trolley that goes to Barot. It leaves early in the morning and is a great experience as you pass through the beautiful landscapes of the region. A favourite activity in Barot is angling in the Uhl River, where there are tons of trout fishes. The Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary is also another favourite attraction in Barot where there are animals like leopards, black bears and ghorals. You can even opt to stay in the guest house in the sanctuary. Hotels are not available in the area, thus you must stay in guest houses or home stays.
    • Must visit places - Uhl River, Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary and Danasur Lake.
    9. Narkanda - This is a town located just a few kilometres away from Shimla. It's a hidden gem especially for snow lovers. Skiing is a favourite activity here by tourists. But even if you're not visiting during the winter, Narkanda is a great place to visit. The Tani Jubbar Lake, located right at the centre of the town, surrounded by dense forest, can take your mind away off its troubles. Hatu Peak is a favourite destination here especially for the adventure lovers. There are a few guest houses within the town but not many hotels. You can opt to stay in Shimla though if you'd like.
    • Must visit places - Hatu Peak, Tani Jubbar Lake and Mahamaya Temple.
    I hope this helps you!
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