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Splash water park ticket price

Discussion in 'North India' started by Karina, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. Karina

    Karina New Member

    There is a Splash Water Park in Delhi where our family wants to hold my nephews 10th birthday party next year in May there.

    We would like to know what the splash water park ticket price is?

    What the ticket includes, such as the kind of rides and activities included.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Karina, welcome to the forum!



    Splash The Water Park is located in Alipur, in the northern part of Delhi. It is close to the Zenat Farm House and Resort, specifically on the Narela Road area. It is easily accessible by road from the central part of Delhi or you can opt to travel via the Delhi Metro, departing from the Haiderpur Badli Mor Metro Station, about 10 kilometres away from the water park proper. Splash the Water Park is a theme park, comprised of both an amusement park and water park. Its proximity to the Delhi NCR area makes it a great getaway especially for families with little children who want a bit of fun on a weekend. Similarly, those who want to enjoy their birthdays or special celebrations can do so in the theme park.

    Splash The Water Park (Entry Fees)

    Entry Fees for Splash The Water Park

    Guest TypeEligibilityEntry RateInclusion
    ChildHeight Below 2.9 FeetFreeAmusement Park + Water Park + Rs. 100 Food Coupon
    ChildHeight Between 2.9 Feet to 4.6 FeetRs. 600Amusement Park + Water Park + Rs. 100 Food Coupon
    Adult (Single)Height Above 4.6 FeetRs. 1,000Amusement Park + Water Park + Rs. 100 Food Coupon
    Adults (Couple)Male and Female With Height Above 4.6 FeetRs. 1,500Amusement Park + Water Park + Rs. 100 Food Coupon
    These are the entry ticket prices for Splash The Water Park. For children with heights below 2.9 feet, entry is complimentary, meaning it's free of charge. Children with heights above 2.9 feet, but not beyond 4.6 feet, are entitled to an entry fee of Rs. 600. Stag entry would cost around Rs. 1,000 while a couple would be charged a minimum of Rs. 1,500. All these entry fees grant the guests access to both the amusement park and the water park. Additionally, the entry fees include a food coupon of Rs. 100 as well, which the guest can use in one of the food facilities of the theme park.

    Splash The Water Park (Amusement Park and Water Park)

    The designated amusement park of Splash The Water Park has a few rides that both the children and adults can enjoy. First would be the Striking Car, their version of the classic bumper cars, which both the parents and children can ride in. The Cup and Plate is also very enjoyable, as you are taken round and round in colourful cup-like and plate-like seats, certainly a hit with the little ones though you can still find even the grown-ups enjoying this fun ride. There's also the Caterpillar ride, thrilling enough for the children but still on the safe side as compared to big park's rollercoaster rides. Other enjoyable rides such as the Break Dance, Sky Train and Mini Columbus are also worth trying out.

    On the water park side of the theme park, there are different kinds of pools, a Kiddie Swimming Pool, Wave Pool and also a Lazy River. There are tons of slides to enjoy, a Multi-Lane Slide, Hara Kari Slide and Octagonal Slide. The whole bunch can enjoy an adventurous but safe slide down the Family Slide. For the brave souls, try the Tube Slide, as you venture into the darkness and into the light of the swimming pool. The Buddha Water Park is also a hit with the families as it features a large statue of Buddha surrounded by slides and pools. There's also a Rain Dance area that one can enjoy the sprinkling of water in.

    Splash The Water Park (Facilities)

    The theme park has facilities for events like weddings or birthday parties. However, you need to book for these facilities in advance and reserve them especially during peak tourist season. There's a hotel as well in the property that you can rent rooms for your events though you also need to reserve in advance, especially if you're booking a room for a few days. For birthday events, you can opt for a poolside party and there are various themes that one can choose from too.

    The theme park also has food court facilities within the premises, since you are not allowed to bring outside food inside it. The food court slash hall is quite big, located close to the swimming pool areas. There's a wide variety of Indian dishes along with some Chinese dishes here. Indian snacks and sweets are also available in the food court. This is also where the food coupon can be obtained and for those coming in with corporate events or school events, this is the venue for the buffet facilities.

    Other facilities in the theme park include changing rooms, first aid facilities, lockers, swimming costume rentals and lost & found counters. There are surcharges though to avail of these other facilities.

    Splash The Water Park (Group Packages + Room Packages)

    The theme park also has group packages and room packages for guests. The package rates are more for larger groups of visiting guests like schools or institutes. There is a minimum number of guests required too. The rates may include the food already or not, but all of these packages include entry to both the amusement park and water park, along with refreshments, welcome drinks and gifts for the individual guests. For schools, for every 15 students, there's a complimentary entry for 1 teacher as well.

    Group Packages

    Package TypeMinimum Number of GuestsRate (Without Food)Rate (With Mini Buffet)Rate (With Standard Buffet)Other Inclusions
    School Package50 Students and AboveRs. 240Rs. 360Rs.420Amusement Park + Water Park + Welcome Drink + Refreshment + Gift
    Institute PackageNot MentionedRs. 400Rs. 550Rs. 650Amusement Park + Water Park + Welcome Drink + Refreshment + Gift
    Next would be the room packages, in case you decide to stay within the theme's park hotel. There are separate room rates too but of course, it's best to choose the room packages which already include entry to the Splash The Water Park. All meals of the day are also included in the room package's tariff. Guests can also access the WiFi facility of the hotel when they avail of this package.

    Room Rates & Room Packages

    Room TypeRate (Room Only)Rate (Room Package)Inclusions (Room Package)
    DeluxeRs. 2,599Rs. 3,699Accommodation + Entry to Splash The Water Park + All Meals of Duration of Stay + WiFi Access
    Super DeluxeRs. 3,099Rs. 4,199Accommodation + Entry to Splash The Water Park + All Meals of Duration of Stay + WiFi Access
    Splash The Water Park (Schedules and Timings)

    Splash The Water Park Schedules and Timings

    Amusement ParkDaily Except Thursdays5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
    Water ParkDaily Except Thursdays10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    These are the schedules and timings of Splash The Water Park. It is open everyday except during Thursdays so plan accordingly. The amusement park is open only from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM while the water park is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


    With this little guide, you can now plan your trip to Splash The Water Park. The entry rates for the theme park was given above, which differs for children, single entries and couples. Also included are the rates for bigger groups and also room packages. You can also learn about the park timings and schedules above. I hope this helps!

    Contact Information of Splash The Water Park

    AddressMain GT Karnal Road, Near Palla Moad, Alipur, Delhi, 110036, India
    Contact Number+91 92500 55222