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Stay in Fatehpur Sikri

Discussion in 'Rajasthan' started by mejori9141, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. mejori9141

    mejori9141 New Member

    We are planning to stay in Fatehpur Sikri during our Taj Mahal visit, Agra is very crowded and Fatehpur Sikri doesn't look that much crowded so that’s the only reason I want to stay there. We have a car and driver so it would not be trouble for us to drive down from Agra to Fatehpur Sikri and in the early morning we can start from Fatehpur Sikri to Taj Mahal. Has anyone ever stayed in Fatehpur Sikri before and if you have stayed there, then please share your recommendations.

    Thank you

  2. DhongiBaba

    DhongiBaba Active Member

    On the approach road to Fatehpur Sikri fort there is a UP tourism property which is reasonably priced. It will be on your left hand side when you go towards the fort. The fort is a short walking distance from there so going for a walk at night is also a good idea. This property also has a bar but if you are very particular about what you want then get your stuff with you :)

  3. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    There aren't many accommodation options in Fatehpur Sikri. There's only a few hotels and others are guest houses. Here they are:

    • Hotel Goverdhan Tourist Complex. This is the nearest hotel to Fatehpur Sikri. They have about 18 rooms and rates start at Rs. 950 per night. Rooms are very basic although you have the options of AC, Air Cooler or Basic ones. The great thing about the hotel is that they're very clean and hygienic. Rooms and the entire hotel have well-maintained areas. You can access all the attractions just by walking from the hotel. They also have their own restaurant that serves quite delicious meals. Their address is: Hotel Goverdhan Tourist Complex, Shahcoolie, Fatehpur Sikri -283110 (Agra), Uttar Pradesh , North India. Their contact number is: +91 941 252 6585.
    • Hotel Vrindavan. All tourist attractions are easily accessed from this hotel. Rooms have attached bathrooms with hot/cold shower. They also have a restaurant and an internet cafe in the vicinity. Laundry services can be requested as well. You can even hire transportation services and tour guides from them. Room rates start at Rs. 450 per night.Their address is: Buland Date Crossing, Fatehpur Sikri - 283110. Contact number is: +91 5613 282318.
    Guest House
    • Hotel Sunset View Guest House. This is another of the nearest accommodation options in Fatehpur. The great thing about the rooms here? They have small balconies overlooking the city. They also have a rooftop restaurant where you can enjoy lunch or dinner along with stunning views of the city. Rooms are very basic but they will do for a short stay in the area. Their address is: Near Stone Katar Mosque, Ruine City, Fatehpur Sikri 283110, India.
    There you go, those are your nearest options that have good quality services and amenities. If you'd like a more luxurious stay though, there are some further accommodations:

    Hotels under 20 kms from Fatehpur Sikri
    • Kadamb Kunj Resort. This is about 16.1 kms from Fatehpur Sikri. This is the nearest, mid-range hotel from Fatehpur. They have elegant and comfortable rooms with basic amenities like WiFi and AC. They also have their own swimming pool along with a bar/lounge. There's also a restaurant and a gym. Rates start at Rs. 1,700 per night. Their address is: NH-11, Fatehpur Sikri Road 3 Km From Bird Sanctuary, Bharatpur 321001, India.
    • Bagh Resort. This is about 17 kms from Fatehpur. Rooms are luxurious and exude elegance. Price is a bit steep at Rs. 5,400 per night. But the good thing is that they come complete with amenities. Rooms even have free WiFi access and their own fridge. A swimming pool, bar/lounge and a fitness centre are also available. Their address is: Old Agra, Achnera Road, Bharatpur 321001, India.
    I hope this helps!