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Things to do in Bandra

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by Dizzy, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. Dizzy

    Dizzy New Member

    I am shifting to Bandra and I would have a bit of free time on me, and in the coming months have a few friends and relatives visiting me.

    I would obviously take them out, and I would like to know what things to do in Bandra. I would like suggestions for kids, elders and middle-aged people.
    I need one or two suggestions for some good places to eat dinner for as well.

    Thank you :)

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Dizzy! Welcome to the forum!

    Bandra is a posh locality in Mumbai and even Bollywood actors prefer this place and have settled here. Due to its reputation, Bandra is home to many establishments such as malls and restaurants which make it a perfect destination around the city of Mumbai. Its proximity to religious sites, historical sites, transportation hubs and even street markets makes it easily accessible to most travellers around the region.

    Activity No. 1 - Sightseeing Around Bandra

    So for starters, you should begin with sightseeing around the city, which is a suitable activity for both the younger ones and the older ones. Here are the best attractions around Bandra:

    • Mount Mary Church - With its bricked brown and white facade, the Mount Mary Church stands tall in the city. Situated on top of a hillock, the church provides a commanding view of the surrounding coast. The interiors of the church are very elegant, with the walls depicting paintings from scenes from the bible. The altar is a golden yellow with a statue of the Virgin Mary Mount. Devotees flock to the church as it is believed to be a healing site and also grants the wishes of pilgrims. During night time, the church is illuminated with yellow lights which looks quite mesmerising as well.
    • Shree Siddhivinayak Temple - One of the most popular religious sites in the city is the Shree Siddhivinayak Temple. It has a pure white facade, accentuated by towers with gold bearings on top and a flag right at the centre of the structure. Although the present structure was built around the 18th century, the location of the temple has had a smaller temple even before that. Lord Ganesha is known here as Shree Siddhivinayak and the idol was carved out of a single granite stone, with its trunk leaning towards to the right. It is one of the richest temples in the country and even influential personalities pay their respects to the temple.
    • Mahalakshmi Temple - One of the many Shakti Peethas, the Mahalakshmi Temple is one of the most visited temples in the city. It is very simple though, with just a creamy white facade and a main sanctum. The main sanctum houses an idol of Goddess Lakshmi but it also has shrines for Goddess Kali and Goddess Saraswati. Thus, the trinity of Shakti is revered here for power, wealth and knowledge. Because of its wish-granting capabilities, the temple is flocked by devotees from all over the country and thus, you have to wait for a while in order to do darshan.
    • Haji Ali Mosque and Dargah - In a little islet off the Arabian coast, the Haji Ali Mosque and Dargah floats mindlessly. Its location is very picturesque and it stands out from the blue sea with its pure white exteriors. It has a central dome and several towers with the central tower being the tallest. From a distance, the Mughal style of architecture of the mosque/dargah is apparent. However, you can only visit the mosque/dargah when it's low tide. It is open for both Muslims and non-Muslims though the main sanctum cannot be visited by women. The tomb houses the remains of Muslim Saint Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari, who was believed to be going to Mecca when he died and miraculously, his casket floated back to this point.
    • Saint Andrew's Church - Noted to be the oldest church in Bandra, Saint Andrews Church was built around the 15th century by the Portuguese rulers. During the 19th century, the church has undergone quite extensive renovations which lead to the present structure. The Portuguese facade was retained though which is why its sandy yellow exteriors and windows are still reminiscent of the bygone era. The main altar houses a central idol of Saint Andrew with two more statues for Sacred Heart and Our Lady. Outside the church, there's a graveyard that you can also visit, with the graves of some of the parishioners of the region.
    • Bandra Fort - This fort is located in Land's End in Bandra and it was built around the 16th century by the Portuguese rulers. It is also known as the Castella De Aguada, owing to the freshwater ponds located here during the colonial era. It's easy to understand why this fort was built in this location. As soon as you enter the fort, you get a commanding view of the Arabian sea and the city of Mahim. Thus, no intruders can enter the city through the sea without being visible from this fort. Although the fort is not nearly as big or as strong as other forts in the country, it has one of the best views of the Arabian sea, no wonder lovers and couples throng to this attraction.
    • Dhobi Ghat - Earning its way to the Guinness Book of World Records, for the largest number of people washing clothes together, the Dhobi Ghat is an interesting attraction. It really is a fascinating site especially when all the sheets and lines are hung in the clothes lines. Apart from the tumble dryers, everything here is done by hand, from soaping the clothes to rinsing it. In a world where washing machines have taken over most metropolitan cities, it's such a great experience to witness these dhobis rinsing and soaping away such garments.
    • Bhau Daji Lad Museum - The oldest museum in Mumbai is located close to Bandra. This is one attraction that children can certainly enjoy. The museum is housed in a Victorian-style building and even the interiors are with the same theme. The museum showcases the rich culture and heritage of the city. Some of the exhibits here are of sculptures, potteries, paintings, dioramas and models. Some of the prized collections here are of an ivory idol of Lord Shiva, a model of the tower of silence in Malabar Hill and models of occupations in the city during the early 19th century. Children can certainly learn a lot of things with just this museum alone.
    • Nehru Science Centre - Yet another must-visit attraction for the children is the Nehru Science Centre. This museum has plenty of fun and informative exhibits that can keep children interested for a long while. The exhibits here explain certain science concepts like energy and sound or music making. There are also exhibits about the human anatomy which can pique the interest of budding physicians. Or maybe you are quite confused about the secrets of magicians, there are exhibits here as well explaining them. With over 500 exhibits to explore, the science centre can easily take a whole day.
    • Bandstand Promenade - After a hectic schedule, you would surely enjoy a relaxing walk around the Bandstand Promenade of Bandra. With the views of the rocky beach shores and Arabian sea, along with the surrounding city, this is a family-friendly attraction in the city. Sunset views here are quite beautiful and mesmerising especially when enjoyed with the family. There are also a few eateries around the walkway which can help quench your hunger and your thirst while you enjoy the views in front of you.
    • Shivaji Park - This is mainly a cricket ground in the city, popular amongst locals and tourists alike. With its vast area and greenery, the cricket ground is perfect for families who just want to spend a relaxing day out away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can also spot younger ones here running around or just playing sports.
    Activity No. 2 - Shopping Around Bandra

    Another activity that you can indulge in is shopping. Mumbai is a shopper's paradise and even in Bandra, there are numerous shopping areas that you can visit. Here are some of the best shopping destinations in Bandra:

    Shopping Places in Bandra
    • Linking Road Market - For the trendiest clothes and accessories, head on over to the Linking Road Market in Bandra. You can find all sorts of essential clothing items here like scarves, shirts, skirts, jeans and shoes. The first few stalls of the market has the most affordable items and as you reach the further end of the market, you'll find more branded items which have higher price tags. So if within a budget, just scour through the first stalls of the market and do some window shopping at the near end. There are also plenty of eateries and food street stalls around the market in case you get hungry.
    • Hindmata Market - Textiles are great souvenirs to take home and the Hindmata Market has plenty of them. You can find traditional Indian clothing items here for such affordable prices. Buy them in bulk and you'll get even greater discounts. If you have been searching for the perfect salwar kameez or saree, fret not, as this is the place to be and you're sure to find the best pattern or style for you.
    Activity No. 3 - Dining Around Bandra

    Of course sampling the local cuisine is a must when in any city. There are a variety of different restaurants around Bandra and it can be very difficult to know which ones are worth trying out. So to guide you, here's a list of the best restaurants around the area:

    Best Restaurants in Bandra

    1. Jai Jawan - This restaurant has North Indian and Mughlai cuisines. This is also one of the oldest restaurants around the area and they have managed to stay consistent with their taste and quality of meals. Their best feature is their affordable price tags but yet not compromising on hygiene nor quality of meals. They have a variety of dishes for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Incredibly tasty, yet light on the pocket, that's enough to entice both locals and tourists to this restaurant. Their seafood dishes are regarded as the best by the customers so do try them out.
    • Best sellers - Punjabi prawn fry, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken and dal makhani.
    • Address - Opposite National College, Next to Chappal Market, Linking Road, Bandra West.
    • Contact number - 022 65592112.
    2. Butter Chicken Factory - Serving one of the best butter chickens in the city, very aptly named, is the Butter Chicken Factory. Their butter chicken is tangy and creamy, very rich in taste. They also have other dishes that you can try like biryanis and chicken tikka. Their rates are slightly higher though but very much worth it. Service is also top-notch which is why patrons flock to them ever since their establishment.
    • Best sellers - Butter chicken, fish fry and chicken tikka.
    • Address - Shop 7, Silver Cross Building, 16th & 33rd Road Junction, Pali Hill, Bandra West.
    • Contact number - 022 33956092.
    3. Country of Origin - For a light afternoon snack, there's the Country of Origin. They are best known for their very own brownies, succulently rich in chocolate, with nutty goodness and baked to perfection. They also have a variety of other pastries to satisfy your sweet tooth like cookies, cakes, pies and muffins. They also have some shakes and smoothies that can go well with your snacks.
    • Best sellers - Double chocolate brownie, lemon square and red velvet cake.
    • Address - Pearl Haven, 86 A, Chapel Road Junction, Reclamation, Bandra West.
    • Contact number - 022 65635222.
    4. Jai Hind Lunch Home - Craving for seafood? Then head on over to Jai Hind Lunch Home. Fresh fishes, prawns, squids... Whatever seafood you fancy, they have it. And coupled with their Goan style of cooking, it will take you back by the sea. They also have other specialties like Malwani and Mangalorean cuisines. For the meat lovers, they also have a few meals in the menu to suit you.
    • Best sellers - Prawns gassi, squid pulimunchi and prawns green masala.
    • Address - Dr. Ambedkar Road, Pali Naka, Pali Hill, Bandra West.
    • Contact number - 022 26483381.
    5. Candies - You cannot go wrong with Candies, one of the premier dessert cafes in the region. But aside from desserts, they also have light meals like sandwiches, pizzas, rolls, rotis and pastas which are very delicious too. Their cakes are varied, ranging from chocolate, lemon, banana and many more. They also have cookies, breads and juices that the younger ones would enjoy.
    • Best sellers - Cheese tomato sandwich, vegetable supreme pizza and chocolate lava cake.
    • Address - Mac Ronells, Next to Learners Academy School, Pali Hill, Bandra West.
    • Contact number - 022 26430728.
    There you go, I hope this helps you!:)