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Top 10 beaches in India

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Majeeta, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. Majeeta

    Majeeta New Member

    I am from Himachal Pradesh as you all know is a hilly area. My son wants me to take him to a beach as he wants to see the sea and basically have a beach holiday.

    I don't know which destination to choose, so I thought it would be easier to choose by deciding upon the best beaches. Please provide details of the top 10 beaches in India, so I can have a look into the destinations decide where to go on holiday.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Majeeta, welcome to the forum!

    (Images from Binux, Bishkek, Dan, Dawan and Sai Chandra)


    Goa has over 7,500 kilometres of coastline, formed starting from the west in Gujarat and ending to the east in West Bengal. This also includes the union territories of Lakshadweep and Andaman, which are part of the Indian coastline as well. Thus, to pick just 10 out of the hundreds of beaches of the country can be a gruelling task. It mostly depends on personal preference, some are pure beach bums just wanting a scenic and quiet getaway. Some are party and adventure lovers that want a vibrant getaway. In this guide, we would highlight the top 10 beaches of India, ranging from various categories so that you can choose which is the best beach destination for you.

    The Top 10 Beaches in India

    Most pristine white sandy shores...

    1. Radha Nagar Beach (Andaman) - Bagging the 8th spot on the 2017 Trip Advisor's Traveler's Choice Award for the Top 25 Beaches of the World is the Radha Nagar Beach of Havelock Island in Andaman. It is also known as Beach No. 7, located about 11 kilometres to the southwest of the Havelock Jetty. Radha Nagar Beach has that rare combination of white sands, turquoise waters, sparse crowds and warm temperatures. These are the very reasons why tourists from all over the globe only have kind words for this beach. It helps that it is located in a remote area, the Andaman Islands, which means it takes some money and effort to reach the beach. This isolation has helped preserve the beauty of the beach and the surrounding areas. Radha Nagar Beach boasts of various views within its two-kilometre shoreline, from rugged cliff-side mountains, to distant lush jungles. The water here is extremely clear that you can spot your own feet amidst it. With the calm waves and gradually sloping water, even the little ones can enjoy their time here just frolicking in the water. The Radha Nagar Beach is far from being commercialised so there's that tranquility still, especially at the far end of the beach. One downside of that is there is not much facilities here and water sports are limited to scuba diving or snorkelling. Even accommodations are sparse here so it's best to make a day trip to the beach instead.
    • Nearby Beaches - Elephant Beach and Vijay Nagar Beach
    Radha nagar beach andaman.jpg
    Radha Nagar Beach in Andaman (Image from Nymishanandini)

    2. Bangaram Beach (Lakshadweep) - Onto the western coast of India, further from Kerala and into Lakshadweep, yet another pristine beach destination away from the mainland. Lakshadweep is accessible only by air or by sea so it remains isolated from the mainland too. Bangaram is one of the uninhabited islands of the union territory which was opened for tourism purposes to the public. It is about about an hour of a boat ride away from Agatti, where the only airport of the union territory can be found. Bangaram is a mildly developed beach destination so facilities are very limited here. In fact, there's only one resort here which unfortunately closed due to legality reasons. On the other hand, if you still want to enjoy the various shades of blue of the Bangaram Beach, you can stay the night here using the on-site tents instead or bring your own. Alternatively, you can also just make it a day trip from the other islands. Comprised of various lagoons, unending splashes of waves, pure white sands and rich marine life, the Bangaram Beach can rival the beaches of the Maldives anytime. Water sports such as glass-bottom boating, jet skiing, water scootering, kayaking and more can also be enjoyed here. You also can't miss scuba diving or snorkelling here so that you can get closer to the marine life of the island. But even from its shores, you're bound to find red crabs or sea turtles finding their way to the sea.
    • Nearby Beaches - Tinnakara and Agatti
    Where the action is...

    3. Calangute Beach (Goa) - The busiest beach of Goa is none other than the Calangute Beach. Located in the centre of the state, you are surely where the action is if you stay in Calangute. Be prepared though as this beach is very vibrant, crowded and a bit on the chaotic side. Even the road leading to it is flanked by various stalls selling handicrafts and street foods. The beach itself has golden shores and blue water crashing into the sands. Cleanliness is negligible here though you might find that off-season timings might be better if you intend to swim in the water. Keep in mind though that Calangute Beach is never deserted, even during off-season so you won't be alone here. If you love seafood, the various shacks around the shores offer them in the Goan cuisine version. Resorts, hotels and guest houses, you can find them all here, ranging from budget ones to expensive ones. Water sports such asset skiing, banana boat riding, water scootering and even parasailing can also be enjoyed here. Further to the north is the Baga Beach, an extension of the Calangute Beach which is relatively less crowded during day time. By night time, it becomes a venue for various parties, around the Tito's Lane. So if you want to be where there is action in Goa, Calangute Beach is your best bet for that.
    • Nearby Beaches - Baga Beach and Candolim Beach
    Calangute Beach in Goa.jpg
    Calangute Beach in Goa (Image from Uspn)

    4. Kovalam Beach (Kerala) - Kerala also has its fair share of lovely beaches but by far, the most vivid of them all is the Kovalam Beach, about 20 kilometres away from Trivandrum. Kovalam Beach can be subdivided into three beaches, namely: Lighthouse Beach, Eve's Beach and Samudra Beach. Together, these three form the unusual crescent shape of Kovalam Beach which is spread around three kilometres long. Lighthouse Beach is perhaps the most crowded and has the famed highest lighthouse of Kerala at around a hundred feet. Both Eve's Beach and Samudra Beach are relatively less crowded, mainly designated as fishermen areas. All three beaches have the same golden blackish sands and rough water. As such, a favourite activity here is body surfing, which is a water sport much like surfing only without a board. Other water sports such as surfing and water scootering can also be enjoyed here. Kovalam Beach is usually crowded, not only with tourists, but also with vendors and hawkers so you can get your fill of shopping and food tripping here. For accommodations, the beach is home to many budget and luxury properties as well.
    • Nearby Beaches - Poovar Beach and Edappadu Beach
    Water sports galore...

    5. Tarkarli Beach (Maharashtra) - The Tarkarli Beach is located in Malvan in Maharashtra. This is a creamy shore beach with clear and turquoise waters. This beach is mildly developed with lots of facilities for water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing and scuba diving. In fact, there are many scuba diving institutes here like the Indian Institute of Scuba Diving and Aquatic Sports, Shamika Scuba Diving and Dandeshwar Scuba Diving. So even for the beginner scuba divers, they can venture here and learn through courses. The Tarkarli Beach is a long stretch of beach of over four kilometres in length. At the far end of it is the Devbaug Beach, a picturesque beach with the confluence of Kali River and Arabian Sea within it. You can spend a few hours here after having an adventurous day in the Tarkarli Beach.
    • Nearby Beaches - Devbaug Beach and Queen's Beach (Sindhudurg Fort)
    Tarkarli Beach in Maharashtra.jpg
    Tarkarli Beach in Maharashtra (Image from Cell)

    6. Palolem Beach (Goa) - Palolem Beach is perhaps the most popular beach of South Goa. This beach has soft sands and gentle waves, almost none really, that everyone on the family can enjoy here. As far as water sports are concerned, you have a myriad of options. You can try out the usual water sports such as banana boat riding, kayaking, canoeing and windsurfing. Dolphin sighting trips are also arranged here wherein you are taken deeper into the sea so you can have a higher chance of spotting these majestic sea creatures. By night time, you can enjoy the numerous parties near the beach but a favourite amongst tourists is the Silent Noise Party, where guests have to groove to the music through the use of headphones. Palolem Beach has a number of shacks and also resorts nearby so you can opt to spend your vacation here fully. On the other hand, if you want more serene options, the nearby beaches of Patnem and Rajbagh are your best bets for that.
    • Nearby Beaches - Patnem Beach and Rajbagh Beach
    Serene beaches yet to become commercialised...

    7. Kapu Beach (Karnataka) - A lesser known beach in Udupi is the Kapu Beach, the gem of Karnataka. With its silky soft white sands and rock strewn shores, Kapu Beach is a fascinating mixture of tranquility and beauty. To its right side is an old lighthouse, which might be daunting to climb but gives one a panoramic view of the surroundings. At the back of the lighthouse is a small lagoon or backwater where you can enjoy some isolation in. The beach itself is stunning, devoid of crowds, with various rocks strewn on its far end. Even for those who aren't fond of swimming, they can just spend some quiet time amidst the rocks enjoying the views. Near the shores, there are some food shacks where you can enjoy the local cuisine, especially the seafood dishes. Though Kapu Beach is just mildly developed, it has a good number of facilities for tourists such as proper restrooms and changing rooms.
    • Nearby Beaches - Malpe Beach and Kodi Beach
    Kapu Beach in Karnataka.jpg
    Kapu Beach in Karnataka (Image from Subhashish)

    8. Yarada Beach (Andhra Pradesh) - The golden shores of Yarada Beach in Visakhapatnam are sure to entice the beach bums. With picturesque views of the mountains on its three sides, Yarada Beach is a photographer's delight. The clear blue waters and calm waves are perfect for families with little children. Yarada Beach isn't as popular as the other beaches of Visakhapatnam and so it boasts of pristine beauty. It is not isolated though and remains easily accessible from the city by road. But the downside is that public transport isn't available from the main city to the beach. There are a number of shacks and vendors selling snacks and beverages for the tourists. But it's best to bring your own food as the options are not as varied. Yarada Beach is not as developed so there won't be as much staying options here. It's best to reach there early and make the visit a day trip, then return to the city by afternoon.
    • Nearby Beaches - Gangavaram Beach and Durga Beach
    Shhh.. Hidden beaches of India...

    9. Dagara Beach (Odisha) - A beach where your only companions are red crabs, does this sound like your cup of tea? Then head on over to the Dagara Beach, about two hours of driving from the village of Balasore. Surrounded by casuarina trees on one side and the vast sea on the other sides, you're bound to relish the tranquility when in this beach. The water remains relatively calm and flat enabling one to swim to their heart's content. There are no crowds nor hawkers to disturb you as well. It's the perfect place for a picnic, for kite flying or even for just lazing around. As far as virgin is concerned, Dagara Beach fits that category and more. The downside is that it is not a developed beach so it's best to reach it during day time as there are accommodation options nearby. Do bring your own snacks and beverages as there are no restaurants nor shacks here as well.
    • Nearby Beaches - Chandipur Beach and Talasari Beach
    Dagara Beach in Odisha.jpg
    Dagara Beach in Odisha (Image from Anirban)

    10. Ariyaman Beach (Tamil Nadu) - Last on this guide is the Ariyaman Beach, located in Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu. With a vast shore of creamy sands and clear blue waters, Ariyaman Beach is truly the treasure of Tamil Nadu. Only locals flock to the beach so it's rare to find throngs of crowds here even on weekends. The water is so clear that you can spot the seabed under as well as marine animals such as fishes and jellyfishes. The water also gradually slopes and even within 500 metres unto it, you can enjoy the shallowness. Waves are not that rough so perfect for swimming and frolicking. Ariyaman Beach is not developed though so there are no restaurants or resorts nearby. For a short day trip though, this is one of your best options in the region because you can enjoy without worrying about the crowds at all.
    • Nearby Beaches - Athiyuthu Beach and Dhanushkodi Beach

    This ends our guide on the top 10 beaches of India. This topic though is very subjective and not all might agree with the list above. For that, you are free to comment below and share your insights about the best beaches in India for you. As mentioned above, India has a long coastline that it's impossible to fit them all in a short trip to the country. With the list above, you can shorten your itinerary and fit a few beaches that are truly worth visiting in the country. You have options varying from commercial beaches, even up to virgin beaches. Whether you want an idyllic beach vacation or an adventure-filled one, there are beaches in India for both categories.

    I hope this helps you!:)

  3. Kajal Mishra

    Kajal Mishra New Member

    Hi Majeeta!
    Well, I have only one destination in my mind that is Kerala. I have traveled to Kerala in July 2016, the monsoon season and the best time to visit Kerala. For beaches, visit Alleppey and Kovalam for sure. I have written a blog for the same and adding the blog to this reply. This will surely help you to decide the perfect getaway.

    Enjoy the best!
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  4. saniyajoys

    saniyajoys New Member


    The above article by staff member is very informative and thanks for sharing the same. Apart from that, if you are planning Kerala, I have some suggestions:
    You can also Try
    1) Kovalam Beach ( South Keralaivandrum close to capital city Tr).
    2) Marari Beach- ( Central Kerala near to Kochi).
    3) Muzhappilangadu beach - The only DRIVE IN BEACH in South India ( North Kerala- close to Kannur).


  5. iamawriter

    iamawriter Member

    I notice the one who has asked this question has not got back. Nevertheless I am sure there will be others who would find what @briannagodess has posted of great use. They are great beaches. I would add one more which is in South Kanara in a place called Malpe which is attached to a breach resort. The Resort is affordable and one can spend a peaceful holiday here.