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Top 10 honeymoon destinations in India

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by A.Hinaya, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. A.Hinaya

    A.Hinaya New Member

    Hi, everyone. My name is Anaya and I have recently got married, unfortunately, my husband and I were not able to get time off from work for our honeymoon so it has been delayed until October.

    As we have a lot of time we would like to choose the best destination for our honeymoon. The choice of honeymoon destination will be in India and we would like to know what the top 10 honeymoon destinations in India are?

  2. saniyajoys

    saniyajoys New Member

    Hi Anaya,

    First let me wish a Happy Married Life.

    Regarding destination- Obliviously You may keep Kerala as an option.
    In Kerala, you can chose destinations depending on number of days you can spent.
    If your days are limited like 4 days, then go for Kochi ( arrival)- Munnar ( 2 Nights)- Alleppey Houseboat ( 1 Night)- Kochi option spending 2 nights at Munnar (One of the best hill station in India )and 1 Night at backwater destination Alleppey that too with a cruise in houseboat.
    If you can add days, then you can also add destinations like Thekkady ( famous for wild life), Kumarakom ( famous for backwater resorts) and Kovalam ( famous for beach).

    Anymore clarifications required- feel free to write...

  3. iamawriter

    iamawriter Member

    For a perfect honeymoon the best in my view would be a place where they offer cottage type of accommodation that gives the couple total privacy. And the good news is that all well established setups have these kind of arrangements. You have to choose the place where you would want to spend your honeymoon and this information is important to recommend names of hotels that offer such facilities.
    As an example, Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa. has such facilities.