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Top 10 destinations in India

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Kreena, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Kreena

    Kreena New Member

    I am getting married next, and before I get into my busy married life, I want to go to India from where my roots are from and explore the country.

    I have never really had a chance to see different places in India apart from our hometown in Ahmedabad, and it's time that I go and visit some other places as I know, there is a lot to see.

    I would like some help in getting some suggestions to which the top 10 destinations in India are, so I can plan out my whole trip to India covering the important destinations and know that it was a trip well worth it.

    Thank you. I will be watching this thread for replies and be putting in some other queries as well.

  2. TiaraSy

    TiaraSy New Member

    It's really hard to try to think up ten of the most interesting places in India without knowing your preferences or the kind of activities or sights that you like. India, as you probably well know has so many sights to see and every corner has something to offer. I'm also planning a holiday there, but from the research that I've done, I could give you a couple of suggestions to add to your list and I'm sure everyone else here will have a lot more for you. The most obvious one for me would be the Taj Mahal, then I would want to see Amber Fort.

  3. D Lee

    D Lee New Member

    You should definitely try the famous Harmandir Sahib!
    It's a sacred(holy) golden temple adored by all who set their eyes on it. You'll have the opportunity to learn alot about the religious practices done there, and learn key virtues and values and traditions of the It's termed as the earth's most peaceful and selfless place by those who've been there.. The architecture of the Temple is amazing, great, and beautiful. I've taken all my time to study about it online and it's just so incredible what I've discovered about it. It's a must visit! I'm too looking forward to visit the place real soon!
  4. iamawriter

    iamawriter Member

    India has enough and more to offer tourist with different tastes.

    -For a Beach experience nothing like Goa
    -If you want to have a wild life experience then I suggest Coorg
    -Kashmir is ideal for you if you want to experience snow
    -I am sure you will want to see the Taj - Agra is the place for you
    -Kulu, Manali will give you a great nature experience
    -There is no dearth of waterfalls in India - just choose your destination
    -India is packed with history Delhi could give you that experience
    -If your desire is to visit where the sun rises and sets at the some spot - Kanyakumari is the place to choose
    -Udupi is where you can visit one of the greatest temples in the country.
    -And last but not the least Mumbai will be your choice if you want to have a brush with a buzzing life as Mumbai never sleeps.