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Top Five Favorite Non-Spicy Indian Foods!

Discussion in 'Food & Drinks' started by Eminrac, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Eminrac

    Eminrac New Member

    I am a huge lover of Indian Foods! Trying out authentic Indian food was one of the highlights of my visit there last winter. Now, they are kind of known for their spicy dishes, However, I can't tolerate spicy foods. So, I wanted to provide a condensed list of my favorite Indian dishes that aren't spicy. Hope this list is helpful for my friends who love Indian food, but don't like the mouth pain of spiciness.

    5. Chicken Korma - Chicken covered in a creamy type of sauce. Sometimes they put nuts or chopped fuit in the sauce as well. Not spicy and just plain delicious.

    4. Naan - Probably the most well known Indian dish, Naan is there flatbread. You can get it plain or with a garlic seasoning. It tastes amazing by itself but you can also dip it in some korma sauce or what have you, to intensify the mouth pleasure goodness!

    3. Paneer Butter Masala - It's a type of organic cheese dish. Very mild and easy on the taste buds. The buttery flavor is very decadent and creamy as well.

    2. Dosas - The indian pancake. It is made with fermented rice and lentil batter. They can also be stuffed with fillings of different types of vegetables and sauces.

    1. Gulab Jamun - My personal favorite dessert of all time! It is made mainly from milk solids, and traditionally from freshly curdled milk. They often garnish it with dried nuts such as almonds for extra deliciousness.

    That's all for now! My post made me hungry, so it's off to the kitchen for me!

  2. PerhapsIndia

    PerhapsIndia New Member

    Does anyone have any recommendations for odd fruits that are specific or mostly specific to India? Totally want to try some of the exotic fruit there, but I have no idea where to start.

  3. Bonzer

    Bonzer New Member

    I'm afraid, Chicken Korma could be spicy sometimes. It depends on the place where you eat it. Down south, People add ginger, garlic paste to the gravy and add green chillies to the preparation. It could be extremely hot and you may not stand the spice. In north India, however, you would get less spice normally. All other foods on your list are non-spicy. Add idly to it. It's made of fermented batter and is very soft and mouth-watering.
  4. Since I lived in the UK for a while, I had a good amount of Indian food. There are a lot of Indian-influenced restaurants there as well as authentic Indian cuisine. I have to admit that the naan is my favorite, especially sweet naan with currents in it. I think it also sometimes has anise seeds. It's delicious!

    I also really like the poppadoms that are served before a meal with different types of dips. They are kind of like a cross between a crispy taco shell and a potato chip, but very light and crispy. It's hard to explain if you have never eaten one. I like the green dip that is kind of mild, not sure of the name, and then also there is a yogurt dip with cucumber in it, I think. Yummy!

    I've also had some kormas that are not too spicy. One had banana in it!
  5. AnnaBanana

    AnnaBanana New Member

    Naan is one of my favorite foods, Indian or any other. I've been looking for a Chicken Korma recipe that has a little bit of a kick to it, but not considered 'spicy.' I don't make Naan that well, but to make a proper dinner out of what Indian foods I can make, I need more dishes to compliment each other. So Chicken Korma is what I am planning to serve with it, for a more authentic (yet entirely at home) Indian meal experience.
  6. I never thought about making my own naan. I don't know why, because that's a really cool idea. I know you said that you don't make it too well, but I was wondering if you had any recipe recommendations anyway? I don't know of anywhere that I can buy naan near where I live, so making it is a great idea. I may just have to try that this weekend!
  7. iamawriter

    iamawriter Member

    Mangoes stand out. They are also known as the king of fruits. There are over 500 varieties spread over the country. In great demand is the Alphonso which is sweet, fleshy with no fiber. They are seasonal and grow in summer.

  8. D Lee

    D Lee New Member

    There is a variety one can go for,like Rice, Naan bread/Chappattis and Fruits -all the time! But I personally wouldn't love to miss the usual Indian spicy-foods even if I'm experiencing a stomach upset. haha. Not even a day. Indian-spicy foods are so finger-licking hence I find them irresistible.
  9. iamawriter

    iamawriter Member

    Each State can boast of their own non spicy food. But this dessert Kheer is common everywhere It is made from white rice, milk, raisins, sugar, ghee and cardamom. You will find it in most restaurants.


    Image source: Wikimedia commons