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Tourist map of Himachal Pradesh

Discussion in 'Himachal Pradesh' started by TanviMahajan, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. TanviMahajan

    TanviMahajan New Member

    We as a family are planning a holiday to Himachal Pradesh but before we go we need to know more about Himachal Pradesh and have some information on the tourist places there.

    As we are all able to spend at least three weeks in Himachal Pradesh, we would like to cover many places.

    I am hoping that there is some sort of tourist map of Himachal Pradesh, which would be great for us to plan the holiday.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there, welcome to the forum!



    Himachal Pradesh, with its varying beautiful landscapes, is one of the most popular states of India, especially for travellers. The state is divided into 12 districts and each one has their very own tourist destinations. While it could take a long time to fully explore the state, three weeks would be more than enough time to have a good overview of what it has to offer. Of course, hill stations such as Manali and Shimla are known to most travellers. But there are also some hidden destinations around the state that you need to explore. As such, it's important to have a tourist map of the popular destinations in Himachal Pradesh so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

    Tourist Map of Himachal Pradesh

    Tourist Map of Himachal Pradesh
    This is a tourist map of Himachal Pradesh, highlighting the different districts of the state, along with their most popular tourist destinations. You can easily distinguish them by looking at the markers. Those with the blue star markers are the districts and those with the varying grey markers are the tourist destinations. So let's begin highlighting these districts and their tourist destinations, plus what they have in store for you.

    1. Kullu - Kullu is located at the central part of Himachal Pradesh. Kullu is mostly well known for its hill station called Manali, also highlighted in the map above. Manali is the preferred destination of many honeymoon couples during winter season. Come summer season, the hill station becomes popular amongst adventure seekers and families alike. Rohtang Pass is located in Manali, and it is an adventure haven that offers winter activities even in the summer or monsoon seasons. There are also some temples around Manali that you can visit like the Hadimba Devi Temple and Vashisht Temple. Further, if you want to explore the barren lands of Ladakh, Manali is one of the gateways that you can utilise for that. Aside from Manali, you can also venture into Manikaran, famous for its hot water springs and the Manikaran Gurudwara. Other excursions you can make outside of these places are Kasol, Jibhi and Sojha.
    • District Headquarters - Kullu
    • Must Visit Destinations - Manali, Manikaran, Kasol, Jibhi and Sojha
    2. Mandi - Mandi is also located on the central part of Himachal Pradesh. This district is the second most populated in the state and has its headquarters in Mandi town. Mandi itself is a tourist destination, with a wide number of temples that pilgrims can visit. Joginder Nagar is also considered as one of its main tourist destinations. It is home to about three hydroelectric powerhouse stations, one of which is the Shanan Power House, the oldest of its kind in Asia. There are also some adventure spots nearby Joginder Nagar, like Dhelu, Bir and Billing, where paragliding and hang gliding can be enjoyed. Though not as well known as other districts in the state, Mandi has a plethora of unexplored destinations that tourists can enjoy. It is also one of the most developed districts of the state so tourist infrastructures are good too. If you still have enough time, visit Jhatingri, Devidarh and Janjehli Valley, all of which are located in the same district.
    • District Headquarters - Mandi
    • Must Visit Destinations - Mandi, Joginder Nagar, Jhatingri, Devidarh and Janjehli Valley
    3. Bilaspur - Once the home of the Chandela Rajputs, Bilaspur has a definite place in the history of Himachal Pradesh. Much like Mandi though, it isn't as frequented by travellers though. Bilaspur is the district headquarters and is also where the primary attraction of the district is located. This is the Govind Sagar Reservoir. A large, manmade lake, made from damming the Bhakra River, with some boating facilities that families can enjoy. On the other hand, the Sri Naina Devi Ji Temple is also located in the same city. The temple is approachable by road, by ropeway or by foot and provides a great view of the lake, because of its elevated location. Finally, Bandla is another must visit here, a paragliding spot not as well known as the previously mentioned ones. However, the view of the lake while you're paragliding is sure to leave you breathless.
    • District Headquarters - Bilaspur
    • Must Visit Destinations - Bilaspur and Bandla
    4. Una - The district of Una shares borders with the state of Punjab. As such, it is located at a lower lying area as compared to the other regions of Himachal Pradesh. It is also sometimes disregarded as a tourist destination because of the industrial hubs that the city has. The district headquarters is also Una town, which has a number of attractions that one can visit. Mostly, you would be visiting temples around Una, but you can make a quick stop here especially if you're coming from Punjab primarily. The Chintpurni Temple is one of its most popular religious sites, dedicated to Goddess Durga. Known as 1 of the 51 Shakti Peethas, devotees all over the country reach the temple despite its distance. Its location on top of a hill gives one a good view of the surrounding city too. The Sheetla Devi Temple is also regarded sacred by many devotees, on the belief that the deity here can cure skin diseases.
    • District Headquarters - Una
    • Must Visit Destinations - Una
    5. Hamirpur - This is the smallest district of Himachal Pradesh but is densely populated still. Located close to the Kangra district, Hamirpur is often used as a base to reach the higher areas of Himachal Pradesh. Though lower lying than Kullu or Mandi, Hamirpur has pleasant climates even during summer season. There's not much you can explore in the district though since it isn't developed much for tourism. But you can explore the town of Nadaun if you have plenty of time to spare. Historically, Nadaun is important because this is where the army of Alif Khan, a soldier of Aurangzeb, was defeated. The exact place where this happened now has a gurudwara, in the name of Gurudwara Shri Patshahi Dasvin Sahib, because Guru Gobind Singh was one of the people who defeated the Mughal army. There are also other historical sites and religious sites that one can visit while in Nadaun.
    • District Headquarters - Hamirpur
    • Must Visit Destinations - Nadaun
    6. Kangra - We now go to Kangra, one of the most populated districts of Himachal Pradesh. Its district headquarters is Dharamshala, which is also its most popular tourist destination. Dharamshala is famous because it is the home of the Dalai Lama, along with the Tibetan settlers. As such, it's one of the best places in India to understand the unique culture, tradition and beliefs of the Tibetan Buddhists. It is sometimes divided into two parts, Upper Dharamshala and Lower Dharamshala, or simply, Mcleodganj. Out of the two, the latter is preferred by Tibetan students, because it is the specific home of the Dalai Lama. A number of monasteries can be found in Dharamshala like the Tsechokling Monastery (Residence of Dalai Lama), Kalachakra Temple and Bhagsunath Temple. For adventure seekers, you can opt for a trek to reach the Triund Hill or even the Bhagsu Waterfalls. Dharamshala is also known for its numerous cafes that provide an opportunity to interact with the locals or to just have a few moments of solitude before going back to your busy city life. An excursion out of Dharamshala can lead you to Masroor, where the Masroor Rock Cut Temple can be found. While there are plenty of rock-cut temples in South India, the Masroor Rock Cut Temple is the only one of its kind in North India. Certainly a must visit for history lovers and Vishnu devotees.
    • District Headquarters - Dharamshala
    • Must Visit Destinations - Dharamshala and Masroor
    7. Chamba - Going further to the northwestern part of Himachal Pradesh, we have the district of Chamba. It is located on the border between Himachal Pradesh and Jammu. The most popular tourist destination here is Dalhousie. Once a British summer capital, Dalhousie exudes this old colonial era charm to it. The views of the mountains from the Dainkund Peak would surely entice you. But so will the available snow that you can play with in this peak during winter season! Or you can opt for a more relaxing boat ride in the Chamera Lake, where views of the surrounding mountains would also greet you. If you're more into sightseeing religious places, then reach the St. John's Church and St. Patrick's Church instead, both boast of colonial era architectural styles. Or if you want hair-raising adventures, then trek to reach the Sach Pass, where you can find snow anytime of the year. The trek can be labeled as difficult though so it's only for the brave-hearted individuals. An excursion out of Dalhousie can lead you to Khajjiar, nicknamed as the Switzerland of India. This is just a small hill station, bearing much resemblance with Switzerland, with its green pastures, a lake in the middle and pine forests.
    • District Headquarters - Chamba
    • Must Visit Destinations - Dalhousie and Khajjiar
    8. Lahaul and Spiti - Though one of the largest districts of Himachal Pradesh, the Lahaul and Spiti region has significantly lesser population. This has something to do perhaps with the extreme climate conditions in the region. The district headquarters is Keylong, a very scenic region where all three roads to Lahaul, Spiti and Ladakh converge. Keep in mind that Keylong remains closed for the most part of the year, except during monsoon season from June to September. For those reaching Ladakh, they would pass by one of the highest passes in the route, Baralacha La, located close to Keylong. This region is covered with snow all-year round though a bit on the dangerous side because the possibility of acquiring AMS here is high. If that's too extreme for you, venture into Deepak Tal, a beautiful small lake that has very clear waters, reflecting the skies, about 50 kilometres away from Keylong. Then there's the Shashur Monastery, built around the 17th century and located near Keylong but you need to pass through winding roads. The monastery exudes serenity and has the best view of the town of Keylong as well. Now onto Spiti, venture into the town of Tabo. This town has a number of Buddhist monasteries that one can visit. Noteworthy of which is the Tabo Monastery, a thousand-year old monastery that Tibetan Buddhists regard as one of their holiest shrines.
    • District Headquarters - Keylong (Lahaul) and Kaza (Spiti)
    • Must Visit Destinations - Keylong and Tabo
    9. Kinnaur - Now on to the region having close borders with Tibet, that is Kinnaur. This is also one of the lesser populated regions in Himachal Pradesh. What makes Kinnaur stand out from the rest of the districts is that it is largely pristine and untouched by commercialism. While tourist infrastructures might be limited, scenic views and natural beauty are abundant. Reckong Peo is the district headquarters and also the most developed region. You can visit the Chandika Temple here, dedicated to Goddess Chandika Devi. Aside from that, you can then venture into further places out of Keylong. There's Kalpa, where you can view the mountain ranges of Kinner Kailash very clearly. There's also an old Shiva temple here that attracts a number of pilgrims. Sangla is yet another must visit town, where the Baspa River is located. Indulge in a short trek to reach the Baspa River then reach the Sangla Buddhist Monastery thereafter. The monastery is just small but has stunning wood works that you must explore. And finally, if you still have the time, why not venture into the last village before the Indo-China border? This is Chitkul, a remote village yet filled with warm smiles of the locals. Enjoy the scenic views of the wild flowers, fruit orchards and traditional homes before heading on to your next destination.
    • District Headquarters - Reckong Peo
    • Must Visit Destinations - Reckong Peo, Kalpa, Sangla and Chitkul
    10. Sirmaur - On the border of Himachal Pradesh with Uttarakhand is the district of Sirmaur. Sirmaur is not much known as a tourist destination in the state. It does have Nahan, its district headquarters, which have some attractions that you can visit. A prime attraction here is the Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary, where the Renuka Lake is also located. Though the sanctuary only has a few number of animals, you can enjoy a serene boat ride in the lake while viewing the lush greenery around you. There's the Rani Tal too, a small lake located within the city centre. During winter, you can even spot many bird species in the lake. You can also trek to reach the Jaitak Fort, about an hour away from Nahan by foot. Although not popular amongst tourists, the fort is historically important because it was once the venue for the war between the Gurkhas and the British. And finally, also visit the Suketi Fossil Park, a few kilometres away from Nahan. Fossils of animals who lived here millions of years ago are displayed in the park and museum. It is a one-of-its-kind park in Asia so definitely a must visit when in Nahan.
    • District Headquarters - Nahan
    • Must Visit Destinations - Nahan
    11. Solan - As we're coming to the end of our list, we now go to Solan, close to the union territory of Chandigarh. The district headquarters is Solan town, which has a few religious sites that one can visit. There's the Jatoli Shiv Temple, considered as the highest Shiva temple in Asia. It is about seven kilometres away from Solan proper. The shivalinga here is in crystal form and there's also an ancient cave here that one can visit. Since the temple is mostly visited only by locals, you can enjoy serenity when doing darshan. There's also the Shoolini Mata Temple, dedicated to Goddess Shoolini, from which the town was named after. The Bon Monastery is also worth a visit, a Tibetan Buddhist monastery and settlement though not as huge as the ones in Dharamshala. A bit off the beaten track hill station that you can also visit is Kasauli. It is merely an hour away from Solan and still has that charm of a hill station because it isn't commercialised. The Monkey Point is a popular tourist spot here, where you can view the mountain ranges and also visit a Hanuman temple. Or you can opt for Sunset Point, where the intermingling of the orange hues of the sun, the skies and the mountains can mesmerise you. If you enjoy nature trailing, head on to the Gilbert Trail and explore the unknown terrains of the region.
    • District Headquarters - Solan
    • Must Visit Destinations - Solan and Kasauli
    12. Shimla - And last but definitely not the least is the district of Shimla. The headquarters is also of Shimla town, which is a known hill station destination far and wide. Shimla, once a British summer capital, has an elegant charm to it, especially since colonial era structures still dominate the place. Though commercialised and populated, the beauty of the hill station still stands out. From the British structures such as the Viceregal Lodge, Gaiety Theatre and Christ Church, you'd find examples of the Gothic style of architecture everywhere. But don't worry because there are temples too that balance the beauty of the place, with the likes of the Jakhoo Temple, Tara Devi Temple and Sankat Mochan Temple. Then venture into Narkanda, where the highest peak of the region can be found. The Hatu Peak requires a bit of trekking and it's also possible to spot snow in between the journey up to the peak. You can also visit the Tanni Jubbar Lake, very small but picturesque, especially as a picnic spot. There are some lesser known hill stations that one can explore around Shimla too, like Mashobra, Kufri and Chail.
    • District Headquarters - Shimla
    • Must Visit Destinations - Shimla, Narkanda, Mashobra, Kufri and Chail

    Himachal Pradesh is a vast state with varying tourist destinations. It is not just a place for honeymoon couples, but also for adventure seekers and nature lovers. In some regions, you'd find that Himachal Pradesh also has plenty of heritage sites and religious attractions that can enrich one's mind and spirituality. One of the most popular states in the country, yet still has some hidden gems worth exploring. A state teeming with natural beauty, yet still has some stories yet to be discovered. Enjoy and make plenty of memories when in Himachal Pradesh!