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Where to book a taxi from Mumbai Airport?

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by Immi, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. Immi

    Immi New Member

    I will be arriving at Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport airport on May 25th and need to get a taxi from the airport to my hotel. As this is my first visit to Mumbai I want to make sure that I don't get ripped off from the local taxi guys or have any of my luggage stolen. I need advise from members to tell me where I should get a taxi from and if there is any particular taxi company I should go for. I don't want to book a taxi from my hotel as they will charge extra.

  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    You could either get a black and yellow cab or you could also book through Easy cab on this phone number : 022-65233677 They will let you know what the total fare is beforehand so no chance of getting cheated. Meru is a little costlier.

  3. amitsharma1424

    amitsharma1424 New Member

    Try OLA Cabs. Best in India and they are really cheap and gives nice rides. Charges are according to meter around Rs.10/km
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  4. SachinS

    SachinS New Member

    The best thing to do would be get the airport taxi, which are stood outside the airport.
  5. JhaPrakash9

    JhaPrakash9 New Member

    Before you leave for Mumbai search the internet for taxi companies in Mumbai, which you can prebook before you arrive in Mumbai. A have used services from KK Travel which was gave very good services and once made a mistake in my booking when I was returning back home from Mumbai.
  6. JRaina

    JRaina New Member

    Taxi for Sure is an airport taxi service who you can contact on 022-60601010.
  7. Anuj Dhawan

    Anuj Dhawan New Member

    I had been staying in Mumbai for quite some time now and I'm surprised to hear the apprehension about luggage and that too at airport! I've been flying nationally and internationally from Mumbai Airport -- rest assured nothing of that sort happens unless the lord almighty has chosen it to be the worst day of your life. Mumbai is, by far, one of the best cities of India as far the transportation goes

    You can look for any leading car taxi service in India at Mumbai airport - to name some of them are TabCab, Meru Cabs, Ola etc. I'm not the spoke person from any of them but they all go by "meters" so they won't cheat you and you can book them by calling their numbers on online. You can also take prepaid taxi inside the airport as well - there is usually a convenience fee if you do so.
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  8. Mindy

    Mindy Member

    Aren't there any number of taxis waiting outside at the airport? I would think this is pretty much standard at any major airport in the world.
  9. jnorth88

    jnorth88 Active Member

    This is a number that should be based on your destination. Do you have a hotel booked already? Once you have that, you can see what the fare should be.
  10. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    From the Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport itself, you'd be able to find two types of taxis:
    • Normal Metered Taxis. You can find these types of taxis just outside the Domestic Terminal. They use a meter for their taxis. Make sure the meter is set to Rs. 1 before your departure. The correct fare would be around 13 times as shown in the meter.
    • Prepaid Taxis. You can find Prepaid Taxi Counters at International Terminals 2A and 2C. You would have to pay the fare upfront in the booth and you'd be given a ticket. You will then be taken to your taxi and you only need to give the ticket to them. This is the most recommended type of taxi as it's safer and you won't have to argue with the fare at the end of the journey. Unfortunately, there are no Prepaid Taxis in the Domestic Airport. Fares vary but a Non-AC Taxi would Rs. 110 per 7 kms and an AC Taxi would be Rs. 140 per 7 kms.

    Like you have said, hotel taxis can be more expensive because they charge you to and from fuel fees. But if you'd like more options, you can choose to ride in Fleet/Radio Cabs. They are larger and more comfortable than regular taxis. They charge an extra Rs. 80 from the International Airport and an extra Rs. 50 from the Domestic Airport. Some of them have counters in the airport as well. Here's a few of them:
    • Tab Cab. You can found the counter for this Radio Cab at Terminal 1A and Terminal 1B of the Domestic Airport. Fare is Rs. 90 for the first 4 kms and Rs. 22 per succeeding kms.
    • Meru Cab. Unfortunately, they don't have counters in the airport. You can call them at: 44 22 44 22 to book a cab once you arrive in the airport. Fare is Rs. 27 for first km and Rs. 20 for the succeeding kms.
    I hope this helps!