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2 days trip near Delhi

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Aarav, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. Aarav

    Aarav New Member

    I want to go out for a quick and short holiday for about two days, which is all I have. I am from Delhi so the location should be somewhere close and not too far out as I don't want to spend half of the day driving to the location and not be able to get some time at the actual holiday destination.

    I want advice from former travelers to tell me about destinations for a 2 days trip near Delhi.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Aarav! Welcome to the forum!

    There are plenty of weekend getaways near Delhi that you won't even need to drive for more than 6 hours just to find some solace and serenity. Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, a wildlife lover... You can find a place close to your home, yet takes you on a different journey at the same time. Thus, for all the workaholics out there, there really is no excuse not to reach these places and spend some much needed alone time. Not only to refresh your body but also your mind, so you can take on new challenges, career-wise and relationship-wise. Are you ready? Here are some of the nearest getaways from Delhi for a two-day trip:

    Getaways Near Delhi for a Two-Day Trip (Under 6 hours of Travel)

    For the history lovers...

    1. Agra - At just about 4 to 5 hours away from Delhi, Agra is a can't miss tourist destination in the country. Its proximity to Delhi made it a part of the Golden Triangle tour, along with Jaipur. Although it is well-known for the stunning Taj Mahal, Agra also has other attractions. And did you know that it is home to two more UNESCO World Heritage Sites? For this reason alone, you would understand why the city is worth a visit especially for those who love history and heritage. Lined with both luxury and budget accommodations, you're assured to have a good time in the city, whatever your traveller pocket type is. We all know about the Taj Mahal, with its gleaming white marble facade and outstanding architecture so let us highlight the other places that you can visit here. Just nearby the grand mausoleum is the Agra Fort, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Originally, this fort was built by Akbar but all the inner structures can be attributed to Shah Jahan, which is evident because of the use of marble. There's also the often overlooked attraction which is the Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah, built earlier than the Taj Mahal. Some believe that this mausoleum was the source of inspiration for the grand mausoleum which is apparent with the resemblance to each other of both structures. The Mehtab Bagh, also located within the city, is worth a visit too. From here, you can enjoy the view of the Taj Mahal, far from the crowds and while you're surrounded by lush greenery. Lastly, another must visit place, away from the city centre, is the Fatehpur Sikri, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can view the grandeur of the bygone Mughal era and as such, this abandoned city exudes elegance and at the same time, an air of mystery. While in Agra, it's also a must to taste the local cuisine, from the posh restaurants to the street food stalls. Your two days would be well-spent here as you are taken back to the era that has long flourished in the country.
    • Must visit places - Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah, Mehtab Bagh and Fatehpur Sikri.
    2. Alwar - Alwar is just about 180 kilometres away from Delhi, so about 3 to 4 hours of driving. With its forts, palaces and natural beauty, the city is a must visit especially for those living in Delhi. The most well-known attraction here is the supposedly haunted Bhangarh Fort, which is already in ruins. It is situated at a hillock so you can enjoy the fresh greenery and wildlife around, well, mostly just monkeys flocking to the fort. As far as the haunted stories go, you have to see for yourself. If you're more into natural attractions, there's the Siliserh Lake, although you have to pass through rough and bumpy roads to reach it. It's very much worth it, since the lake is very serene and there's even a nearby hotel and restaurant around it. Another must visit attraction is the Bala Quila, which is also known as the Alwar Fort. Much of the fort is in a dilapidated condition already but do try and reach its top as the views from there are very beautiful, with the surrounding mountains and forests. You can also visit the city of Ajabgarh, close to Bhangarh Fort. It exudes such mystery because it was suddenly abandoned and even now, there are no residents in the forgotten city. There's also the City Palace, once the home of the royals of the city which is now converted into a government settlement. There is a museum here though worth spending some time in, where you can view the personal items of the royalty like weaponries and treasures. Lastly, there's the Sariska Tiger Reserve, where you can spot the elusive tiger or maybe some of the more common animals like peacocks, sambars and wild boars.
    • Must visit places - Bhangarh Fort, Siliserh Lake, Alwar Fort, Ajabgarh City, City Palace of Alwar and Sariska Tiger Reserve.
    City Palace in Alwar

    Trees, plants and wildlife...

    3. Bharatpur - At just about 4 hours away from Delhi, you can enjoy a relaxing getaway in Bharatpur. The city is well-known for the Keoladeo Ghana National Park, famously known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. Here, you can enjoy watching birds flocking together and drinking from the water holes of the lake. Some are resident birds but some are also migratory birds. Hailed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, the national park is home to about 360 species of birds. Bird species such as pelicans, wagtails, buntings and larks can easily be spotted here. Take a bicycle ride around the national park or maybe just ride a rickshaw to fully explore it. You can even enjoy a boat ride inside the national park, but no motor vehicles are allowed though. Do not forget to visit the ancient temple inside the national park, dedicated to Lord Shiva. An excursion from the national park, about 35 kilometres away, can lead you to the Deeg Palace. Architecturally beautiful but the main attraction in the palace is its numerous fountains, lit during the Holi Festival.
    • Must visit places - Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and Deeg Palace.
    4. Corbett National Park - This national park is about 5 hours of driving away from Delhi. The Corbett National Park is the first ever tiger reserve in India. As such, it has a long history and reputation behind it, so it's not unusual to find throngs of tourists around the national park. It has different zones allowing plenty of tourists to enter the national park and witness its varied flora and fauna. It is best known for its tiger population, specifically the royal Bengal tigers residing in the national park. But aside from them, there are also other big mammals like leopards, Himalayan black bears and wild boars. Birds and reptiles are also abundant in the national park. Yet another good feature of the region is that it has plenty of resorts around the national park, making your stay more memorable and enjoyable. If you're quite adventurous and brave, then you can opt to stay in a jungle lodge within the national park, with prior permission of course. Within the national park, there's also the Kosi River, which looks fuller during monsoon season. There's also the Corbett Waterfalls, fairly small but clean, dropping from a medium height.
    • Must visit places - Kosi River and Corbett Waterfalls.
    Get away from the heat...

    5. Morni Hills - Within 5 hours of driving from Delhi, around 45 kilometres away from Chandigarh, Morni Hills is a pleasant little lake town that deserves a mention in this list. Aside from its proximity to the city, it boasts of serenity, cleanliness and beauty. All these features make Morni Hills a laid-back getaway from Delhi. The hill village is surrounded by two lakes, the larger, Tikkar Taal and the smaller, Chota Tikkar Taal. Reaching both of these lakes require a drive through hilly terrains, with views which are nothing short of beautiful. Both lakes have boating facilities too, although prices are a bit expensive. You can always enjoy a simple walk around the lake, bask in its beauty and enjoy the peacefulness. If you're looking for just a relaxing place, with nothing much to do but enjoy the views and have some alone time, then Morni Hills might fit that getaway destination.
    • Must visit places - Tikkar Tall and Chota Tikkar Taal.
    Morni Hills

    6. Kasauli - This hill station is just about 5 hours away from Delhi. What makes Kasauli a perfect weekend getaway is that it has just a few attractions, all can be visited in a span of one to two days. Combining that with its proximity to Delhi, don't you think this is the perfect fit for your two-day destination near the city? Did I mention that it is serene, quiet and teeming with natural beauty? Unlike other hill stations, Kasauli is not commercialised and so there are no hoards of tourists here. There's the Monkey Point here, where you can view the surrounding mountains and valleys below. The Hanuman Temple is also located at this view point, another must visit attraction of the hill station. There's also the Christ Church, reminiscent of the British era from its design and architectural style. It stained glass windows are exquisite and its wooden interiors are also quite beautiful. And lastly, embark on the Gilbert Trail, test your stamina and at the same time, enjoy the never-ending views of the forests and mountains.
    • Must visit places - Monkey Point, Hanuman Temple, Christ Church and Gilbert Trail.
    Some places for the adventurer in you...

    7. Bhimtal - This hill station, about 6 hours away from Delhi, is known for its prime attraction which is the Bhimtal Lake. This lake is even larger than the Nainital Lake and thus, can accommodate far more people. Boating facilities are abundant around the lake so you can enjoy pedal boating or maybe motor boating around it. On the other hand, if you're more into thrilling activities, try trekking. There are many trekking routes around the hill station but the most challenging one is the Pine Riviera trek. Perhaps it's the long distance, about 14 kilometres, or maybe the varying terrains, but one thing is for sure, it's not for the faint-hearted. Yet another top-rated activity here is paragliding, which can be done about four kilometres away from Bhimtal, in Naukuchiatal. Lesser terrifying activities are mountain biking, rappelling and rock climbing.
    • Must do activities - Boating, trekking, paragliding, mountain biking, rappelling and rock climbing.
    8. Rishikesh - Just 6 hours away from Delhi is the pilgrimage destination, Rishikesh. Home to sacred Ganges River, numerous temples and ashrams, it has long been touted as a holy place for Hindus. Yet the city is also well-known for its other side, being an adventure destination. The most adrenaline pumping activity here is bungee jumping, where you jump off a platform with your legs tied into a valley over 150 feet in height. But hey, at least you would be rewarded with a certificate after, proof of your bravery and courage. A little less extreme is the flying fox, which can be done alone or with a group. You would be attached to a wired harness and swung above the Ganges River. Other activities that you can around Rishikesh are rappelling, trekking, valley crossing, rock climbing and cliff diving. Oh, and how can I forget, the most popular adventure activity here is river rafting along the Ganges River. With rapids ranging from high to low, you'd certainly enjoy it, whether you're an amateur or expert.
    • Must do activities - Bungee jumping, flying fox, rappelling, trekking, valley crossing, rock climbing, cliff diving and river rafting.
    Enjoy these unknown destinations...

    9. Shoghi - At just about 6 hours away from Delhi, Shoghi is an ideal destination for those who just want to enjoy the natural beauty of a hill station. Under the shadow of Shimla, this hill station is less visited and thus, more serene and less commercialised. You can clearly view the Himalayan ranges from here, without obstruction or hindrance from other tourists. You can also visit temples around the city like the Hanuman Temple, Kali Temple and Tara Devi Temple. You can also enjoy nature trailing here, exploring well-known paths or maybe discovering some on your own. Make sure to have your camera handy as every view here is Instagram-worthy.;p
    • Must visit places - Hanuman Temple, Kali Temple and Tara Devi Temple.

    10. Karauli - Something different in this list is Karauli, a town in Rajasthan, about 6 hours away from Delhi. While most historical places around Rajasthan mention Udaipur or Jodhpur, Karauli is left on the background. But the truth is, the city also deserves a mention, with its history that can be traced back to the 13th century. Surrounded by a fortress, the once grandeur and importance of the city is very eminent. Take a walk around the City Palace of Karauli and you'd be mesmerised by this 600 year old structure, complete with murals and exquisite lattice works. Temples such as the Kaila Devi Temple, Madan Mohanji Temple and Kalyanji Temple would give you a glimpse of the religious side of the rulers. And lastly, there's the Keladevi Wildlife Sanctuary where you can spot animals like tigers, leopards, wild boars and sambars. The only downside is that there are not as many hotels in the city. There are a few guest houses here though for a more affordable stay.
    • Must visit places - City Palace of Karauli, Kaila Devi Temple, Madan Mohanji Temple, Kalyanji Temple and Keladevi Wildlife Sanctuary.
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    Have fun choosing and enjoy your weekend getaway!:)