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5 star hotels in Munnar

Discussion in 'Kerala' started by DevRaj, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. DevRaj

    DevRaj New Member

    I am off to Kerala again, and this time I will be in Munnar. I have decided that I would stay in a 5 star hotel this time, as I will be taking along with me my parents who are senior citizens, so stay in a good hotel would be a comfortable stay for them.
    I would like to know which 5 star hotels in Munnar are good, so I can start looking into them and make preparations for bookings.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!

    Munnar Hotels.jpg
    (Images from Bimal, Manoj, Ramesh and Jaseem)


    Munnar is best known for its tea plantations that truly offer a remarkably beautiful green landscape view. Aside from that, the hill station has plenty of natural attractions that make it a refreshing getaway destination. It's no wonder why Munnar has long been a favourite getaway for many tourists seeking some respite from the city heat and pollution. There are plenty of accommodation options in the hill station ranging from budget ones to luxury ones. For a relaxing yet opulent stay, your best option would be to stay in five-star hotels that could enhance your experience in the hill station.

    Best Five-Star Hotels in Munnar

    1. The Panoramic Getaway - The Panoramic Getaway is about 12 kilometres to the south of Munnar. It is known as one of the best properties in the region though it's further from the centre of the hill station. With stunning view of the green hills from any point of the property, you won't be disappointed with the vistas you would be encountering here. The hotel has a pure white facade nestled amidst lush greenery which makes it stand out even more. The reception is a reflection of luxury because of its marble flooring, regal furnitures and balcony overlooking the hills of the region. Almost all rooms and suites have their own balconies as well where you can have some tea or coffee at your own privacy. Rooms and suites are contemporary in design, with very light and airy interiors. The hardwood flooring intermixed with the funky lightings and trendy furnitures are very pleasing to the eyes. If you do have the money to spend, then opt for their Pavilion Suite, which has a private plunge pool as well. On most rooms, they have bathrooms with separate shower areas and bathtubs with windows overlooking the valleys below. For dining, you won't need to venture outside for a satisfying culinary experience. Aimie is their multi-cuisine restaurant which has a casual dining vibe. Cuisines served here are Indian, Chinese, Continental and Arabic. Underground is the on-site bar slash lounge which serves mainly Mexican and grilled dishes. However, alcoholic beverages aren't available here, at least as of the moment. You can also visit Chimes, their cafe slash bakery, for their variety of sweets and cakes, plus some light snacks. The hotel also has two heated swimming pools, one is the adult infinity pool located on the rooftop and the other is the family pool located outdoors near the grounds. Other facilities in the hotel are a spa, fitness centre, conference halls, business centre and indoor games centre. You can also avail of luggage storage, travel desk services and airport shuttle services here. For internet, speed here is quite good and you won't need to pay anything for it.
    • Room Rates - Deluxe Double Room at Rs. 8,791/Night, Executive Suite at Rs. 20,224/Night, Panoramic Suite at Rs. 27,904/Night and Pavilion Suite at Rs. 36,864/Night (Inclusive of Taxes)
    • Room Amenities - Balcony, Sitting Area, Work Station, Minibar, Electric Kettle, Clothes Rack and Attached Bathroom
    • Hotel Facilities - Restaurant, Bar, Bakery, Swimming Pools (Temperature Controlled), Spa, Fitness Centre, Conference Halls, Business Centre, Indoor Games Centre, Luggage Storage, Travel Desk, Shuttle, Parking and Internet
    • Address - Munnar Bypass, Chithirapuram, Kerala 685565, India
    • Contact Number - +91 82 8188 8777
    The Panoramic Getaway (Image from Booking)

    2. Chandys Windy Woods - Chandys Windy Woods is located in Pallivasal, 10 kilometres to the south of Munnar. The hotel is positioned upon a hilly slope comprised of several blocks one level upon another. The reception is a work of art, enclosed in wooden elements that have windows overlooking the lush hills. The interiors are contemporary with a touch of elegance, neutral hued and minimalistic in design. Interestingly, the hotel has this faux forest and waterfall structure just on its central part meaning you can see it from any area of the property. All rooms and suites have a private balcony overlooking the lush hills and forests outside. Their designs are mainly modern accentuated by the all-wooden interiors. The bathrooms are very spacious with separate shower glass-enclosed areas. For the business travellers, the Presidential Suite would cater to your work needs as it has a separate living room area equipped with a work desk station as well. Their on-site restaurant is located on the terrace and named Tornado which serves mainly Indian and Chinese cuisines dishes. Aside from the scrumptious dishes, they specialise on seafood ones, the gorgeous views of the misty hills can be enjoyed from the outdoor sitting area. There's also a small outdoor swimming pool surrounded by lush forests and an artificial waterfall. There's an indoor games centre where activities such as table tennis and pool can be enjoyed. Other facilities such as conference halls, spa, fitness centre and travel desk are also available in the hotel. Internet can be accessed from any area of the property free of charge but signal won't be as strong in rooms as compared to public areas.
    • Room Rates - Deluxe Room at Rs. 10,000/Night, Super Deluxe Room at Rs. 12,000/Night, Junior Suite at Rs. 14,000/Night and Presidential Suite at Rs. 17,000/Night
    • Room Amenities - Balcony, Sitting Area, Work Station, Minibar, Electric Kettle, Closet and Attached Bathroom
    • Hotel Facilities - Restaurant, Swimming Pool, Indoor Games Centre, Conference Halls, Spa, Fitness Centre, Travel Desk, Parking and Internet
    • Address - Pallivasal, 2nd Mile, Meencut, Munnar, Kerala 685565, India
    • Contact Number - +91 97 4597 2999
    Chandys 2.jpg
    Chandys Windy Woods (Image from Booking)

    3. Plum Judy - Plum Judy is another five-star property in Munnar, just nine kilometres from the Attukad Waterfalls. The hotel was named after a small but active butterfly that can always be found amidst foliages and trees. Similarly, the hotel is located amidst lush foliage of trees and plants, standing proud with its pure white and brilliant facade. The lobby is strikingly opulent, with a central chandelier piece, wooden elements and glass-panelled walls overlooking the hills. You can choose from a variety of rooms and suites, some overlook the mountains while others overlook the valleys. The interiors are basically the same, contemporary with a touch of elegance. They all have balconies with sitting areas where you can enjoy dining with the views of the surroundings. Do opt for the Jacuzzi Suite, which has its own jacuzzi set amidst a window overlooking the surrounding valleys. The bathrooms are spacious in all rooms and suites, fitted with modernities such as a shower and marble lavatory. For dining, you have two options, either Ringlet, their multi-cuisine restaurant or Orange Tip, their coffee shop that serves small meals and snacks. The former serves a variety of local dishes that highlights the rich culture of the state. Other facilities such as board rooms, spa, fitness centre, recreation centre and travel desk are also available in the property. WiFi can be accessed all throughout the hotel free of charge for staying guests and signal is average.
    • Room Rates - Premium Room at Rs. 12,000/Night and Jacuzzi Suite at Rs. 17,000/Night
    • Room Amenities - Balcony, Sitting Area, Work Station, Minibar, Electric Kettle, Closet and Attached Bathroom
    • Hotel Facilities - Restaurants, Board Rooms, Spa, Fitness Centre, Recreation Centre, Travel Desk, Parking and Internet
    • Address - KSEB Tunnel Road, Pallivasal, Kochi Dhanushkodi Road, Pallivasal, Kerala 685612, India
    • Contact Number - +91 95 6268 4440
    Plum 2.jpg
    Plum Judy (Image from Booking)

    4. Fragrant Nature - Fragrant Nature is just a 13-minute walk to the Pothamedu View Point of Munnar. The hotel is built upon a sloping part of a hill, so it has this unique location and appearance. In fact, to reach the other floors, instead of going up in the lift, you have to go downwards. The reception is very sophisticated, with neutral hues, marble inlays, a central chandelier and huge windows overlooking the valleys. Each room and suite have designated motifs, usually pertaining to the colour scheme of each. The interiors are mainly contemporary but with elements of classic designs such as the fireplace and regal furnitures. For a truly memorable stay experience, you can opt for the Royal Fragrant Suite, which is bedecked with colonial era features such as four-post beds, lattice-like dividers and traditional furnishings. The bathrooms are simpler in design, fitted with marble and have a glass-enclosed shower area. Grills and Steaks is their on-site restaurant which serves a variety of Indian and Arabic cuisines dishes. The ambience is laid-back and it has a terrace area providing for a panoramic view of the hill station. They also have an on-site coffee shop where you can enjoy coffee, tea plus a myriad of snacks to satisfy your hunger in-between meals. As far as the facilities provided for the hotel, they are varied, they have a fitness centre, spa, board rooms, amphitheatre, travel desk and business centre. Internet access is complimentary to all staying guests and the good news is, the speed isn't that bad, considering the location of the property.
    • Room Rates - Tropic Green at Rs. 7,735/Night, Moon Light Bliss at Rs. 10,115/Night, Wild Orchid Suite at Rs. 17,850/Night and Royal Fragrant Suite at Rs. 29,750/Night (Inclusive of Taxes)
    • Room Amenities - Balcony, Sitting Area, Work Desk, Minibar, Electric Kettle, Closet and Attached Bathroom
    • Hotel Facilities - Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Fitness Centre, Spa, Board Rooms, Amphitheatre, Travel Desk, Parking and Internet
    • Address - Bison Valley Road Pothamedu, Munnar, Kerala 685612, India
    • Contact Number - +91 48 6825 7800
    Wild 3.jpg
    Fragrant Nature (Image from Booking)

    5. Parakkat Nature Resort - Next we have the Parakkat Nature Resort, which is located near the Munnar Bypass Road. The property is located amidst lush forests, also on a slope of a hill. The lobby exudes glamour, complete with a chandelier, statues and traditional furnitures. Rooms and suites are vast and spacious, elegantly designed as well. They have marble flooring, wooden furnitures and huge windows overlooking the valley. Their Club Suite is the most expensive but has a balcony where you can enjoy the panoramic views of the hills and valleys from. Bathrooms have enough space, fitted with marble and has an area for showering. Spice Merchant is their on-site restaurant which has a terrace area where you can enjoy the views of the rolling tea plantations of Munnar. With its variety of cuisines served, Indian, Asian and Persian, you can enjoy the buffet spread here. Facilities such as shuttles, banquet halls, business centre, spa, travel desk and luggage storage can all be availed from the property. WiFi can be accessed from any area of the hotel with good signal and complimentary to all staying guests.
    • Room Rates - Classic Room at Rs. 6,500/Night, Superior Room at Rs. 9,000/Night, Premium Room at Rs. 12,000/Night and Club Suite at Rs. 15,000/Night
    • Room Amenities - Balcony (Suites), Sitting Area, Work Desk, Minibar, Electric Kettle, Closet and Attached Bathroom
    • Hotel Facilities - Restaurant, Shuttles, Banquet Halls, Business Centre, Spa, Travel Desk, Luggage Storage, Parking and Internet
    • Address - 2nd Mile, Pallivasal Road, Munnar, Kerala 685565, India
    • Contact Number - +91 94 0030 1111
    Parakkat 2.jpg
    Parakkat Nature Resort (Image from Booking)

    6. Spice Tree - Last but not the least is Spice Tree, located 23 kilometres to the southeast of Munnar. It is just a short distance from the Idukki Reserve Forest but can take around an hour of driving from the centre of Munnar. This is perhaps the most isolated property in this guide, but don't let that discourage you from staying here. If you're the kind of traveller who always strays from the conventional or if you're just a restless and weary city dweller looking for a solace getaway, then this the place to be. Nestled amidst lush forests, away from the main tourist attractions, but closer to nature itself, Spice Tree won't be your usual hotel destination. The property only has around 25 rooms and suites, making your stay as private and serene as much as possible. Their Classic Room, despite being the most affordable, boasts of its own jacuzzi and wooden panelled ceilings. Interiors are derived from the colonial era, transporting you to the royal but bygone times. The Honeymoon Spa Suite is perfect for couples looking to rekindle their love or maybe just spend some bonding moments together. Don't worry, all rooms provide for a scenic view of the surrounding valleys and hills. There's an on-site restaurant which serves local dishes along with Indian, Chinese and Continental ones. For the health-conscious individuals, ingredients for meals are all sourced from the hotel's very own farm. There's also 300 BC, their very own bakery where you can find breads and pastries made from scratch. There are two outdoor swimming pools, one is the solar-heated infinity pool overlooking the valleys and the other is a small swimming pool connected to a library. Other facilities such as a spa, fitness centre, parking, travel desk and business centre can also be found here. They also provide for activities like trekking, tea tasting, yoga, meditation, spice trails and more. Internet can be accessed all throughout the hotel without any charges but due to its location, signal can be erratic.
    • Room Rates - Classic Room at Rs. 17,152/Night and Honeymoon Spa Suite at Rs. 18,560/Night (Inclusive of Taxes)
    • Room Amenities - Balcony, Sitting Area, Work Desk, Minibar, Electric Kettle, Closet and Attached Bathroom
    • Hotel Facilities - Restaurant, Bakery, Swimming Pools, Library, Spa, Fitness Centre, Parking, Travel Desk, Business Centre, Parking and Internet
    • Address - Muttukad Periakanal Road, Nadukkurissu, Chinnakkanal, Idukki, Munnar, Kerala 685618, India
    • Contact Number - +91 48 6222 3577
    Spice 3.jpg
    Spice Tree (Image from Booking)


    These are the best five-star hotels in Munnar, boasting of world-class facilities and top-notch services. Most of these properties are located further from the centre of the hill station so you might need a car or cab to reach them. But the main selling point of such properties is that they provide for a truly tranquil stay where only you, the mountains and the greenery are together, of course with your loved ones. Once you're done sightseeing in the hill station, treat yourself to a relaxing and rejuvenating stay in any of these hotels. You can leave all your city worries behind and just marvel at what nature can offer you.

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