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Air Arabia web check in

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by AlkaMishra, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. AlkaMishra

    AlkaMishra New Member

    I am a regular traveler and always use the web check-in services provided by the flight. It will be my first time I will be flying with Air Arabia, and I would like to know if they have the Air Arabia web check-in service, I am 99% sure they would as the majority of flights do have it, but I do need to make sure.

    If Air Arabia do have web check-in facility, is it reliable? I have had a few problems in the past with other flights web check-ins.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!


    What is Web Check-In?

    We all know of the traditional check-in counters at the airport, wherein we have to line up, show our passports and get our boarding passes from, two or more hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. Since we are in the modern times, the era of the internet, even this traditional check-in has an online counterpart now. This is known as the Web Check-In, a form of self check-in wherein passengers can check-in online through the airline's website and even print their boarding pass thereafter. With the advent of technologies, you won't even have to print a boarding pass, you can have it ready on your phone or tablet via screenshot. Most airlines nowadays offer this type of facility for passengers, making the process of checking in less tedious and time consuming.

    Air Arabia - An Overview

    We now go to Air Arabia, a low-cost airline established in 2003 in Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates. Air Arabia is basically a no frills airline operating around the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Asia, including the different regions in India. While it operates mainly from the Sharjah International Airport, it also has flights from the Ras Al Khaimah International Airport, another UAE airport. Although the airline has very basic air crafts, they are quite comfortable and can provide passengers with their basic amenities. There is also ample leg room for passengers, which is even bigger than other mid-range airlines. What they might be lacking would be in the in-flight entertainments, which is a given since this is just a low-cost airline. Much like other airlines, Air Arabia also has an online website where you can book your flight, make some modifications to your booked flight or even avail of their online check-in service.

    Air Arabia Web Check-In

    Air Arabia has introduced Web Check-In for their passengers' convenience as well. With this service, passengers can easily check-in online, provided they have a laptop, tablet or smart phone which can connect to the internet. Passengers simply need to visit the website of Air Arabia and access the Check-In Online tab, under the Manage Booking button. Of course, once you have your e-Boarding pass, you need to show that plus your visa and passport in the airport. If you're coming from Sharjah International Airport, you can check-in online at least 24 hours before your scheduled flight. If you're coming from any other airport, you can check-in online at least 12 hours before your scheduled departure. As such, any passenger of Air Arabia can avail of this service, provided they fulfil the necessary requirements below.

    Requirements for Air Arabia Web Check-In
    • Confirmed Ticket or e-Ticket (With Reservation Number and Flight Date)
    • Working Email Address
    There are a few requirements though before one can avail of this service of Air Arabia. Make sure you prepare these beforehand to make the process of checking in online smoother and faster. You would need your confirmed e-Ticket along with the following details: the Reservation Number and the Flight Date. Additionally, you need a working email address because your e-Boarding pass would be sent here. Web Check-In doesn't have additional fees that you need to pay.

    Procedures for Air Arabia Web Check-In

    The process is very simple, just open up a tablet, smart phone or laptop and follow the steps given below.
    • Go to the Air Arabia website or simply click this link. Hover over the Manage Booking button and click on the Check-In Online tab.
    • You would be redirected to another page wherein you need to input your Reservation Number, also known as PNR, Flight Date and Departure Airport. Once completed, click on the Find Booking button at the bottom of the page.
    • Prior to printing your e-Boarding pass, you can select your preferred seats and meals for the flight. You can also check-in your luggage in advance, if you have any. Once done, you can finally print your e-Boarding pass which would be sent to your working email address and bring this on the airport.
    For those having trouble, here is a direct link to the website's online check-in section. Just don't forget to bring your passport and visa (for international flights) prior to leaving for the airport.

    Other Information

    While some say that Web Check-In is simply for those who don't have checked luggage, that simply isn't true. Yes, those with only cabin luggage or carry-on luggage can truly benefit with the service because they can bypass long queues at the bag check-in counters of airports. But even those with luggage to check can save some time with this service. Air Arabia has separate bag check-in counters for those who check-in online using their website. You can simply drop off your luggage at this Baggage Drop-Off Counter and you can proceed directly to your supposed gate.

    The Verdict

    Hate wasting time on airports just to check-in and fulfil all counter points? Well, with the Web Check-In facility of Air Arabia, you can save precious time and energy by checking in online. Avoid queues, avoid the hassles and make your flight smoother just with this facility. This facility is very much reliable and has helped numerous travellers flying with Air Arabia.

    Good luck and enjoy your trip!:)