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Jet Airways web check in

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chit Chat' started by Noreen, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Noreen

    Noreen New Member

    Hello everyone, I am flying with Jet Airways next week and was wondering if they have a web check-in service. I tried to Google it but couldn't find anything which was from the official site.

    I am hoping I would get my answers from the forum. So please let me know if there is a Jet Airways web check-in service, if yes do I need to register or just check in?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Noreen! Welcome to the forum!

    Yes, Jet Airways have a web check-in service for their passengers. Currently, you don't need to register to avail of this service, you just need to go to their website and input the required details including the PNR number. The Jet Airways web check-in service allows passengers to choose their seat and print their e-Boarding pass right from their home, in as little as five minutes. The process is very simple and it does allow you to have more convenience at your hands as you don't need to queue at long lines in the airport anymore. But first, there are some requirements before you become eligible for the web check-in service, which are the following:

    Eligibility for Web Check-In of Jet Airways
    • You must hold a valid Jet Airways ticket with a Passenger Name Record (PNR). This ticket could have been bought directly from Jet Airways or through a travel agent.
    • A single PNR should have a maximum of nine guests only. A group PNR should have a maximum of four segments only.
    • The airport you're departing to should have an online web check-in service as not all has it. But some of the airports in India which has this facility are the ones in Delhi, Goa, Bangalore and many more. You can check the website of Jet Airways for more information about this.
    If you fit under these categories, then you are eligible for the web check-in service. Those with infants are also eligible for this service, but those who have wheelchairs or other persons with disabilities are not eligible for the service. Make sure that your ID proof matches the PNR information as well as that is a requirement too. You won't need to register, as mentioned above, just follow the succeeding steps in order to successfully check-in online with Jet Airways.

    Procedures for Web Check-In of Jet Airways
    • Go to the Jet Airways website and click on the Plan Your Travel button. Then, click on Web Check-In from the choices given to you. You would then be transferred to a page where you have to input your departure city, first name, last name and PNR number. So input these details and click on the Check Me In button.
    • You would then be transferred to another page and this time you have to choose your preferred seat as well as meal. Once you're sure with your decision, click on the Confirm button.
    • Open your email address and your e-Boarding pass would be sent to you. You have two options from here, either print the e-Boarding pass or save a screenshot of it in your phone or tablet. Either way works as long as the details are clearly readable. This would serve as the Customer Copy and you need to present it to the required personnel once you're in the airport.
    Anyway, make sure you prepare the following requirements before your scheduled departure as they are needed for your e-Boarding pass to be valid:

    Requirements for Web Check-In of Jet Airways
    • Your official photo identification card like an Aadhaar card or Voter ID
    • The credit card or debit card you used for your transaction for buying the ticket
    Along with these, make sure you have the Customer Copy (e-Boarding pass) mentioned above. On the day of your scheduled flight, you still have some procedures you need to follow through:

    Procedures on the Day of Scheduled Flight
    • Now, on the day of your flight, make sure you reach the airport at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure of your flight. If you only have a carry on luggage with you, then you can be there as late as 30 minutes before the flight. However, if you have to check your baggage, then be there at least an hour before the scheduled flight. But yes, preferably, be there on average, at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure of your flight.
    • Present the requirements above to the airport personnel along with your Customer Copy or e-Boarding pass. You would then be given an Agent Copy, which you need to keep safely as this is also necessary before you can board the plane. This copy would then be stamped at the boarding point.
    That's about it really, it's simple and very convenient for passengers. You won't need to register at all and the process takes merely five minutes online. But on the airport, bring the necessary requirements or else you might face some issues when boarding your plane.

    I hope this helps you!:)