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Ayurvedic treatment for knee pain

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chit Chat' started by Nalika, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. Nalika

    Nalika New Member

    I would bring my mother in India to get some treatment done for her knee pain which she has had for many years now. I am opting for ayurvedic treatment as it is more effective and safe.

    I need some recommendations for ayurvedic treatment for knee pain in India and I would also like to know where in India I would need to go.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Nalika, welcome to the forum!



    Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical practices in the world, having its roots between 3,000 to 5,000 years ago. In Ayurveda, humans basically have to maintain balance between the three doshas, namely, the vata, the pitta and the kapha. By maintaining balance between these three governing elements of the body, the human becomes free of disease and by not doing so, humans are bound to get diseases or ailments.

    For those who have pain, such as arthritis, what mainly becomes affected is the vata dosha. It can be further classified into two categories, the amavata and the sandhivata. Amavata occurs when there is an excessive intake of toxins, aggravated by the cold weather and usually characterised by a heavy, stiff pain, with fever at times. On the other hand, sandhivata occurs when the body cannot absorb much nutrients, leading to the weakening of the joints and bones, without fever usually.

    There are many Ayurvedic treatment centres in India that can help in relieving and curing the pain of amavata and sandhivata. While some tourists opt for the relaxing Ayurvedic resorts, for those who want to truly cure their diseases, the best choice would be Ayurvedic treatment centres or hospitals. Usually, every city in India has an Ayurvedic treatment centre or hospital, as Ayurveda is practiced by many Indians. But perhaps, there's no better place for Ayurveda than in South India, the region where it did originate from.

    Best Ayurvedic Treatment Centres & Hospitals for Knee Pain in India

    1. Arya Vaidya Sala - What began as a small clinic in Kottakkal, a town in Kerala, during the 19th century, is now one of the oldest and most popular Ayurvedic treatment centres in India. This Ayurvedic institution was created by renowned physician, known as Vaidyaratnam Panniyinpally Sankunni Warrier. Operating under a charitable trust, the Ayurvedic hospitals of Arya Vaidya Sala caters to the need of even the lesser fortunate ones. What sets this Ayurvedic hospital apart is that they started it all. They are known to have started the process for making readymade herbal medicines, in the form of pills and tablets, which revolutionised the Ayurvedic medicine practice. Even today, they have their own factory for creating medicinal pills and tablets for patients. The treatment centre now has over 30 branches in different parts of South India, specifically Kerala. For those suffering from vata dosha related diseases, the centre prescribes pizhichil, a massage done only on parts of the body below the neck. The patient would be lying on a wooden platform and warm oil would be spread over the ailing part, which would then be massaged into it once it's absorbed. The main branch of the treatment centre is located in Kottakkal but it also has branches in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore and many more cities in India. You can even reach their website and from there, register as a new user. You can input the complaints of the patient via their online form and you would get a response from a certified physician of the treatment centre, which has details about the possible treatment and days required for it.
    • Address (Kottakkal) - Arya Vaidya Sala Road , Kottakkal, Malappuram, Kerala 676503, India
    • Contact Number/s - 0483 2743 380 or +91 48328 08000
    2. Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala - Next is another legacy when it comes to Ayurvedic treatments, also located in Kerala, but this time in Ollur in Thrissur. Established in 1941 by Ashtavaidyan Eledath Neelakandhan Mooss, this is also one of the oldest Ayurvedic treatment centres in Kerala. The treatment centre is also known as the Vaidyaratnam Nursing Home, which provides top-notch facilities and services for patients in need of Ayurvedic treatments. This centre also has branches in Bangalore, Chembur, Koramangala and Mumbai. It also has a branch out of the country in Bahrain, specifically in Manama. Much like the former, Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala has its own pharmaceutical company, where readymade herbal products can be bought by patients. The centre has different room options, ranging from suites, rooms and even wards, to cater to the needs and capacities of the patient. You need to book a room though a few months in advance, although you don't need to pay the fee online. The treatment centre only accepts payments when you're admitted to them already.
    • Address (Thrissur) - Thaikkattussery, Ollur, Thrissur, Kerala, India
    • Contact Number/s - 0487 2432 700, 0487 2432 732 or 0487 2432 832
    3. Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre - This treatment centre is located in Malady, also in Kerala. Although fairly newer than the other two centres, established just 30 years ago, the Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre has made a name for itself because of their unmatched care for patients. Its location, close to Cochin, makes it an ideal treatment centre too, because it can be easily accessed. They can even provide pick-up and drop-off services for patients coming in from Cochin Airport. Further, they facilities offered here are plenty, ranging from yoga classes, treatment rooms for men and women, rooms overlooking the Periyar river and many more. Their treatment for knee pain or joint pain is very extensive, including Ayurveda, dietary restrictions, lifestyle changes and herbal intakes. Through their website, you can interact with a real physician and address your concerns with him before reaching the centre as well.
    • Address (Kalady) - Perumattam, Okkal, Ernakulam, Kalady, Kerala 683550, India
    • Contact Number/s - +91 97475 53254
    4. Poomully Mana - Poomully Mana is not just an Ayurvedic treatment centre, it's a destination in itself. Once the home of the Namboothiris, Poomully Mana has witnessed so many stories, of the art, the culture and yes, even the progression of Ayurvedic practice in the region. The treatment centre is a delight for the history lovers, as it is located in a mansion, with a typical traditional Kerala style of architecture. The whole family of the Namboothiris is renowned for their knowledge about Ayurveda, evident in their vast collection of ancient books pertaining to the subject, which you can visit in the in-house library. If you stay and have your treatment in the Poomully Mana, you are also exposed to the ancient arts and cultures of South India, with the in-house museum, traditional ponds and training centres here. They also have the same treatment, pizhichil, for patients suffering from joint pains. A cloth submerged in medicated warm oil is spread over the ailing part for about 45 minutes before massaging it into the patient. This helps to alleviate the pain that the patient is experiencing. The centre also has a treatment form in their website wherein patients can discuss their complaints with a resident physician.
    • Address (Palakkad) - Kothachiranorth Peringode Road, Palakkad District, Nagalassery, Kerala 679535, India
    • Contact Number/s - +91 98462 39545 or +91 98460 89595
    5. Amrita Ayurveda Centre - Next on the list is the Amrita Ayurveda Centre, established by none other than Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi. As such, treatment rates here are more affordable and the centre even conducts community outreach programs to help the unfortunate ones access proper health care facilities and services. The centre focuses on the traditional aspects of Ayurveda, not on the recreational aspects, which means the treatments here are on the classical and authentic side. You are ensured a holistic healing because the Amritapuri Ashram is merely two kilometres away from the centre. The centre is just like a normal hospital, with wards, a pharmacy and an x-ray laboratory as well. Modern facilities such as an internet cafe and parking were also added in the centre to make it more convenient and hassle-free for patients. The therapy dhara is specifically given to patients with pain. This treatment helps in sweating, which would then release the toxins in the body. The treatment pizhichil is also part of the categories under this therapy. You can contact the centre through their website for further inquiries.
    • Address (Vallikavu) - Vavvakavu Vallikavu Road via Pulinilkkumkotta, Vallikavu, Kerala 690546, India
    • Contact Number/s - 0476 2899 688
    6. Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital - For those reaching Delhi and wondering if there are any Ayurvedic centres in the capital, there are plenty. But one of the top-rated Ayurvedic centres here is the Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital. Being in the capital, the rates for treatments here are on the higher side, but you're quite assured that you do get your money's worth. They do have shared rooms though, to which two persons can share the room rates to make it more affordable. Under panchakarma, you get a variety of treatment options for different concerns, including knee or joint pain. Certain conveniences are also made available for patients like in-house laundry services, in-house pharmacy, yoga classes, in-house vegetarian food and even internet accessibility. All the doctors in the hospital are certified Ayurvedic practitioners too, well-known in their fields and distinguished by award-giving bodies. They also provide medicines that can further help patients with their diseases. You can reach their website and book for an appointment through one of their qualified doctors.
    • Address (Delhi) - BP Block, Shalimar Bagh West, Delhi, 110088, India
    • Contact Number/s - +91 11274 79501 or +91 11274 79502
    7. Shree Dhanvantari Ayurveda Hospital - Established in 1990, the Shree Dhanvantari Ayurveda Hospital is one of Bangalore's oldest centres for the ancient practice of Ayurveda. The hospital caters to a wide variety of patient needs, ranging from arthritis, psoriasis, impotence, obesity and even allergies. For arthritis, they have different treatments, depending on the kind of arthritis that the patient has. For amavata, they provide both basti and sadhyovirechana. For sandhivata, they provide both basti and jane basti to relieve the pain of the patient. Doctors here are very experience in the field, some even having 30 years of experience already so they are quite experts when it comes to Ayurvedic treatments. They also have free medical camps for in-house patients so that they can learn more about their diseases and the natural ways of treating them or preventing them from coming back.
    • Address (Bangalore) - No. 1033, 4th M Block, Dr. Rajkumar Road, Beside Golden Heights Building, Rajaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010, India
    • Contact Number/s - +91 93412 26614
    8. Ashwini Ayurvedic Hospital and Research Centre - Owned by renowned physician Sheeba Raveendran, Ashwini Ayurvedic Hospital and Research Centre is Mumbai's very first Ayurvedic treatment centre. It was established in 2001, as Sheeba Raveendran wanted to provide quality services to patients needing Ayurvedic treatments. This centre is just small, as compared to the previously mentioned ones and it is presided only by Sheeba Raveendran. However, hospitality here is very commendable and the staff would go out of their way to cater to the needs of the patient. Sheeba Raveendran knows Ayurveda well, having been a graduate of Kerala University as a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery. The doctor specialises in many diseases including arthritis, sciatica, paralysis, slip disk and many more.
    • Address (Mumbai) - No. 27, 28, RDP Road Number 5, Gorai 1, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091, India
    • Contact Number/s - +91 96197 14218
    9. Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic and Research Centre - This treatment centre was founded in 1998 and is Rajasthan's pride when it comes to Ayurveda. The state has a a few Ayurvedic centres and the Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic and Research Centre stands out among the rest. This is a no-nonsense Ayurvedic centre, where diseases are identified to the core and treated with professionalism. While away from the usual retreat centres that you find across the country and reach Chakrapani instead, you would be quite assured of the cure of your ailment. Doctors here are very much skilled, experts in their fields, spending as much as four hours a day with each patient to fully understand their illnesses. For those suffering from pain, they have a dedicated treatment page just for it. For those with knee pain, janu basti is the recommended treatment. This procedure strengthens the knee structure itself to prevent further pain and degeneration from occurring. Patients do not have to stay in the centre as they are given guest homes to which Indian families cater to their meals, making the stay more manageable and enjoyable as they are exposed to local cultures as well.
    • Address (Jaipur) - No. 8, Diamond Hill, Shanti Path, Tulsi Circle, Behind Birla Temple, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004, India
    • Contact Number/s - +91 14126 24003

    Ayurveda is an ancient practice of medicine still prevalent in India. Neighbouring countries such as Nepal and Sri Lanka also practice Ayurveda. There are many Ayurvedic treatment centres around India, some are luxurious, some are very basic. If your main concern is just to relax and pamper yourself, then you can opt for Ayurvedic resorts and spa centres. On the other hand, those who have serious concerns about their health and illnesses, it's best to reach any of these Ayurvedic treatment centres and hospitals instead.

    I hope this helps you.:)

  3. pravish

    pravish Member

    I would like to suggest the best Ayurveda hospital in Karnataka,India where the knee pain of my Mother was completely cured. The name of this hospital is SDM ayurveda hospital in Udupi, Karnataka, India. They have been treating people since 1958 by traditional and simple methods will 100% percent cure. This institution is run by an NGO. They have different therapies that they do to cure. If you visit them, I am sure you will get rid of your pain after their treatment. Since it is funded by an NGO , they donot charge huge money for your treatments unlike other Ayurveda hospitals around. Should you wish to contact them here are the details:

    Dr. Shreekanth . U C.M.O - Contact No. 0820-2533300
    Dr. Muralidhar Sharma, Medical Superintendent - 0820-2533302
    C.S. HEGDE
    CELL: 9845807585
    LAND LINES: 0820-2533300, 301, 302, 303, 2525679, 2520623
    Email id : sdmahu@gmail.com