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Backpackers hotel in Pushkar

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by JakobJ, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. JakobJ

    JakobJ New Member


    We are leaving for Pushkar in a week and we plan to stay there for 10 days, here in New Delhi we are staying in a nice backpacker’s guest house at Pahar Ganj which is just a few steps away from New Delhi Railway Station and we are paying INR. 600 for a comfortable double bedroom. Can we find something similar in Pushkar? What are the current hotel rates in Pushkar and can you suggest some backpacker hotels in Pushkar?


  2. Gori Bride

    Gori Bride Member

    For 600 it wont be a "comfortable" room from my own experience. There are plenty of hotels at Pushkar but for 600 you wont find anything that would be clean and comfortable. I would suggest taking your budget to atleast Rs1000 per night to get a half decent room. For below Rs1000 there are tons of hotels all over Pushkar and you wont have much trouble finding a room but this is peak season there so I would suggest booking in advance.

  3. Aadi

    Aadi Member

    Hi Jakob,

    Pushkar is full of backpakers and you will not find any difficulty in finding a nice guest house there, apart from backpackers hotels you can even look for some Dharamshala there as Pushkar is full of nice and clean dharamshala's too, the only restriction you have in a dharamshala is that you not eat non veg food and cannot consume alcohol too. Once you are in Pushkar just walk down to the main market road and it is full of hotels and guest houses starting from INR. 250 per night.

    One guest house which I can suggest you is Atithi Guest House, it is on the main market road, near Govt. Sr. Sec. School. They have free Wi-Fi access and a decent cafe too.
  4. BronsonAkana

    BronsonAkana New Member

    Yes me and my friends have gone here before. And if I were you I would find a room for around 1000 Rs. You just feel way more comfortable and at peace, knowing that you wont get eaten alive by rats or anything like that lol.