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Best honeymoon destinations in India

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by JassiSingh, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. JassiSingh

    JassiSingh New Member

    I am getting married in India in October this year. My wife is from India, and I would only have ten days left before I go back home, so our honeymoon would be planned in India.

    I am not aware of places in India and which ones would be good for a honeymoon and need some help to know what the best honeymoon destinations in India are.

    Distance is not an issue for us, as we would get a flight to distant places.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!



    The honeymoon is an important part of the whole wedding ceremony. It is, in fact, planned for and decided upon even during the wedding planning phase. Memories are made during the honeymoon so it is therefore very vital to choose a destination that won't only be romantic but give the couple ample time to bond and connect with one another. Many couples choose to spend this phase outside of the country, as marvelous destinations like the Maldives, Paris or Hawaii have always been in the usual honeymoon subjects. However, you don't really need to venture out of India to find secluded and romantic honeymoon destinations. The beauty of India is that there are many places left hidden, as most of the usual destinations remain the culprits for honeymoon getaways and this guide would uncover such honeymoon destinations.

    Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

    A different side of hill stations...

    1. Roing (Arunachal Pradesh) - Roing is the district headquarters of the Lower Dibang Valley. It is located close to the border of Arunachal Pradesh with Assam. With the Dibang River flowing amidst the hill station, a certain aura of serenity envelopes the place. The distant snow-capped mountains can be clearly viewed from the hill station as well. Unlike popular hill stations in the state like Tawang or Bomdila, Roing doesn't receive much of the tourist influx. It is the best hill station destination for couples who love verdant greenery and ultimate tranquility. Snow renders couples speechless and is sometimes a prerequisite of lovers in choosing a honeymoon destination. Fret not, because at just about 56 kilometres away from Roing is the Mayodia La. Here, you can experience snow and snowfall even at the summer month of April. In the main town itself, there are various attractions that can keep the couple busy. The Sally Lake is perhaps the most popular attraction of the town. Surrounded by lush jungles, this picturesque small water reservoir has boating facilities that couples can enjoy. About 14 kilometres away from the town is the Mehao Lake & Sanctuary, yet another offering of Rowing to the nature lovers. The lake itself is virgin, covering a length of about four kilometres and is home to various ducks and bird species. It is surrounded by the forests as well, which you can trek to reach the main lake. Lovers can also enjoy a picnic in attractions like the Iphipani Ghat and Nijoma Ghat. Both these ghats overlook the Dibang River and offers a bit of an alone time for the couples who want to be closer to each other.
    • Must Visit Attractions - Mayodia La, Sally Lake, Mehao Lake & Sanctuary, Iphipani Ghat and Nijoma Ghat
    2. Kotagiri (Tamil Nadu) - Just 36 kilometres away from Ooty, Tamil Nadu's famed hill station, is Kotagiri. This is an idyllic destination, perfect for long nature walks and just relaxing. With the presence of both tea and coffee plantations in many areas, you're bound to get used to the refreshingly delicious aromas. This is one of the few places where spotting gaurs or wild boars isn't uncommon. A must visit here is the Kodanad View Point, located about 20 kilometres away from Kotagiri proper, en route to Ooty. To reach the view point, you need to pass through tea estates, which only make the journey more satisfying. At the top, you can enjoy the misty experience of viewing the valleys below and also the waterfall created by the Bhavanisagar Dam. Also a must visit here is the Catherine Waterfalls, which is approachable by a short drive amidst tea plantations. You can then decide whether you'd be viewing the waterfalls from a distance or trekking a downhill climb to reach the waterfalls itself. Surrounded by lush greenery, this waterfall is an apt nature getaway for the lovers. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can even trek to reach the Rangaswamy Peak, which is approachable through a drive from Kotagiri but the last three kilometres have to be covered by foot. Simply enter through the Kilkotagiri Devarshola Tea Estates and proceed to the left path with a clear trail for the peak. At the top, you would be rewarded by the misty mountain views and a clear view of the Bhavanisagar Dam. There's even a temple here that one can visit. For a leisurely stroll, do visit the Longwood Shola Forest of Kotagiri, where you can enjoy both nature and wildlife.
    • Must Visit Attractions - Kodanad View Point, Catherine Waterfalls, Rangaswamy Peak and Longwood Shola Forest
    Kotagiri Tea Plantation

    A romantic stroll amidst the past...

    3. Badami (Karnataka) - Hampi might be Karnataka's most popular heritage site but there are other important historical trails here that one should explore. For the couples, Hampi might be a bit mainstream so instead opt for Badami. Once the flourishing capital of the Chalukya dynasty, Badami has marvellous stone-carved structures that remain under the radar of tourists. The structures are located along the banks of the Agasthya Lake, which represents the sage Agasthya, who saved the locals of the town from the demons, Ilvala and Vatapi. These demons are represented by the two mountains surrounding the lake. The prime attraction here is the Badami Cave Temples, a set of four rock-cut cave temples dedicated to both Hinduism and Jainism. The first cave is dedicated to the Lord Shiva and has a carving of Nataraja, the 18-armed manifestation of the deity. The second cave is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is known for its intricate carving of Lord Varaha, the boar manifestation of Vishnu who saved Goddess Earth from destruction. The third cave is also dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his various forms like Narasimha. The last cave is dedicated to various Jain saints and the main sanctum is dedicated to Lord Mahavira. Also worth visiting here is the Bhuthanatha Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is just a short walk away from the cave temples and the sculptures here are smaller but well worth a visit. Behind the temple is the Mallikarjuna Temple, which was built at a later time and features various carvings of other Hindu deities like Ganesha and Vishnu. If you still have time, you can venture into the nearby towns of Aihole and Pattadakal, where you can also find ancient ruins of the same dynasty.
    • Must Visit Attractions - Agasthya Lake, Badami Cave Temples, Bhuthanatha Temple and Mallikarjuna Temple
    4. Vidisha (Madhya Pradesh) - Vidisha is a little known heritage site merely 57 kilometres away from Bhopal. It is also just a few kilometres away from famed heritage site, Sanchi. Because of its proximity to this destination, Vidisha is rarely thronged by tourists and can make for a romantic stroll amidst the past for couples. Four kilometres away from the city centre is the Udayagiri Caves, set of 18 rock-cut caves built during the Gupta rule in the region. The main rulers that can be credited for the vast amount of intricate carvings here are Chandragupta II and Kumaragupta. The masterpiece here is none other than Cave No. 5, which has the depiction of Lord Vishnu as his Varaha avatar, while saving Goddess Earth from destruction. The carving is so intricate that you can easily spot how Lord Varaha lifts Mother Earth into her rightful place through his tusks. There are other caves too depicting Vishnu in other forms like Cave No. 12 as Narasimha or Cave No. 13 as Narayana. Originally, there were 22 rock-cut caves here but due to erosion and age, 4 of them has already fallen into ruins. Just a short distance from the caves is the Heliodorus Pillar, erected by Vasudeva Heliodorous to show his devotion for Vasudeva. Vasudeva Heliodorous was the Greek ambassador of the ancient kingdom of Bhagbhadra. This pillar showcases the Greek ambassador's conversion to Hinduism during that time. The ruins of the Maladevi Temple, located upon a hillock, is also worth a visit. This temple is unique in that it is dedicated to three religions, namely: Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. En route, make sure that you visit the Hindola Torana, which is a pillar showcasing the various avatars of Vishnu.
    • Must Visit Attractions - Udayagiri Caves, Heliodorus Pillar, Maladevi Temple and Hindola Torana
    Udayagiri Caves in Vidisha

    Lazing on the sands while gazing on each other...

    5. Lakshadweep (Union Territory) - While the union territory of Andaman Islands receives much of the limelight because of its turquoise waters and pure silky white shores, the Lakshadweep Islands remain under the radar of honeymoon couples. There are only two ways of reaching Lakshadweep, either by air or by sea, both can be expensive but the latter is slightly more affordable. Unlike the Andaman Islands, Lakshadweep remains underdeveloped and more pristine. If you can make do with the lack of modern facilities like WiFi or even air-conditioning, then you are in for a unique honeymoon experience when you visit the Lakshadweep Islands. There are over 30 islands here but not all are open for tourism and many are not even inhabited by humans. Agatti Island is the main entry point for those arriving by air. This island has the most number of resorts as well as tourist facilities. Still, it boasts of clear blue water and white sand shores perfect for lazing around. If you are an avid diver, then you need to head on to the Kadmat Island, reachable by a jetty ride from the former island. The underwater marine life here is very vast and even snorkelers can have a ball of a time here. The isolated and uninhabited Bangaram Island is very stunning, with its small crabs and turtles amidst the shores. Other islands worth visiting here are the Kalpeni Island and Minicoy Island.
    • Must Visit Attractions - Agatti Island, Kadmat Island, Bangaram Island, Kalpeni Island and Minicoy Island
    6. Malvan (Maharashtra) - Next up is Malvan, located about 530 kilometres away from Mumbai, lying upon the Konkan coastline. The most popular beach here is the Tarkarli Beach. This long stretch of white sandy shores and blue water is a far cry from the congested beaches of Mumbai. Further, this beach is very lively, even offering scuba diving and snorkelling activities for tourists. The rates for such activities are also very low as compared to the rates in other snorkelling destinations of India. There are also many resorts and lodges just around the shores, within walking distance to the beach. Some even offer a great view of the sea from your room. A bit further from the city centre is the Vengurla Beach, boasting of white sandy shores and greenish hued waters. Activities like dolphin spotting and parasailing can even be enjoyed here. The virgin Tondavali Beach, further from the city centre, is yet another hidden gem of Malvan. With its soft and silky shores, along with the almost non-existent crowds, you can enjoy your honeymoon here as well. Other beaches in Malvan that are a bit isolated are the Achara Beach and Wairy Ubhatwadi Beach. For these beaches, it's best to reach them during the day only as tourist facilities here are very limited.
    • Must Visit Attractions - Tarkarli Beach, Vengurla Beach, Tondavali Beach, Achara Beach and Wairy Ubhatwadi Beach
    Tarkarli Beach in Malvan

    Adventure, here we come...

    7. Saputara (Gujarat) - For the adventurous couples, Saputara in Gujarat can quench that lust for thrilling activities. At the heart of this quaint town is the Saputara Lake, which is its star attraction. Boating facilities for pedal boating or row boating can be availed here. On the shores of the lake, couples can enjoy other activities like rifle shooting, dual cycling and riding the amusement park rides. An adventurous trek to the Gira Waterfalls is also a must do activity here. The trek lasts for about 30 minutes and takes you through the lush jungles of the region. The best part is that the waterfalls isn't plagued yet by commercialism or crowds so couples can enjoy their few minutes of alone time here. And finally, for the true-blue, thrill-seeking couples, a visit to the Saputara Adventure Park is a must. Here, you can enjoy lots of activities like zip lining, ATV riding, sorbing, paragliding, rock climbing and more. Each activity won't cost you more than Rs. 600 per person as well. For a rustic and memorable honeymoon experience, do try camping in the forest reserve of the adventure park. While you gaze under the stars, you can enjoy the lone and isolated time with your loved one, without having to spend too much as well.
    • Must Visit Attractions - Saputara Lake, Gira Waterfalls and Saputara Adventure Park
    8. Pushkar (Rajasthan) - The Thar Desert has long been famed for its wild honeymoon appeal. Usual destinations for a camel safari or even a desert camping trip are Jaisalmer or Bikaner. But why go with the usual if you want a unique honeymoon experience? For that, opt for Pushkar instead, which revels in mainly its spiritual atmosphere. Being the home of the Brahma Temple, the only temple dedicated to Brahma in India and in the world, devotees flock to the region. The nearby temple of Mata Savitri, the Savitri Temple, is also worth visiting here. It is approachable either by foot or by ropeway, either way, you're bound to enjoy the views along the way. The sacred Pushkar Lake can be a bit chaotic but a dip here is supposed to cleanse an individual of his or her sins. The real draw of the city though is their offbeat camel safaris. Instead of being close to the crowds, the camel safaris here would take you to the deeper parts of the desert. You would be passing by rural villages but at times, only the sands of the desert, the camels and the guides surround you. Now isn't that a honeymoon that's worth remembering?
    • Must Visit Attractions - Thar Desert (Camel Safari), Brahma Temple, Savitri Temple and Pushkar Lake
    Pushkar Camel Safari

    Chirping of the birds on an early morning...

    9. Sai Sanctuary (Karnataka) - Considered as India's very first private wildlife sanctuary, we have the Sai Sanctuary in Badagarakeri, close to the border of Karnataka with Kerala. This property is owned by husband, Anil Malhotra, and wife, Pamela Malhotra. Their philosophy and the way they executed it is very impressive. From converting a small unused forest of about 55 acres into a now thriving reserve of around 300 acres, they were able to help in making India a bit more greener. They also help the local community by providing for compensation and even work opportunities for them around the reserve. So what are the types of animals residing in the Sai Sanctuary? Large animals like Indian elephants, wild boars, leopards, hyenas and even royal Bengal tigers, that's what. Various reptiles and bird species also reside in the dense forests of the sanctuary. As of now, the couple also has two cottages within the buffer area of the reserve where guests can stay in. Imagine hearing the chirping of the birds early in the morning as you wake up. Imagine taking leisurely strolls amidst the forests of the sanctuary with only a few tourists around. If these situations sound like your idea of a honeymoon, then the Sai Sanctuary might be a good destination for you.
    • Must Spot Animals - Indian Elephants, Wild Boars, Leopards, Hyenas, Royal Bengal Tigers and More
    • Related Thread - n/a
    10. Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary (Kerala) - Last on this list is the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, located close to Palakkad in Kerala. When you hear the word Kerala, the usual wildlife sanctuaries that you think of are Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary or the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Somehow, the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary lies under the shine of these sanctuaries. The beauty of the sanctuary, with its teak and sandalwood forests, are undulating though. Wildlife like Indian elephants, gaurs, sambars, wild boars and sloth bears also reside here. Reptiles such as cobras, Malabar pit vipers, chameleons and mugger crocodiles can also be found in the sanctuary. Flanked by various manmade water reservoirs, the number of bird species here are also very plenty. You can even opt to stay in the tented lodges within the buffer area of the sanctuary. If you stay in the lodges, you can then indulge in a unique night safari of the sanctuary as well. With just the two of you, the jungles and sheer darkness, it's hard not to lay in the arms of your special someone.
    • Must Spot Animals - Indian Elephants, Gaurs, Sambars, Wild Boars, Sloth Bears, Cobras, Malabar Pit Vipers, Chameleons and Mugger Crocodiles
    Wildlife in Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary


    Most guides would include the usual honeymoon destinations like Goa, Shimla , Mussoorie or even Manali, which are still beautiful, albeit on the crowded side. If you want your honeymoon to be on the different side, do try out any of the honeymoon destinations listed above. Away from the crowds, closer to the natural beauty and heritage of India, isn't that what a honeymoon should be? Step out of the box and visit a place unexpected, for a truly unforgettable honeymoon experience that you can treasure forever.

    Good luck and I hope this helps you!:)
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  3. ashwani khatana

    ashwani khatana New Member

    India is rich with the beautiful places across the each corner of the country also, there are places that possess different weather at the same time hence, it would be your choice what kind of weather you might prefer for your honeymoon.I would provide you the famous destinations with the nature of weather and my suggestions with the link to explore more about the destinations.

    If you like cold and hilly places then there are numerous places where you can think about to go such as, Kashmir , Nainital , Keylong , Gangtok , Shimla , Manali , Mussoorie , Munnar, etc

    I would Suggest three places on which you can explore with the link, The places are Nainital , Shimla and Munnar. All the places have their unique beauty, To know more about the places go to Nainital , Shimla and Munnar.

    If you like Desert, These are the Top destinations that you can go for: Jaisalmer , Bikaner , Barmer and Gajner.

    I would suggest Jaisalmer because it has the maximum sightseeing and very beautiful city called ‘Golden city’, know more about Jaisalmer.

    Do you Like beaches ?

    These are the best beach destinations for Honeymoon: Lakshadweep Islands

    Goa , Kovalam , Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Alleppey .

    Goa can be the best honeymoon destination as it has the picturesque beauty and exciting adventurous things to do that can make your honeymoon a memorable experience.

    Other than the individual locations, There is list of Top five Honeymoon Destinations are





  4. kaurharsimrat

    kaurharsimrat New Member

    Kashmir is one of the best place for honeymoon.
  5. Akshay185

    Akshay185 New Member

    Well, there are lot of places in India where, you won't miss foreign.
    1. Kullu Manali & Shimla (North India)
    2. Goa (West India)
    3. Ooty Mysore (South India)
    4. Coorg KodaiKannal (South India)
    5. Kerala (South India)
    Have a happy honeymoon bro.. :)
  6. Wanderlust

    Wanderlust Member

    If you are a sea lover, there are a host of popular beach honeymoon destinations down South. A few are -

    1. Kovalam
    2. Varkala
    3. Bekal/Kasaragod
    4. Neeleshwar
    5. Byndoor
  7. Lisa

    Lisa New Member

    Although I am not going to be on my honeymoon any time soon, I find these lists helpful as I am planning another holiday to India some time after monsoon this year. Thanks for putting this together.
  8. pravish

    pravish Member

    There are very beautiful places in India to go for a honeymoon. If I were to go on a Honeymoon I would get to Kerala which is known as "Gods own Country". There are many places to visit here. This place is filled with lush green coconut trees and places of extensive tea plantations. The perfect spot to stay is the Houseboats in Allepy. They have this luxurious boat, some exclusively designed for honeymoon couples. They serve Breakfast, lunch and dinner on-board. They will sail along the backwaters and dock the ship somewhere in the ocean at night. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean, no noise except for the waves and the cool breeze from your ship while wining and dining with your loved one. You may order the food you want and they will prepare it on-board for you. It is a very beautiful place to be with someone really special.
  9. iamawriter

    iamawriter Member

    Honeymooners should opt for cottage type of accommodation for privacy and alone time. The Beach resort in Malpe have such accommodation within reasonable rates as also Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa in Goa the latter being more expensive.
  10. Rohit Jaswal

    Rohit Jaswal New Member

    there are many honeymoon destination in India. In north India like Himachal prades, leh- ladak, . you can go south India if you like sea beaches. kerala odisaa sea beaches are awesome. north bangal tour planning is also good.