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Best time to visit Sri Lanka

Discussion in 'Srilanka' started by Pannu, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Pannu

    Pannu New Member

    I have been considering visiting Sri Lanka with my family for quite some time now. I have been reading about the country and it seems like an amazing place to visit and my family and I plan to visit most of the popular destinations in Sri Lanka.
    When going anywhere for a holiday I always want to make sure that I visit at the right time so I need to know when the best time to visit Sri Lanka is.

  2. Karan

    Karan Member

    Sri Lanka is actually a country which gets affected by two monsoons in a year, the southwest region gets affected by the monsoon from April to September (the worst rains are until June) and the northeast regions get affected by the monsoon from November to March (worst rains during November and December).
    During the months of October and November, the whole of Sri Lanka is affected by heavy rains and thunderstorms, so these two months should be avoided.

    If you're going to the West or South part of Sri Lanks then the best time to visit would be from December to March and if you are going to visit the North or East part of Sri Lanka then the best time to visit would be from April to September.

    The temperature does not change much throughout out the year. Areas near the coast or which are lowland have a temperature from 26-30c, and the higher up areas like Kandy get temperatures between 18-22c.

    Overall Sri Lanka is more of a year round holiday depending on which part you will be traveling to. I hope the information provided will allow you to decide which part of Sri Lanka to go to and when.

  3. Ayesha

    Ayesha New Member

    I want to visit Sri Lanka and explore all the historical places, what can be the cost of a trip to Sri Lanka? Also, do the hotels serve delicious Vegeterian food?