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Best way to travel from Delhi to Katra

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Abhay, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. Abhay

    Abhay New Member

    I am from Delhi and a group of us consisting of six people are planning to go to Vaishno Devi, Katra. It is quite a distance from Delhi, I think around 680km which means a good 12 hours by car. I have heard that people travel to Katra via train and bus as well, but I need some advise from someone who knows a lot about the route or has experience of traveling in all three modes of transport to give the best suggestion. I need to know which is the best and comfortable way to travel, as the last thing we need is have a bad and exhausting travel experience as we would be walking up to the shrine.


  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    There are daily direct trains from New Delhi to Katra which in my view would be the easiest and most economical way to get there and back.
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  3. DhongiBaba

    DhongiBaba Active Member

    There are some Volvo buses that run between Delhi and Katra and there are a lot of buses that take you upto Jammu and from there it is just another hours bus ride. Going by your own car is also an option but it is just not the best way to do it in my view because there is nothing much to see on the way as it is all plain roads with fields on the sides. Toll will also cost you more then Rs1 per kilometer is you add it all up and then adding your fuel and everything you would be spending twice as much and also have to drive yourself.

    As Admin suggested train is the best option and it takes you all the way up to Katra from where you can take an auto or a taxi to get to your hotel.

    Jai mata di :)
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  4. panchabhut

    panchabhut New Member

    The train ride to Katra is an experience in itself. The line is one of the highest in the world. The journey time by road is more than 12 hours and can be tiring, whereas you go sleeping in train. And always remember, there are no pot holes on railway track.
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  5. Abhay

    Abhay New Member

    Thanks all three of you for your suggestions. I have decided to go by train.
  6. BadBoy

    BadBoy Active Member

    dont miss your train, once we missed our train to vaishno devi and then decided to go by a bus it was around 11pm of night the worst journey ever! Train is always preferable for long distances.. sleep is essetial as the journey ahead is tiring.
  7. Prits

    Prits Member

    How long does to take by train?
  8. BadBoy

    BadBoy Active Member

    almost all the trains take more than 10hours..
  9. Deven

    Deven Member

    Buses are never a safe option when going on hilly roads, the way the driver drives the bus is quite bad, and the whole journey goes by just thinking that you may fall down the hill. Buses are good for plain roads.
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  10. BadBoy

    BadBoy Active Member

    ha haa.... i used to think that i was the only guy who think that way!

    but these are indian drivers!! indian drivers are different!! they just want to overtake the vehicle in front of thm noting else no matter a wrong step would 1st take them down and thn directly up(to almighty) ..

    you reminded me of my early childhood journeys when we used to travel to "NeelKanth" or "vaishno devi" in sharing jeeps/buses/cars it was always scary for me... i used to get scared of that much heightt everytime there used to be a valley next to my seat i used to go to other side and then close my eyes! what a hypocrate i used to be.. ha haaa
  11. Abhay

    Abhay New Member

    Hi guys, just an update to the thread. Anyone who wants to go to Vaishno Devi should take the train there, the journey is so comfortable and hassle free, much better than traveling by car or bus.