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Car Parking At New Delhi Railway Station

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Chahal, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Chahal

    Chahal ਜੱਟ ਕੀ ਤੇ ਘੱਟ ਕੀ Staff Member

    New Delhi railway station as you may already know, has two different entrances with their own connected roads and different parking areas. I get a lot of queries about long-term and short-term car parking options at New Delhi railway station so I will try and provide as much information as I can/have about car parking at Delhi railway station.

    The two sides of the station namely Ajmeri gate side and Pahar ganj side have their own respective car parking.

    • Car parking at New Delhi railway station Ajmeri gate side:-

    There is a normal parking here at Ajmeri gate side but to be honest, there is goonda raj there and the parking attendants there would normally have barriers there to prevent cars from entering, when asked they would say car parking is full even when it is not the reason being they want to send people into the VIP car parking where the charges are steep and per day charges are ridiculously high.

    What should you do then?

    Do not enter the railway station and head straight to the Metro station multi-level car park on the other side of the road ( from the railway station) and pay Rs 100 per day there instead of paying that much per hour at the VIP car park at the railway station.

    • Car parking at New Delhi station Pahar ganj side:-

    There is a very small parking area here at Pahar ganj side of New Delhi railway station and if my memory serves me right the charges were 50-60Rs for an hour and then 30-40 Rs per hour after the first hour. Not a good option if you are parking for more than an hour or even for an hour you could park on the Ajmeri gate side at Rs 10 per hour at multi-level parking by the metro station.

    I hope this information helps you in finding the right car parking at New Delhi railway station on both Ajmeri gate side and Pahar ganj side according to your requirement.

  2. AD

    AD New Member

    I need my car to be parked for around 5 days when getting a train to Jaipur in December. I don't feel too safe about keeping my car at the railway station parking, are there any other car parking options?

  3. Karan

    Karan Member

    The only two options I have for you are either get public transport like the metro or even a cab to the railway station and leave your car at home or keep your car parked at the nearest metro station which is safer than parking at the railway station parking.