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Chengalpattu to beach local train timings

Discussion in 'Tamil Nadu' started by Ashva, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Ashva

    Ashva New Member

    I will be in Chengalpattu and during my stay there I want to go to the beaches there. I would like to know what the Chengalpattu to beach local train timings are?

    I think there are about three beaches close to Chengalpattu and I would like to know the local train timings to all of them.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Ashva, welcome to the forum!



    The three main beach destinations located close to Chengalpattu are Chennai, Mahabalipuram and Kalpakkam, from north to south. Out of these three though, only Chennai has direct local train connection to Chengalpattu. You can still reach the other beach destinations from Chengalpattu via train but you need to combine the journey with bus or taxi as well. The distance between Chengalpattu to Chennai is about 65 kilometres, between Chengalpattu to Mahabalipuram is about 28 kilometres and between Chengalpattu to Kalpakkam is about 37 kilometres. In this guide, we would highlight the various ways of reaching any of these beach destinations from Chengalpattu.

    Various Beach Destinations Close to Chengalpattu (How to Reach)

    The main suburban railway station serving Chengalpattu is the Chengalpattu Junction Railway Station, which is located on the South Line of the Chennai Suburban Railway. This is also the main railway station that we would be discussing today, as it is directly connected to some beach destinations as well.

    1. From Chengalpattu to Chennai - First, we have the beach destination of Chennai, where various beaches like the Marina Beach and Besant Nagar Beach can be found. Chennai is connected to Chengalpattu through the Chennai Beach Railway Station. There are direct local trains from the railway station in Chengalpattu Junction until the railway station of Chennai Beach.

    Local Trains from Chengalpattu Junction to Chennai Beach ⬿

    Train NumberDeparture TimeArrival TimeScheduleTrain NumberDeparture TimeArrival TimeSchedule
    405023:555:50Daily Except Sundays4063212:1513:55Sundays
    406023:555:50Sundays4053813:0014:42Daily Except Sundays
    405044:256:25Daily Except Sundays4063413:0014:40Sundays
    406044:256:20Sundays4054013:5015:30Daily Except Sundays
    405064:456:40Daily Except Sundays4063613:5015:25Sundays
    406064:456:35Sundays4054214:2516:10Daily Except Sundays
    405085:107:05Daily Except Sundays4063814:2516:05Sundays
    405105:557:40Daily Except Sundays4054415:0516:45Daily Except Sundays
    407026:208:14Daily Except Sundays4054615:3017:10Daily Except Sundays
    406126:358:40Sundays4054815:4017:22Daily Except Sundays
    405126:458:27Daily Except Sundays4064215:4017:25Sundays
    406147:008:55Sundays4055016:3018:20Daily Except Sundays
    405147:058:32Daily Except Sundays4064416:3518:25Sundays
    405167:258:57Daily Except Sundays4055217:0018:41Daily Except Sundays
    406187:409:30Sundays4055417:3019:10Daily Except Sundays
    405187:459:15Daily Except Sundays4064817:3019:05Sundays
    405208:059:47Daily Except Sundays4065018:0519:55Sundays
    407048:109:30Daily Except Sundays4055618:1019:50Daily Except Sundays
    407548:109:55Sundays4071218:2520:12Daily Except Sundays
    405228:259:55Daily Except Sundays4076218:2520:02Sundays
    406228:2510:05Sundays4055818:4020:24Daily Except Sundays
    405248:4010:20Daily Except Sundays4065218:4020:25Sundays
    406248:4510:25Sundays4056018:5520:40Daily Except Sundays
    405268:5010:20Daily Except Sundays4056219:2521:05Daily Except Sundays
    407069:0510:28Daily Except Sundays4065419:2521:05Sundays
    407569:1010:35Sundays4056419:4521:37Daily Except Sundays
    405289:4011:30Daily Except Sundays4056620:1021:50Daily Except Sundays
    406269:4011:25Sundays4080420:2522:05Daily Except Sundays
    4080210:0511:51Daily Except Sundays4056820:4522:25Daily Except Sundays
    4053010:1511:57Daily Except Sundays4066020:4522:25Sundays
    4053210:4512:25Daily Except Sundays4066221:1023:00Sundays
    4062810:4512:25Sundays4057021:1523:00Daily Except Sundays
    4070811:3013:12Daily Except Sundays4057222:1523:59Daily Except Sundays
    4053411:4513:25Daily Except Sundays4057423:1000:50Daily Except Sundays
    4053612:1513:55Daily Except Sundays4066623:1000:50Sundays
    These are all the local trains running from Chengalpattu Junction to Chennai Beach. A total of 78 local trains run between these two station. These are all unreserved EMU trains which have journey durations around two hours, more or less. The earliest train departs from the Chengalpattu Junction at around 3:55 in the morning. The latest train departs from the same station at around 23:10 in the evening. Fare for this train route is around Rs. 15 per passenger only.

    The most popular beach of Chennai is Marina Beach, which is around five kilometres away from the Chennai Beach Railway Station. From the Chennai Beach Railway Station, you can just ride another train that goes directly to the Light House Railway Station. From this station, the Marina Beach is just a kilometre away or merely 15 minutes of walking.

    Local Trains from Chennai Beach to Light House ⬿

    Train NumberDeparture TimeArrival TimeScheduleTrain NumberDeparture TimeArrival TimeSchedule
    410014:004:13Daily Except Sundays4155114:0014:13Sundays
    410034:404:53Daily Except Sundays4107714:0514:18Daily Except Sundays
    436525:105:23Daily Except Sundays4155314:2014:33Sundays
    436545:305:43Daily Except Sundays4107914:2514:38Daily Except Sundays
    410095:506:03Daily Except Sundays4106414:2514:38Daily Except Sundays
    439326:056:18Daily Except Sundays4108114:4514:58Daily Except Sundays
    410136:206:33Daily Except Sundays4108315:0515:18Daily Except Sundays
    415056:406:53Sundays4376415:0515:18Daily Except Sundays
    410156:406:53Daily Except Sundays4155915:2015:33Sundays
    415077:007:13Sundays4108515:2515:38Daily Except Sundays
    410177:007:13Daily Except Sundays4156115:4015:53Sundays
    436567:157:28Daily Except Sundays4108715:4515:58Daily Except Sundays
    410217:307:43Daily Except Sundays4108916:0016:13Daily Except Sundays
    410237:457:58Daily Except Sundays4109116:1516:28Daily Except Sundays
    436588:008:13Daily Except Sundays4156516:2016:33Sundays
    427508:108:23Daily Except Sundays4156716:4016:53Sundays
    427528:108:23Daily4109516:4516:58Daily Except Sundays
    410298:258:38Daily Except Sundays4156917:0017:13Sundays
    436608:358:48Daily Except Sundays4109917:1517:28Daily Except Sundays
    436508:358:48Daily Except Sundays4367017:1517:28Daily
    410338:458:58Daily Except Sundays4110117:3017:43Daily Except Sundays
    410358:559:08Daily Except Sundays4367217:3017:43Daily
    439349:009:13Daily Except Sundays4110317:4017:53Daily Except Sundays
    436629:159:28Daily Except Sundays4110517:5018:03Daily
    439369:259:38Daily Except Sundays4157518:0018:13Sundays
    410419:259:38Daily Except Sundays4110918:1518:28Daily Except Sundays
    410439:359:48Daily Except Sundays4157718:2018:33Sundays
    415239:409:53Sundays4111118:2518:38Daily Except Sundays
    436649:459:58Daily Except Sundays4111318:3518:48Daily Except Sundays
    428509:5010:03Daily Except Sundays4157918:4018:53Sundays
    415259:5010:03Sundays4111518:4518:58Daily Except Sundays
    4379210:0510:18Daily Except Sundays4111718:5519:08Daily Except Sundays
    4152910:2010:33Sundays4111919:1019:23Daily Except Sundays
    4265210:3010:43Daily Except Sundays4158319:2019:33Sundays
    4153110:4010:53Sundays4112119:2519:38Daily Except Sundays
    4105510:4510:58Daily Except Sundays4376619:2519:38Daily Except Sundays
    4105711:0011:13Daily Except Sundays4112319:4019:53Daily
    4394211:1511:28Daily Except Sundays4285419:4019:53Daily Except Sundays
    4106111:3011:43Daily Except Sundays4158720:0020:13Sundays
    4153711:4011:53Sundays4376820:0020:13Daily Except Sundays
    4106311:4511:58Daily Except Sundays4112720:2020:33Daily
    4106512:0512:18Daily Except Sundays4112920:4020:53Daily
    4154112:2012:33Sundays4113121:0021:13Daily Except Sundays
    4376212:2512:38Daily Except Sundays4159321:0021:13Sundays
    4154312:4012:53Sundays4377021:2021:33Daily Except Sundays
    4106912:4512:58Daily Except Sundays4113521:4021:53Daily Except Sundays
    4366613:0513:18Daily Except Sundays4159922:0022:13Sundays
    4107313:2513:38Daily Except Sundays4265622:0022:13Daily Except Sundays
    4395213:4513:58Daily Except Sundays4379422:2022:33Daily Except Sundays
    These are all the local trains running from the Chennai Beach to Light House. A total of 132 trains run between these two stations. These are all unreserved EMU trains which have journey durations around 13 minutes, more or less. The earliest train departs from the Chennai Beach at around 4:00 in the morning. The latest train departs from the same station at around 22:20 in the evening. Fare for this train route is around Rs. 5 per passenger only. As mentioned above, you can just walk to reach the Marina Beach from the Light House Railway Station, which can take around 15 minutes. If you need to reach other beaches to the south of Chennai, you can do so by riding a taxi or bus as well.

    2. From Chengalpattu to Mahabalipuram - The next beach destination close to Chengalpattu is Mahabalipuram, which is home to the Mahabalipuram Beach and Wide Beach. You can first reach the Otivakkam Railway Station from Chengalpattu Junction Railway Station. From the Otivakkam Railway Station, you can then ride a taxi to reach the beaches of Mahabalipuram.

    Local Trains from Chengalpattu Junction to Otivakkam ⬿

    Train NumberDeparture TimeArrival TimeSchedule
    These are the local trains running from Chengalpattu Junction to Otivakkam. A total of three trains run through this route. The first train departs from Chengalpattu Junction at around 9:35 while the last train departs from the same station at around 18:50. Journey duration is around 4 to 9 minutes only. Fare is at Rs. 5 per passenger. From Otivakkam, you can ride an auto or taxi to reach Tirukazhukundram where there are buses plying directly to Mahabalipuram. The bus stand of the locality is located at its centre so you can easily locate it. Alternatively, you can also just ride a taxi directly to Mahabalipuram from the Otivakkam Railway Station.

    The TNSTC operates a daily bus (Bus No. 212 A) running from Cheyyar to Mahabalipuram. It has a halt in Tirukazhukundram, from where you can ride the bus to reach Mahabalipuram proper. However, the timing of the bus is not fixed nor is it available online. You need to contact TNSTC for further information about this bus service.

    3. From Chengalpattu to Kalpakkam - The last beach destination close to Chengalpattu is Kalpakkam where the Kalpakkam Beach can be found. You have the same direction as above, reach the Otivakkam Railway Station from Chengalpattu Junction Railway Station first. From there, you can ride a taxi to reach Kalpakkam or just take a bus for a more economical journey.

    Local Trains from Chengalpattu Junction to Otivakkam ⬿

    Train NumberDeparture TimeArrival TimeSchedule
    Again, you have the same trains as above, so just refer to the description above for more information. From Otivakkam, you again, need to reach Tirukazhukundram so you can board a bus going to Kalpakkam. The State Express Transport Corporation operates the Bus No. 197 UD which runs from Nagercoil to Kalpakkam and back, from Kalpakkam to Nagercoil. The bus departs from Nagercoil at 18:00, which means it can take around 11 hours for the bus to reach Tirukazhukundram, which is a halt along the way. You can board the bus from Tirukazhukundram or just opt to ride a taxi to reach Kalpakkam proper.


    So there you have it, the three nearest beach destinations to Chengalpattu. You have Chennai, then Mahabalipuram and then Kalpakkam. These cities/villages all have beaches that you can explore once you reach them by train or by combination of train, bus and taxi journey. But unfortunately, it is only Chennai that has direct railway connection with Chengalpattu. Chennai itself has the Chennai Beach Railway Station, which is located quite close to the various beaches of the city, especially Marina Beach.

    I hope this helps you!:)