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Delhi to Shimla by Bus

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Bhumi, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. Bhumi

    Bhumi New Member

    We a group of youngsters was going Shimla next week in our car, but unfortunately, our car has broken down, and it will take slightly over a week to repair it. The dates of traveling can not be rescheduled as holidays have been booked from work, so we are thinking the only option is to travel from Delhi to Shimla by bus.

    How many bus services are there from Delhi to Shimla?

    What are the bus timings?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    There are two bus service operators travelling from Delhi to Shimla, namely: the HRTC and the HPTDC. There's also some private operators running vehicles travelling to and from Delhi to Shimla.

    For the HRTC, the departure point is at ISBT Delhi. The arrival point is at New Bus Stand at Shimla. Here are the bus timings for the HRTC:
    • 6:45 am (Volvo)
    • 8:05 am (Deluxe)
    • 9:25 am (Volvo)
    • 7:49 pm (Tata AC)
    • 8:24 pm (Tata AC)
    • 9:00 pm (Deluxe)
    • 9:02 pm (Volvo)
    • 10:00 pm (Volvo)
    Price varies, Volvo is at Rs. 799, Tata is at Rs. 570 and Deluxe is at Rs. 380.

    The HPTDC Buses depart at Mandi House in Delhi and arrive at Victory Tunnel in Shimla. Here is the bus timing for the HPTDC:
    • 8:30 pm (Volvo) at Rs. 900
    There isn't any Deluxe or Non-AC bus leaving from Delhi to Shimla, I looked at the website of the HPTDC.

    Here's one private operator called the City Land Travels and its bus timing:
    • 10:30 pm (Volvo) at Rs. 1,098.
    I hope this helps!