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Delhi To Shimla Flights

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Renuka, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Renuka

    Renuka New Member

    Our group of friends which consists of all girls are planning a trip together and would really like to go to Shimla. Some in the group do not like traveling in the hilly area by road, and therefore we are thinking of getting a flight to Shimla. It would be easier and save a lot of time too. What we need to get confirmed is are there any Delhi to Shima flights?

    Please also give a rough idea of what the Delhi to Shimla flight cost is?

    Thank you.

  2. Karan

    Karan Member

    There is one flight which goes from Delhi to Shimla which is Alliance Air, a group of Air India.

    The flight leaves 6.15 am from Delhi Airport and arrives at Shimla Airport at 7.25am, a journey of 1 hour and 10 minutes.

    The flight cost can be anything from Rs7000 - Rs11000 one way and a return flight would cost somewhere around Rs25000. It would also depend on when you go, as the peak season is coming up the ticket prices will also increase.

  3. Deven

    Deven Member

    If cost is an issue, you can also consider getting a train from Delhi to Shimla. From Delhi, you would get a train to Kalka, then from Kalka to Shimla. The Kalka to Shimla train is a toy train which is a popular way of traveling, and it goes through the mountains and you get to experience beautiful scenery and nature, so it worth going on Kalka to Shimla train.

    It would take longer than getting a flight, but it is a cheaper and adventurous option than getting a flight.
  4. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Delhi -Shimla and Shimla-Delhi flights are not that expensive if you book them well in advance but if you are looking to fly the very next day or day or two later then it will cost between Rs15000 to 20000. If you book your tickets about a month in advance it will cost around Rs2000.
  5. NiaM66

    NiaM66 New Member

    How frequent are the flights?
  6. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    There is just one flight in and out per day.
  7. Prits

    Prits Member

    I think there are two in a day, I can not exactly remember. But from Shimla to Delhi there is a morning flight and from Delhi to Shimla there is an evening flight.
  8. Kate Collins

    Kate Collins Member

    Thanks to technology where everything is almost accessible in the internet. There is this site which is very user friendly when it comes to booking. You just have to be specific when and where is your travel destination.
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  9. Gayu

    Gayu New Member

    A bit off topic here, but are there flights to Manali as well?
  10. Kate Collins

    Kate Collins Member

    The nearest airport is at Bhuntar if you are travelling from Shimla to Manali.