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Dessert festival in Jaisalmer

Discussion in 'Rajasthan' started by NareshManchanda, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. NareshManchanda

    NareshManchanda New Member

    There is supposed to be a dessert fair in Jaisalmer every year, and I need to know when this is held and how long the festival is held for.
    Any other extra information would be great.

  2. GovindNis

    GovindNis New Member

    The festival is held in February every year during the month of February which is called the Jaisalmer Dessert Festival. The festival is held for around four days during the first half of February. In the festival there is a lot to see such as painted and decorated camels, traditional dance performances, and the display of things which represent Rajasthan.

  3. Shiv

    Shiv Member

    Learning something new everyday, this information about the dessert festival is new to me, looks like next February trip will be in Jaisalmer now...;)
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  4. AbhiV

    AbhiV New Member

    The dessert festival is held at Sam Sand Dunes and in 2016 the dates will be from 20th February 2016 to 22nd February 2016.
  5. M.Nayak

    M.Nayak Member

    DESERT FESTIVAL 2016 WILL Be on 20/21/22 Feb.2016.

    As you said about the Desert Festival,it will start in the morning around 09:00am with very beautiful procession full of colours from the lake to the stadium.In this procession you can see many things like in photos.Decorated many camels,dancers,women,men and lot more.In the stadium there will be many competitions like Mr.Desert competition,Miss Desert competition,mustache competition,beard competition,Turban tying competition & worlds only registered camel mounted band (Indian army camel band),in the evening there will be cultural programme performed by the famous folk artist.Day-02 there will be again many different competition like camel decoration,camel polo (worlds only registered camel polo teams,army vs civilians),women dress competition in traditional rajasthani dresses,camel races.in the afternoon camel tattoo show,Dancing camels on army and etc.,evening cultural programmes.Day-03 in the evening many different competitions at sand dunes in the desert.

    Please feel free to contact me for nay information,query,enquiry,for anything from mode of transport to accommodation,local transport to food etc.You can also contact me if you need some good names or recommendation.

    Hope above will be helpful enough?.

    as soon as schedules are printed,i will mail it to you,if you any other information also,pls don't hesitate..