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Distance between Bangalore and Mysore

Discussion in 'Karnataka' started by PTomar, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. PTomar

    PTomar New Member

    I know that the distance between Bangalore and Mysore is not a lot so I think it would be feasible to drive to Mysore. However, as I haven't not been on a long route before I would need to know what the exact distance between Bangalore and Mysore is?

    This would allow me to find out whether I can drive there or not and if I would need to take another mode of transport.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

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    The distance between Bangalore and Mysore is about 150 kilometres. There are different routes that one can take, but the driving time is around 3 hours to 3 hours and 30 minutes. If you decide to take public transportation, journey duration can take longer, around 4 hours, more or less. To help you decide whether you can bring your own car or not, we can highlight the different routes one can utilise plus their advantages and disadvantages. Below, we would discuss the different routes that you can take, their road conditions and average time that you can reach Mysore from any of them.

    Bangalore to Mysore - Routes to Utilise

    There are three usual routes that travellers can take from Bangalore to Mysore. The first one is via the Bangalore Mysore Highway, the second one is via Kanakapura and the last one is via Nelligere.

    1. Route via Bangalore Mysore Highway (SH 17) - Bangalore > Banashankari > Kumbalgodu > Bidadi > Ramanagara > Channapatna > Mandya > Srirangapatna > Mysore (149 Kilometres)


    This is the usual route taken by travellers from Bangalore to Mysore. It is 149 kilometres in distance and is the shortest route out of all the ones we'd be discussing on this thread. This route is also called the Bangalore Mysore Highway Route, which passes through NH 275 and of course, the SH 17 towards Mysore.

    From Bangalore to Bidadi, road conditions are good though very much plagued with traffic. If you must take this route, make sure you leave before 5:00 in the morning. Any time thereafter means you have to brave the traffic within the city centre of Bangalore. Peak hour driving in this route, especially on this stretch, is not a good idea. The roads from Bidadi up to Srirangapatna, leading unto the SH 17, are four lane ones. They have middle dividers but unfortunately, there are no separate lanes for two-wheelers. As you exit the SH 17, you'd reach Mysore proper, perhaps in about three hours, if you can avoid the peak hour traffic.

    Recently, there are constructions around Nayandana Halli, before you reach Bidadi near Bangalore. Similarly, there are some road constructions near Channapatna, as you enter through Mysore proper. Though the stretches are only for a few kilometres, you need to be prepared for the diversions in these areas. But aside from these, the Bangalore Mysore Highway is pleasant to drive in, as long as you avoid the peak hours of the morning and evening weekends in this route.

    An advantage of this route is that it has all the amenities one might need from Bangalore to Mysore. There are many restaurants, petrol pumps and bathroom stops along the way. The roads on this route is well maintained too, smooth and easy to drive in. If you're travelling with your family, this might be the suitable route for you as there are many food options along the way, plus the drive won't be too bumpy.

    2. Route via Kanakapura - Bangalore > Kaggalipura > Kanakapura > Halaguru > Mallavali > Bannur > Mysore (160 Kilometres)


    This is an alternative route that travellers take to avoid the traffic in the conventional route above. It is about 160 kilometres in distance, so it's a bit longer than the previous route. This route bypasses the Bangalore Mysore Highway, which can be troublesome during peak hours. Thus, if you're travelling during peak hours, any time above 6:00 in the morning, it's best to use this route.

    From Bangalore to Kanakapura, roads are very good. This is the most busy part of the route though, because of some road works along the Kanakapura roads. Thereafter, diversions are less but most of the roads are two lane ones. As you approach Bannur, roads seemingly become better, freshly laid too. Thereafter, until Mysore, driving is a bit of a breeze. Driving time from Bangalore to Mysore with this route would be around 3 hours and 15 minutes, reaching 4 hours at the most. Once the road works are done, driving would be a lot easier because then the roads would be wider and smoother.

    While traffic is less on this route, the availability of amenities are less too. As such, if you're travelling with your loved ones, especially with children, make sure you bring some snacks and water to last them throughout the road trip. Make sure they use the bathroom as well before the trip to avoid the hassles of delay along the way just to find clean bathroom options. If you are someone who gets impatient with traffic, then you might consider this route, barring the few areas with road works along the way.

    3. Route via Nelligere - Bangalore > Kunigal > Nelligere > Nagamangala > Pandavapura > Srirangapatna > Mysore (193 Kilometres)


    This is another alternative route, but not known as much by travellers. It is about 193 kilometres in distance, so it's the longest of the three routes. This route has the least traffic too, out of all the routes, and is best taken if you're travelling during peak hours. This route bypasses all the city traffic that both the previous routes above have.

    From Bangalore to Nelligere, roads are in good condition, four lanes mostly. Before the joining of the roads to the Mangalore Highway, make sure you take a turn for Nelligere. Thereafter, roads are mostly two lanes only, with some speed breakers along the way. It is easy to drive along this stretch but you cannot maintain a fast speed because of the presence of the speed breakers. Before you reach Srirangapatna, you'd join the normal Bangalore Mysore Highway and be on your way to Mysore proper. Journey duration with this route is about 3 hours and 30 minutes at the most. Vehicles are less on this route so delays are quite rare.

    Recently, there has been road works between Nelligere and Nagamangala, a little after you reach the two lane highway. It can take around 10 minutes to traverse the patchy stretch. Aside from that, roads are quite good, though not as wide as the roads in the previous routes. Another disadvantage with this route is that there are no proper petrol pumps and restaurants in the stretch after Nelligere, from Nagamangala to Srirangapatna. So make sure you bring your own snacks and water for convenience.


    The above guide highlights the distance between Bangalore and Mysore. Also included are the routes that one can take plus the total driving time for each route. Utilise the Bangalore Mysore Highway if you're leaving from Bangalore very early in the morning. Utilise the other two routes if you are travelling during peak hours and weekends. Though they might be longer, they can avoid the usual traffic in the Bangalore Mysore Highway. I hope this helps you!