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Distance from Bangalore to Pune

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Saraang51, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. Saraang51

    Saraang51 New Member

    I am taking my mother from Bangalore to Pune in a car. I have not been to Pune before and so I require some help in finding out what the road distance is from Bangalore to Pune, and considering the traffic I will get how long would it take me to reach Pune from Bangalore?
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  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi there, welcome to the forum!

    (Images from Vinu Thomas, Hrishi Varya and Shankar S.)


    There are two main routes you can take to reach Pune from Bangalore. The first route is via Satara which is about 837 kilometres long. Covering this distance can take around 13 hours, more or less. The second route is via Solapur which is about 873 kilometres long. Covering this distance can take around 15 hours to cover, more or less. Both of these routes are good but since the first route is shorter, the one via Satara, you would save some time if you choose this route instead. You need to leave early from Bangalore though, as early as 3:00 am or 4:00 am, so that you can reach Pune around early evening.

    Bangalore to Pune Distance + Routes

    1. Route No. 1 via Satara - Of the two routes, the more utilised one is the Satara route which is via the National Highway 48. As mentioned above, this is the shorter route, at about 837 kilometres long. Considering the traffic and stopovers along the way, it can take you around 13 hours to reach Pune through this route.
    • Satara Route - Bangalore > Tumakuru > Sira > Davangere > Ranebennur > Hubballi > Belagavi > Kolhapur > Karad > Satara > Shirwal > Pune
    This is the stretch that you would be taking if you choose the Satara route. From Bangalore to Belagavi, roads are in excellent conditions. Roads are mostly four to six lanes so they're very wide. Perhaps the only problem in this stretch is the speed breakers along Ranebennur, just approach them with caution and you're good to go. Also, make sure you drive carefully on the Hubballi Dharwad Bypass Road because most accidents occur at this point. Beyond that, this stretch is seamless and easy to drive in.

    Now, from Kolhapur to Pune, you might encounter some issues. Once you drive past Belagavi, you'd be approaching the Maharashtra roads already. From Kolhapur to Karad, roads are good, although there are many two-wheelers along the way. You can maintain speeds below 70 km/h here though. Once you approach Satara from Karad, roads are under construction so you would encounter many diversions. Since roads are being constructed, six-laning works, make sure you drive slowly. And finally, from Shirwal to Pune, roads are very good, but almost always have traffic so be prepared for that.

    Overall, if you leave Bangalore early, at least 4:00 am, you can reach Pune by late afternoon or late evening. Limit your stopovers along the way but don't worry as most of the towns mentioned above have decent dining options and bathrooms as well. But you can opt for stopovers in Ranebennur, Hubballi and in Kolhapur.

    2. Route No. 2 via Solapur - Of the two routes, the Solapur route is longer and passes through smaller villages. This route is about 873 kilometres long and can take around 15 hours to cover by car.
    • Solapur Route - Bangalore > Tumakuru > Sira > Chitradurga > Hosapete > Kushtagi > Vijayapura > Solapur > Indapur > Pune
    This is the stretch that you would be taking if you choose the Solapur route. The stretch between Bangalore to Vijayapura is part of the Karnataka highways. From Bangalore to Chitradurga, roads are in good conditions. If you leave early, you can avoid the usual traffic around the city which can further delay your trip.

    The Chitradurga and Hosapete stretch is mostly two-lane roads without dividers. Lots of trucks take this stretch so you would encounter them here, along with the speed breakers along the way. There are no proper restaurants although there are dhabas as truck drivers frequent this route. After which, you'd pass by the Hosapete Bypass Road and the Hosapete Vijayapura Toll Roads, undoubtedly the smoothest part of the journey, four lanes all the way.

    Once you're out of the Karnataka roads, you would reach Solapur. Roads here are two lanes only, with lots of traffic due to trucks. This would be the longest and most challenging part of the route, it won't be easy overtaking the trucks so just be careful. Roads are good though, just bring lots of patience for the traffic.

    Overall, if you leave Bangalore as early as 4:00 am, you can reach Pune in the early evening through this route. Stopovers for this route can be at Hosapete where there are a few hotels with restaurants that you can dine in. As mentioned above, in Chitradurga up to the Hosapete stretch, there are a few dhabas too that you can opt to dine in.


    It really depends upon you which route you would take. The first route is more of a highway driving and also most preferred by travellers because it is shorter. If you need to reach Pune in a quicker time, then use that route. The second route is more of a village driving and it is the longer route. Use this route if you want to have scenic views of the countryside en route to Pune. I hope this helps!