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Distance from Bangkok to Phuket

Discussion in 'Thailand' started by Drishti Porgat, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Drishti Porgat

    Drishti Porgat New Member

    I am going Bangkok next month and I would love to also visit Phuket. I don't know whether for sure I would be able to make it to another destination in Thailand but I would like to try, so I need to find out what the distance from Bangkok to Phuket is?

    If it is a short enough distance then I can easily visit Phuket and go and see the places which I have just found out about.

  2. Shiv

    Shiv Member

    The distance from Bangkok to Phuket is 840km which is 525 miles.

    Going by road it would take you about 12 hours and the two options you would have are either taking a taxi or a bus. If traveling by bus then you need to make an advance booking of the bus, as you get a guaranteed seat and sometimes get a better price.

    If your budget allows, you can easily take a flight from Bangkok to Phuket as well which would save you time, a little costly but an easy way of traveling and convenient. The journey would only last you an hour and a half. There are plenty of flight options as there are more than 15 flights a day which go from Bangkok to Phuket.
    A one way flight from Bangkok to Phuket starts from Rs7000.