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Drive in cinema Ahmedabad show

Discussion in 'Gujarat' started by Jayesh, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Jayesh

    Jayesh New Member

    I will be leaving for Ahmedabad next week and when there the one place I want to go to is the Sunset drive-in cinema. From what I have learnt it is an open-air cinema where you can watch movies in your car as well (a new concept).
    I would like to know more about the drive-in cinema like whether they have a food court there, the cost for tickets and the main thing the timings of their shows.

    I am not keeping my expectations high, but hoping for it to be good. Although I would like to know how it is quality wise and experience wise.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Jayesh! Welcome to the forum!

    The Ahmadabad Drive In Cinema
    What is the Ahmedabad Drive In Cinema?

    The Ahmedabad Drive In Cinema is also known as the Sunset Drive In, located in Drive In Road, near Hotel Vibrant Residency. While most theatres now are located inside malls or complexes, it's rare to find an open air theatre and the Ahmedabad Drive In Cinema gives you just that. Set upon a huge outdoor space, whereby it can accommodate up t0 665 cars at the same time, you can enjoy watching a movie here, old style. Enjoy the latest Bollywood movie offerings while under the gaze of the stars and even at the
    comfort of your own car. For those who don't have their own cars, you can still enjoy watching a movie here as there are shaded areas just for you.

    Did you know that the Ahmedabad Drive In Cinema has the largest movie screen in the whole of Asia? It has stood the test of time too, as generation after generation of locals have enjoyed watching movies in this cinema, even up to this day. It can be a bit nostalgic and at the same time, amazing, that they have managed to retain this old style of cinema watching. The first ever movie to be played here was in 1973, so imagine, it has been 43 years already. As an upgrade, Dolby Sound Speaker Systems has been installed so that movie watchers can understand the dialogues more easily.

    What are the facilities around the Ahmedabad Drive In Cinema?

    There's a garden space in the drive in cinema so if ever you have small children with you, you can play with them here. Of course, there's also the parking area where cars can park to enjoy the movie. There's also a separate shaded seating area for people who don't have their own car so they can still enjoy the movie. As you can see, the drive in cinema is very spacious, perfect for families or even groups of friends. The huge theatre projector screen is also equipped with an surround speaker system so you can easily understand the movie.

    Lastly, there's the food court which serves a wide variety of cuisines for guests. You can easily order or pick a meal from the food stalls. Or you can order food from the waiters plying around the area. On the other hand, the cinema is centrally located too so you can also order meals from the nearby restaurants. Some of the walking distance restaurants near the cinema are Domino's Pizza, K Bob's, Momoman, Kabir and Barbeque Nation.

    You can also bring your own food since it is allowed in the cinema anyway. You can save some money this way and also bring food that your family enjoys instead of relying in the restaurants around.

    What are the timings for the movies in the Ahmedabad Drive In Cinema?

    Movies usually begin after sunset, hence the other name of the cinema which is the Sunset Drive In. There are two shows played everyday, usually the latest movie offering that can also be found in other indoor cinemas. But it's best to arrive at the drive in cinema at least an hour earlier so you can find a good spot, especially if you're bringing your own car. Right now, the movie playing in the drive in cinema is Rock On 2 and here are the timings:

    Movie Timings

    First Show7:30 pmSecond Show10:30 pm
    These are the usual timings for different shows, there's an earlier 7:30 pm show and a later 10:30 pm show. As mentioned, try to reach the place earlier in order to find a good spot, whether you have a car or not.

    What are the prices for the tickets for the Ahmedabad Drive In Cinema?

    You can buy your movie ticket and car parking ticket from the entrance of the drive in cinema itself. Rates are very minimal as compared to indoor theatres.

    Movie and Car Ticket Prices

    Movie TicketRs. 50Car TicketRs. 50
    You would need to pay on a per person basis, so if you have 3 members in the family, you need to multiply Rs. 50 by 3. Plus, if you're bringing your car, you would also need to pay Rs. 50 for its ticket.

    Enjoy and have fun!