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Maniar’s Wonderland Ahmedabad entry fees

Discussion in 'Gujarat' started by Aarti Zala, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Aarti Zala

    Aarti Zala New Member

    It will be the first time I will be taking my kids to a theme park, earlier they were too small to be taken to a theme park and I think now is the right time for them to go and also the right time of the year.
    One of the theme parks I have come across is Maniar's Wonderland which is a much talked about park.

    I am not sure what all they have available there apart from the rides, so I would like to know more and also the entry fees for the park and other facilities and services.

    Please also give information about any offers which I can avail to get a better price.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Aarti Zala, welcome to the forum!


    What is Maniar's Wonderland in Ahmedabad?

    A unique combination of a dry rides, wet rides, adventure activities and a snow centre, that is Maniar's Wonderland in Ahmedabad. It is an all-in-one destination sure to have you giggling with fun. It is the only theme park of its kind in Ahmedabad, where you can have loads of thrilling entertainment to share with your loved ones. You can have your fill of space here, truly a contrast from the cramped chaos that is of the city life. It's the very best place to let loose, to forget about your personal worries and to just have some good time, either with your loved ones or with your friends. Maniar's Wonderland is for the adventure seekers, as it is for the snow lovers or the water lovers, a place where anyone and everyone can fulfil their fantasies in.

    Where is Maniar's Wonderland Located in Ahmedabad?

    Maniar's Wonderland is located at the southwestern part of Ahmedabad. Specifically, it is located in the Signature Homes Road, just off the Sanand Sarkhej Road of National Highway 947. The nearest landmark is the Kiran Motors Limited, just four minutes of walking away from the park. Depending on where you come from in Ahmedabad, just locate the Vasna Road, which is connected to the Sanand Sarkhej Road, from where you can take the Signature Homes Road, where Maniar's Wonderland can be found. The nearest railhead is the Sarkhej Railway Station, under three kilometres away from Maniar's Wonderland. There are trains from various cities of Gujarat and from other cities of India to this railway station. The Shantipura Bus Stop is also just 20 minutes of walking away to or from Maniar's Wonderland. You can find local buses plying to this bus stop as well.

    What is the Overall Vibe of Maniar's Wonderland in Ahmedabad?

    Maniar's Wonderland is a bolder version of your usual theme parks. It has a few dry rides that can be enjoyed by the whole family. But it also has adventure facilities that tests one's courage as well as strength. All attractions are brightly hued, as if encouraging visitors to try them all. There's ample green covers to help one feel closer to nature. Attention was given to space detailing so as to give some respite for visitors who reside in chaotic cities. There are plenty of open areas where you can just sit down and embrace the vastness in. Of course, with complete facilities for visitors, this can be your all-in-one getaway, where you can have your dose of fun, relaxation and food tripping at the same time.

    What are the Attractions in the Amusement Park of Maniar's Wonderland in Ahmedabad?


    The Amusement Park has a number of child-friendly rides that even the older ones can enjoy. Most of the rides in this category are located in the central area of Maniar's Wonderland. There are the classic attractions here like the Bumping Cars (Bumper Cars), Joy Train (Toy Train) and Wonder Chairs (Giant Swing). But there are also innovative ones, like the Break Dance, a wobbly spinning ride, Crazy Car, a futuristic car ride taking you to various angles, Upside Down, where your world be turned 360 degrees literally, and Aqua Wagon, have a splashing good time on a cabin that would drench you in water. The 5D Cinema and Game Zone are added attractions of the Amusement Park.

    Also in this section are the children-only rides, sorry parents, where they can have a blast of fun. First is the Play Zone, a small indoor games area with slides, stairs and more. There's the Masti Planet as well, an air-filled play area where they can bounce and jump to their heart's content. The Fun House is an open-air play area with some safe obstacles that they can traverse. Its location amidst sandy shores would make them feel like they're trapped in an isolated island. Jumping Jack is a small area filled with balls while Joy Boats is a small lake with some boating facilities where they can float amidst the water.

    What are the Entry Fees for the Amusement Park of Maniar's Wonderland in Ahmedabad?

    The entry fees for the Amusement Park differ from the entry fees for the Snow Park. Additionally, the Adventure Park activities are on a chargeable basis as well. The entry fees below include access to the rides that have been mentioned above. No foods or beverages are included in the entry rates yet.

    Entry Fees for Maniar's Wonderland (Amusement Park)

    Guest TypeDescriptionEntry FeeInclusions
    ChildBelow 4 FeetRs. 180Access to Amusement Park
    AdultAbove 4 FeetRs. 220Access to Amusement Park
    What are the Attractions in the Adventure Park of Maniar's Wonderland in Ahmedabad?


    The Adventure Park has many thrilling and adrenaline-pumping activities that adults can enjoy. First is the Zip Line, which can be easily spotted from the entrance. This exhilarating activity would take you from the entrance area to the Joy Train area of the park. Zorbing can be enjoyed near the picnic grounds, where you are placed upon a large see-through ball and rolled upon the lawns. Similarly, there's Aqua Ball and Aqua Roller, which has the same feature only this time, you're rolled upon a water body. You also cannot miss the Desert Bike and Buggy Ride, where you can feel like you're an action star amidst a desert safari scene. The Cricket Zone would be enjoyed by fanatics of cricket as well. For kids, the Sling Shot is a fun activity that lets them jump high while harnessed safely.

    What are the Entry Fees for the Adventure Park of Maniar's Wonderland in Ahmedabad?

    In contrast, the Adventure Park doesn't require any entry fees at all. Attractions here are on a chargeable basis, per round or per session. You can purchase the entry fee for the Amusement Park and just buy tickets for the activities in the Adventure Park that catch your interest. This can be cost-effective too as some activities might not be operational on some days of the week.

    Charges for Maniar's Wonderland (Adventure Park)

    ActivityRate Per SessionActivityRate Per Session
    Zip LineRs. 30Desert BikeRs. 100 (Rs. 150 for 2 Sessions)
    ZorbingRs. 30Buggy RideRs. 150 (Rs. 250 for 2 Sessions)
    Aqua BallRs. 30Cricket ZoneRs. 30
    Aqua RollerRs. 30Sling ShotRs. 30
    What are the Attractions in the Snow Park of Maniar's Wonderland in Ahmedabad?


    The Snow Park is the most popular section of Maniar's Wonderland. After all, it features below zero degree temperatures that is hard to rival in any part of the state. The Snow Park is located at the easternmost side of the theme park, close to the entrance. It is an indoor park where there is ankle-deep snow and lots of fun structures. There's a snowman, penguins and even an igloo where you can have your photos taken. There are some rafts where guests can enjoy sledding or tobogganing in. The walls have murals taking you to the colder mountain areas of the Himalayas or even the North Pole. While the Snow Park is small, for those who haven't experienced real snowfall, it's a must-visit attraction when in Maniar's Wonderland.

    What are the Entry Fees for the Snow Park of Maniar's Wonderland in Ahmedabad?

    The Snow Park has higher entry fees as compared to the Adventure Park. These fees are already inclusive of snow gears such as boots, jackets and socks. You are still free to bring your own socks or garments though if you prefer that. A session here lasts 30 minutes and you can do anything inside the Snow Park for that duration of time. Do keep in mind that photograph taking is not allowed in the Snow Park unless you're going to have your picture taken by the on-site photographer.

    Entry Fees for Maniar's Wonderland (Snow Park)

    Guest TypeDescriptionEntry FeeInclusions
    ChildBelow 4 FeetRs. 4001 Session in the Snow Park + Snow Gears
    AdultAbove 4 FeetRs. 4501 Session in the Snow Park + Snow Gears
    What are the Facilities in Maniar's Wonderland in Ahmedabad?

    There's an indoor family water park that can only be utilised on a rental basis. Thus, you have to rent the whole water park to access it and entry to it is not included in any of the entry fees mentioned above. There's a food court, near the Snow Park, where you can get ice creams, pizzas, sandwiches and other meals from. The picnic area is located close to the Zip Line attraction, where there are shaded sitting areas to have your meals in. There's a small garden for private events and a party lawn area for private big events. There are ample bathrooms as well for the convenience of guests. Outside the entrance are parking areas for both two-wheeler vehicles and four-wheeler vehicles.

    What are the Timings of Maniar's Wonderland in Ahmedabad?

    Maniar's Wonderland is open all-year long, all days of the week. The opening times and closing times for all three sections are the same. They open at around 10:00 in the morning and close at around 20:30 in the evening. However, some attractions might not be operational during weekdays.

    Timings for Maniar's Wonderland

    SectionOpening TimeClosing Time
    Amusement Park10:0020:30
    Adventure Park10:0020:30
    Snow Park10:0020:30
    What is the Verdict?

    Ahmedabad only has a few theme parks of its own. The Maniar's Wonderland is one of them, a full destination for fun, with child-friendly rides, adventure rides and even the possibility of playing with snow. As such, if you don't have much time for a weekend getaway, you can spend your time here instead. If you have ever promised your children that you would take them to Kashmir to see snow but just don't have the time for it yet, the Snow Park can be a great alternative. Budget issues? No worries, because this theme park won't burn a hole in your pocket. Good luck and I hope this helps you!