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Ramada Caravela Beach Resort Goa

Discussion in 'Goa' started by Ayan, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Ayan

    Ayan New Member

    Morning forum members. I have joined this forum to find out more about the Ramada Carvela Beach Resort in Goa.
    I have seen some of the food pictures from their restaurant, and it looks good, but I would like to know if it tastes good or not, as most of our meals will be at the resort itself.

    The other main query I have is if the resort has its own private beach and if yes it does do they provide services at the beach as well? I am hoping that the services provided at the beach would be as normal as service to the hotel rooms and there are no extra charges just to provide something at the beach.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Ayan, welcome to the forum!

    (Images from Booking)

    What is the Caravela Beach Resort?

    The Caravela Beach Resort is a five-star property located in South Goa. It was once owned by the Ramada Group of Hotels but was acquired and now owned by the Advani Hotels and Resorts. This is a beach-facing resort, situated just a few minutes away from the Arabian sea. Featuring a combination of Portuguese and modern architecture, guests can enjoy a trip down the colonial past while still being within the comforts of this era. If you want an affair with the beach or maybe a place teeming with natural beauty, no doubt that the Caravela Beach Resort fits both criteria. As opulent as it might be, there's this air of simplicity that still surrounds the resort.

    Where is the Caravela Beach Resort Located?

    The Caravela Beach Resort is located in Salcette, specifically in Varca in South Goa. It is just two minutes of walking away from the Varca Beach. The hotel also has a private beach which only staying guests can access. Restaurants like the Jolin Restaurant and Viva Goa are also just within walking distance to the property. The Madgaon Railway Station, one of the main railway stations of Goa, is just 10 kilometres away from the resort. The nearest bus stop to the resort is the Chinchinim Market Bus Stop, which is merely six kilometres away. For those coming in by flight, the Dabolim International Airport is around 30 kilometres away from the resort.

    What is the Overall Vibe of the Caravela Beach Resort?

    Spread across 24 acres of lush greenery, the resort has vast lawns that extend even unto the shores of the Arabian sea. It has an open-air, high ceiling flanked by wooden panels on the centre. There are many seating areas as well ranging from couches, to benches and more. The rooms and villas are very vibrant and airy. Some have white-washed or creamy walls with textures, others have vibrant motifs in some wall sides. The couches, the bedsheets and draped curtains have bolder colours and even patterns at times. The overall design is traditional Portuguese but the execution is more on the modern side. As such, the overall vibe of the Caravela Beach Resort is unique, in that it covers aspects of nature, heritage and modernity, all in one.

    What are the Room Types in the Caravela Beach Resort?

    (Images from Caravela Beach Resort)

    There are various room types in the Caravela Beach Resort. Some are in the form of rooms or suites proper, while others are standalone villas. They also offer different views, depending on the type of accommodation option you chose. The rates that would be mentioned below only include the room itself and WiFi access plus the necessary taxes. Of course, with these room rates, you can also access most facilities of the resort without any charges at all.

    Room Types in Caravela Beach Resort

    Room TypeViewRate Per NightInclusions
    Garden View RoomGardenRs. 6,151WiFi Access + Taxes
    Superior RoomGarden/PoolRs. 6,664WiFi Access + Taxes
    Deluxe RoomGarden/PoolRs. 7,175WiFi Access + Taxes
    Ocean Front RoomSeaRs. 10,247WiFi Access + Taxes
    Deluxe SuiteGardenRs. 11,271WiFi Access + Taxes
    Family VillaSeaRs. 16,285WiFi Access + Taxes
    Presidential VillaSeaRs. 54,450WiFi Access + Taxes
    There are seven types of rooms in the Caravela Beach Resort. These are the following: Garden View Room, Superior Room, Deluxe Room, Ocean Front Room, Deluxe Suite, Family Villa and Presidential Villa. The latter two are standalone villas while the former five are housed in a low-rise building. While the rates above don't include breakfast or any other meals yet, the resort also has all-inclusive rates that guests can opt for. For simplicity though, this guide only highlighted the basic room rates.

    The Garden View Room is their most affordable room type. This type of room overlooks the lush gardens and has complete amenities despite the more affordable price tag. The Superior Room can have views of either the garden or the swimming pool. Both of these room types have their own balconies as well so that guests can enjoy the surrounding views at their own privacy. On the other hand, the Deluxe Room has the same features although the space here is larger. For a bit of luxury, you can opt for the Ocean Front Room instead, which gives you panoramic views of the Arabian sea right at your patio.

    The Deluxe Suite is one of the most opulent choices. It has a separate living room, dining room and bedroom. It also has a private balcony where you can enjoy the view of the garden. The Family Villa is one of the standalone accommodation options, it has a living room and two separate bedrooms so it's perfect for families. The Presidential Villa is the most expensive accommodation option, which has its own living room and two master bedrooms. The latter two villas overlook the Arabian sea as well.

    What are the Dining Options in the Caravela Beach Resort?

    (Images from Caravela Beach Resort and Booking)

    There are four restaurants in the Caravela Beach Resort, along with three more bars slash lounges. Whether you want to dine by the beach, under the stars or near the pool, you have a specific restaurant for that. The very best of Goan cuisine? Check. The very best of Pan Asian cuisine? You got it. There are many more options when it comes to food when you stay in this resort. So don't worry, they got your tummy covered as well.

    Restaurants in Caravela Beach Resort

    Restaurant NameCuisineTimings
    Beach ShackGoan11:00 to 16:00 and 19:00 to 23:00
    CarnavalPan Asian19:00 to 23:00
    LanaiContinental24 Hours
    CastawaysNorth Indian and ContinentalSeasonal
    Sunset BarIndian19:00 to 24:00
    Island BarCocktails11:00 to 20:00
    Atrium BarNorth Indian and Continental9:00 to 1:00
    The Beach Shack is the resort's Goan cuisine open-air restaurant. Located by the beachside, you can marvel in the wonderful views while enjoying their best-seller seafood dishes. Carnaval is their Pan Asian cuisine dinner only restaurant. This is their indoor dining option which also has buffet spreads during morning. The variety of dishes served in the buffet is quite extensive, with many dishes from the Asian regions of China, India and Thai. There are also a few options for Continental cuisine.

    Next is Lanai, their Continental cuisine restaurant, which is open 24 hours in a day. If you have a penchant for Continental dishes like salads, sandwiches and desserts, this is the place that you can go to. Castaways is their seasonal poolside restaurant, which offers North Indian and Continental light meals to guests. It is open only during peak tourist season, which is from October to March each year. The last three are lounges slash bars which have a few snack offerings for guests. These three, Sunset Bar, Island Bar and Atrium Bar, offers cocktails and other liquor-based beverages to adults.

    Generally, meals in these restaurants, especially in the Beach Shack and Carnaval, are quite good. However, they are priced on the higher side as compared to the other beach shacks near the Varca Beach. Thus, if you're low on budget, you can opt for such beach shacks, like Chikita and Sea Pearl, which are under 900 kilometres away from the resort.

    What are the Other Facilities in the Resort?

    (Images from Caravela Beach Resort and Booking)

    The resort has a private beach on the Varca side, which has a few sun loungers for the free use of guests. There are even some security guards and crews around the beach area which can help guests for their specific needs. There's a central swimming pool as well, which is quite large, shaped like a clover. Because of its sheer size, even if the resort is fully booked, you can enjoy a secluded section in the pool still. Areas are divided into two adult's sections, toddler's section and kid's section. The Island Bar is situated at the middle of the pool and there are various sun loungers all around as well.

    For the adults, indulge in a relaxing treatment in their spa and Ayurvedic centre. The resort even offers yoga courses, complete with a yogi, for staying guests. Other wellness facilities like a gym, jacuzzi and salon are also located within the premises. A nine-hole golf course can be enjoyed by professional and non-professional golf players. For the kids and teens, there are facilities for indoor games such as table tennis, carom, chess, billiards and other board games. There are also facilities for outdoor games such as beach volleyball and cricket. Adventure seekers are not left out as a variety of water sports such as parasailing, wind surfing, jet skiing and many more can also be availed from the management.

    For the business travellers, they aren't left out as the resort also has facilities for conferences and meetings. Special events like wedding receptions and anniversaries can be celebrated here, either in their lush lawns or indoor banquet hall. WiFi is widely available in the resort but access is restricted to one device per room. You can opt to pay for their premium WiFi for your other devices though. Other facilities in the resort are shuttles, car rental, travel desk and luggage storage. Services like laundry, dry cleaning and ironing can also be provided for by the resort.

    What is the Verdict?

    The Caravela Beach Resort is your ultimate destination for seclusion and luxury. Boasting of four on-site restaurants, serving a variety of delicious Indian and International dishes, meals here are at their very best quality as well. But even for those who want more variety, there are many beach shacks nearby to the resort. The resort also has its private beach along the Varca side, with beautiful powdery white sands and turquoise waters. The presence of sun loungers and hotel crew means that you won't have to worry about the services or amenities in this beach. Where lush natural beauty abounds, where serenity still exists and where comfort isn't compromised at all, that just sums up the main features of the Caravela Beach Resort.


  3. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    This Caravela Beach Resorts really looked 5-star. I didn't know that there are nice beaches in India. Pardon my ignorance but my impression of India is a city with lots of people or rural area where the farms are located but not beaches. Although I am not a beach person, I have to admit that Caravela is very tempting. I was actually in a swimming pool resort this past weekend in celebration of my nephew's birthday. The pool has warm water coming from the inert volcano. It was supposed to be a beach but shifted to that swimming pool to avoid the crowd. It is not comfortable to be in a crowded beach, we just couldn't enjoy. But with a 5-star beach resort, I'm sure there are no crowds although the downside is the hight cost.