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Hotels in Amritsar Near Golden Temple

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by Amish, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. Amish

    Amish New Member

    I would like to know what hotel options I have in Amritsar, which are near the Golden Temple. I want the closest hotel possible near the temple, as I wish to visit the Golden Temple in the morning hours and evening hours for a continuous of 3 days.

    The hotel should be decent and very clean, I don't need anything too expensive, just a reasonable price of around Rs1000 per night.

    I would appreciate if I would get a reply asap, as I would like to leave for Amritsar soon.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Amish! Welcome to the forum!

    There's not a lot of options for hotels within that price range. But still, here's a list of the best budget hotels near Amritsar:

    Hotels under Rs. 1,000
    • Hotel Sita Niwas. This is just 0.4 km away from the Golden Temple. Another great thing about this hotel is that there are many options for rooms. Their Standard Room is just Rs. 400 per night. It has its own bathroom, a double bed and a telephone. Their Triple Bed Room with AC is at Rs. 900 per night only. Without breakfast, all their rooms are under Rs. 1,000. They also have a multi-cuisine restaurant in the hotel. Their address is: Near Golden Temple, 61, Sita Niwas Road, Amritsar. Contact number: 5064841.
    • Hotel Sukhman International. A little bit further away at 1.7 kms away from the Golden Temple. Their Comfort Single Room with an Economy Plan is at Rs. 995. It comes with basic amenities like a bathroom and a bed. They also offer laundry services and transport services. Their address is: Queen's Road, Hotel Lane, Amritsar, 143001. Contact number: 0183-2222077.
    Those are your options for the nearest hotels to the Golden Temple under Rs. 1,000. I'm still going to provide you with another list, budget hotels over Rs. 1,000 that are very much worth it:

    Hotels Over Rs. 1,000
    • Hotel Veenus International. This is about 1.8 kms from the Golden Temple. For Rs. 1,250, you can stay in their Deluxe Room. The room is very much elegant and luxurious for that price. It is complete with modern and basic amenities as well. WiFi, AC and LCD television are all available in the room. Their address is: No. 3, Queens Road, Amritsar. Contact number: +91 9855447487.
    • Hotel Royal Inn. At just about 0.3 km from the Golden Temple, this budget hotel is great value for your money. Their Standard Room is quite simple but elegant at the same time. Its rate is at Rs. 1,200 per night. It has WiFi, AC and LED television along with its modern bathroom. The hotel has its own restaurant and generator backup as well. Their address: No. 49, Brahm Butta Market, Near Sarai Guru Ram, Das, Opp. Punjab National Bank, Amritsar, 143001. Contact number: +91 1835061800.
    And here's another one, guest houses within your budget:

    Guest Houses Under Rs. 1,000
    • Shine Star Bed and Breakfast. This is just 1.3 kms from the Golden Temple. Their Deluxe Room is at Rs. 990 and it has WiFi, LCD television and AC. Their address is: Street Mangal Singh, Mahna singh road, B/S Hotel Sita Niwas, Amritsar, 143001. Contact number: +91 9914755551.
    • Asha Guest House. This is just about 0.4 km from the Golden Temple. Their Double Bed Room with AC is at Rs. 750. It has colour television and an attached bathroom. Their address is: Near Golden Temple, Sarai Guru Ramdas Ji, Chowk Parag Dass, Amritsar, Punjab 143001. Contact number: +91 97810 21221.
    I hope this helps!