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Hotels Near Baga Beach Goa

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by Mahajan1, Jun 23, 2016.

  1. Mahajan1

    Mahajan1 New Member

    My friends have are going Goa and have chosen Baga beach where we will be spending most of our time just relaxing and having fun.
    We need now find a good hotel to stay at, but it would need to be near Baga beach, walking distance would be the best, but if that is not available then the nearest hotel but a decent one.

    The hotel budget has not been decided on, so please give all the suggestions you have.

    Thank you.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    Some of the hotels near Baga Beach that I was able to find are:

    • Acron Waterfront Resort. This one is considered a budget hotel but it doesn't scrimp on quality of service and amenities. It has about 29 fully furnished rooms with hand-painted designs. Consider the sea view room which offers a majestic scenery of the Arabian sea. Or maybe the river room which offers scenic views of the Baga river. It is located just 1.5 kms away from Baga Beach. It has its own restaurant named the River Restaurant. Room rates start at Rs. 12,000.
    • Keys Ronil Resort. Just a mere 0.5 kms away from Baga Beach, this is another budget hotel. With about 125 rooms, 2 swimming pools, complete amenities and a restaurant, this hotel delivers great quality without the hefty price tag. For just Rs. 7,000 per night, you can enjoy all these facilities and be able to reach Baga Beach within a few minutes. You can also enjoy other restaurants and markets within the area as it's conveniently located at the city centre.
    • Mykonos Blu. It has about 20 spacious and luxurious rooms. Its restaurant actually faces the river so you can enjoy the scenery while dining. It's a mere short walk from Baga Beach at about 1.4 kms. It has its own swimming pool as well and is complete with the basic amenities. Guests love the serene and tranquil feeling the resort exudes. Rates start at about Rs. 5,100 per night.
    • The Camelot Resort. With a super short distance from Baga Beach (0.5 kms), one can feel like a royal in this hotel and be able to enjoy swimming in the beach as well. The interiors of the room are designed medieval style. For just about Rs. 2,500 per night, you can enjoy this hotel and all its amenities.
    • Casa Baga. Just 0.4 kms away from Baga Beach, Casa Baga claims to make their guests feel like they're in Bali right in Goa. With its art deco interiors, guests are sure to feel like they're in paradise. Starting at a rate of Rs. 4,100 per night, you can enjoy this Bali-themed resort right in Baga. To fully relax, try out their spa.
    • Sun City Resort. Enjoy a simple accommodation delivered with a punch at Sun City Resort. Although the hotel itself is quite simple, they deliver through their hospitality and amenities. It's very near to the Baga Beach as well at about 0.7 kms from it. Room rates start at Rs. 21,999.
    • Baga Beach Resort. Just about 0.3 kms away from Baga Beach, this luxury resort has been a popular accommodation chosen by tourists. Room rates start at Rs. 6,000 and that's quite affordable for a high-end resort like this one. Enjoy views of the ocean with their cottages. They even have buffet offerings in their restaurant.
    I hope this helps!