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How to Get Walkie Talkie License in India

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chit Chat' started by Mehul, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. Mehul

    Mehul New Member

    I wanted to get a walkie talkie for my trekking and cycling trips but have just discovered that to use a walkie talkie in India you need to have a license.

    Now I don't have a clue about how and where to get a license from, so please can someone guide me on how to get walkie talkie license in India.
    Please also mention what documents are required and after how long I will get the license.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    The first thing I would suggest for you to do is to just buy a walkie talkie from a licensed operator. This is hassle-free and convenient as the operator would take care of everything. Here are the set fees for a service operator of a walkie talkie:

    • Handset: Rs 4,500
    • Registration fee: Rs 6,500
    • Yearly fee: Rs 1,750
    Otherwise, should you choose to get license the difficult route, then read on, here are the steps:
    • Get a license from the Department of Communications in New Delhi to use your own walkie talkie.
    • Apply for frequency for a specific location in Wireless Planning and Coordination Cell.
    • Obtain No Objection Certificate and Security Verification from Intelligence Bureau.
    • Seek a Written Approval to use the walkie talkie from Wireless Monitoring Cell.
    • Pay fees to WPC.
    • Wait for 6 months to a year to get your license.
    I hope this helps!