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India train information

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by helenuk, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. helenuk

    helenuk New Member

    Hi all

    I am off to India in March and I am researching a lot about it, I want to do most of my travel by train as it is faster and cheaper than road and air. Can you please give me some helpful information and suggestions about my thought? I do have a few questions too:

    1. Which class of Indian railways is best for foreign tourists?
    2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by train?
    3. How much cost effective it is according to you?
    4. What are the chances of theft and crime in Indian railways?

    Any more information would be helpful.


  2. DhongiBaba

    DhongiBaba Active Member

    A late reply but I am sure this will help new members/visitors.

    Any class that is air conditioned and then it depends on your budget. Have a look at this thread about train classes.

    Advantage is the cost and scenery that you get to see. Greatest disadvantage is the time it takes. Average speed of Indian railways is very low.

    Depends what class tickets you get. Some times a 1st AC ticket can cost more then an air ticket.

    Having luggage stolen is not that uncommon. People keep their luggage chained to their seats if it is a long journey. Crime otherwise is not that common but theft surely is.

  3. panchabhut

    panchabhut New Member

    Trains are preferable over road travel for distances beyond 200 KM. There are locations where road connectivity is much shorter than rail connectivity due to circuitous route. For distances beyond 500 KM, flight is preferable if direct flight is available.
  4. Dakota

    Dakota New Member

    I think this is an excellent idea. I wonder if they have a Euro Pass like they do in Europe. Where you could buy the pass and use it during your stay. This could cover your trains and bus travel around the places you visit. I would be interested in purchasing a pass that would allow me to travel on the train. No restrictions or date I had to be there. If i decided to stay an extra day in one location I could.