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Kumaria Presidency Hotel Mumbai

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by MadhuP, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. MadhuP

    MadhuP New Member

    I am interested in staying at the Kumaria Presidency hotel in Mumbai, as the hotel prices appeal to me. I have seen some images of the hotel and it looks ok as compared to its cost. There are some other queries which I have regarding the hotel which I know would be best answered by genuine users.
    For your information, I plan to stay at the hotel for one week.

    1. Is there hot water available at the hotel all day long?

    2. Is house keeping available every day?

    3. Are there any places to visit nearby such as tourist attractions?

    4. How far is the beach from the hotel?

    5. Is there food available at the hotel, what is it like?

    6. What restaurants are there near the hotel?

    7. Where would I get the best vada pav which is near the hotel as well?

  2. Deven

    Deven Member

    Whether you stay at a hotel for one day or one week all services and facilities are available to all guests.

    1. Hot water is available throughout the day in all rooms.

    2. Housekeeping is done every day and can be called for if required during the day.

    3. Two close by places to see are Powai Lake which is around 5km from the hotel and Versova beach which is around 7km away from the hotel. Other places which should be not be missed are Gateway of India, Nehru Planetarium and Film City.

    4. Kumaria Presidency hotel has its own restaurant where you can get Indian, Chinese and Continental food. Food is ok but there are better places to eat near the hotel.

    5. There is a variety of restaurants near the hotel which serve North Indian food, Mughlai, Chinese, South Indian and plenty of places to eat snacks.

    6. The best place to get a vada pav near the hotel is in front of a building called Apple Heritage which is in Chakala. The place is called Babu Vada Pav.

  3. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there!

    Yes, hot water is available at the bathroom 24 hours.

    Yes, they also have house keeping services everyday. You can request for it through the reception.

    Here are some tourist attractions near the Kumaria Presidency Hotel:
    • Mahakali Caves - This is about 4.5 kms from the hotel. These caves are also known as Kondivite Caves. They are a group of rock cut temples, about 19, built between the 1st Century BCE to the 6th Century CE. Most of the caves are viharas for the monks but Cave No. 9 is a chaitya. Cave No. 9 also has some depictions of Buddha.
    • Dolphin Aquarium - Not a lot of people know about this aquarium but it's worth a visit and it's very close to the hotel, at just about 5 kms. Despite the name, there are no dolphins here but there's quite a few number of fishes. You can also see ducks, rabbits and turtles in the place. There's also a boating facility for guests here.
    • Pushpa Narsee Park - This is about 6.4 kms from the hotel. This is primarily a cycling park, where you can rent a bike and it has a dedicated track for bikers. There's also a children's park here.

    Here is the hotel's distance between different beaches:
    • Distance from Juhu Beach - 7.9 kms
    • Distance from Versova Beach - 8.5 kms
    • Distance from Rock Beach - 9.4 kms
    • Distance from Chowpatty Beach - 25.5 kms

    The hotel's restaurant serves North Indian and Chinese cuisines. They have a variety of dishes that you can choose from. They also have a coffee shop that serves hot beverages.

    Here are some nearby restaurants to the hotel:
    • Pizza Express - This restaurant have Italian cuisine. Try out their Pollo Cajun Pizza.
    • Five Spice - This restaurant have Chinese cuisine. They're also well-known for their desserts. Their specialty would have to be their noodles. My favourite is their Black Pepper Noodles.
    • Chakra Restaurant and Bar - They have Chinese, North Indian and Mughlai cuisines. Their Chicken Tandoori is a winner!
    • Madeena Restaurant - They have Chinese and North Indian cuisines. Try out their Tandoori Roti.

    I would recommend The Beer Cafe. They serve the best Vada Pav, at least for me, in that area. It's about 4.4 kms from the hotel.

    I hope this helps!