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Taj hotel Mumbai tea price

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by Neeru, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. Neeru

    Neeru New Member

    It may seem like a funny query but it's better to ask here than phoning the hotel to ask. Please don't ask why I want to know it is a long story.

    I would like to know what the Taj hotel in Mumbai tea price is?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Neeru, welcome to the forum!

    The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai
    What is the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai?

    The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai is one of the best luxury hotels in the city. It was established in the early 19th century and has become a trademark when it comes to the hospitality and warmth known from the Taj Group of Hotels. Both renowned local and international individuals have stayed in the hotel, like Mahatma Gandhi, prime influencer for Indian Independence Movement, and Mick Jagger, world renowned music icon. Combining royalty, modernity and at the same time, tradition, the Taj Mahal Palace has stood the test of time and it would continue to do so.

    Did you know that the hotel was established even before the Gateway of India in Mumbai? Thus, it served as the landmark for passing ships back in the colonial era. Now though, with the nearby Gateway of India and also the Colaba Causeway, the five-star hotel is one of the best options for a premier stay in Mumbai. The hotel overlooks the majestic Arabian sea and even the nearby Marine Drive is merely a 15-minute walk away from it. With such history and heritage, the Taj Mahal Palace is certainly not just a hotel, it's a part of the rich legacy that is of India.

    Tea in the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai

    Boasting of nine restaurants within its premises, the Taj Mahal Palace is the best place for high tea in the city. They're not just restaurants, they are part of the luxury that is of the Taj Mahal Palace. Aside from tea, you can enjoy world-class dishes, both in local and international cuisines. Dishes that are prepared only by the best chefs in the region.

    1. Shamiana - This is the hotel's all day dining restaurant, open 24 hours in a day. The cuisines served here are Asian, Continental and North Indian. There are only two types of teas served here though, the Estate Tea and the House Blend Tea.

    Teas in Shamiana

    Type of TeaDescriptionPrice
    Estate TeaDarjeeling or AssamRs. 250
    House Blend TeaMasala or HerbalRs. 200
    2. Wasabi By Morimoto - This is the hotel's Japanese restaurant, open twice a day during lunch and during dinner. Did you know that this restaurant has been named as 1 of the top 50 restaurants in Asia? It just goes to prove that the Taj Mahal Palace is not just for a luxury stay but also for a luxury dining experience. This restaurant serves a variety of teas though, ranging from speciality ones to signature ones.

    Teas in Wasabi By Morimoto

    Type of TeaDescriptionPrice
    Sencha TeaLight Green TeaRs. 450
    Bancha TeaSecond Flush of SenchaRs. 450
    Hojicha TeaBrown Tea with Caramel BaseRs. 450
    Kukicha TeaLow Caffeine TeaRs. 450
    Genmaicha TeaGrass Flavoured Tea with Roasted RiceRs. 450
    Sobacha TeaRoasted Buckwheat TeaRs. 450
    Mugicha TeaRoasted Barley GrainsRs. 450
    FukamushichaGreen TeaRs. 450
    Taj House BlendDarjeeling and AssamRs. 450
    MangalamBlack TeaRs. 450
    RisheehatGreen and FloralRs. 450
    3. Souk - This is the hotel's Mediterranean restaurant, located in the rooftop too so you can enjoy the views of Mumbai while dining. It is open twice a day, during lunch and dinner. For tea, the restaurant has a wide variety too that you can choose from.

    Teas in Souk

    Type of TeaDescriptionPrice
    Moroccan Mint TeaGreen and Mint TeaRs. 450
    Egyptian Chamomile TeaGrassy Sweet TeaRs. 450
    Cardamom TeaAromatic Sweet TeaRs. 450
    Fennel TeaRelieves Digestive IssuesRs. 450
    Rose TeaAromatic and FloralRs. 450
    Golden Assam TeaMalty Second FlushRs. 400
    White Tip Darjeeling TeaFirst Flush of Golden Tipped LeavesRs. 400
    Taj House Blend TeaDarjeeling and Assam TeaRs. 450
    4. Sea Lounge - This is the hotel's premier cafe, best known for its wide range of teas. Along with tea, you can enjoy a wide variety of snacks and finger dishes. Sea Lounge has become quite synonymous with high afternoon tea and this is the place to go to for all your chai needs. They have a variety of teas divided depending on the region where they come from.

    Darjeeling Teas in Sea Lounge

    Type of TeaDescriptionPrice
    Sung First Flush TeaDelicate Aroma with Strong TasteRs. 400
    Castleton Second Flush Muscatel TeaGolden Tea with After Taste of MuskRs. 400
    Margaret's Hope TeaMuscatel with AstringencyRs. 400
    Makaibari Golden Tips TeaWoody and CrispRs. 400
    Avon Grove Silver White Tips TeaHigh Antioxidant ContentRs. 400
    Assam Teas in Sea Lounge

    Type of TeaDescriptionPrice
    Taj House Blend TeaAssam and Darjeeling TeaRs. 450
    Mangalam TeaFruity and SpicyRs. 400
    Dikom TeaMalty and Wiry LeafRs. 400
    English Breakfast TeaBlack Tea, Best with Milk and SugarRs. 400
    Nilgiri and White Teas in Sea Lounge

    Type of TeaDescriptionPrice
    Orange Pekoe TeaBlack Tea with CamelliaRs. 450
    Chamraj Second Flush Nilgiri TeaGreenish Black Tippy LeavesRs. 400
    White Tea NilgiriFruity UndertonesRs. 450
    White Tea DarjeelingHard on the PalateRs. 450
    Green Teas and Compressed Teas in Sea Lounge

    Type of TeaDescriptionPrice
    Kuki Cha TeaLight and MildRs. 450
    Monkey King Jasmine TeaLight Bitter Sweet EndingRs. 450
    Sencha TeaGreen Tea Mildly SweetRs. 450
    Gunpowder TeaHigh AntioxidantRs. 450
    Pu-Erhh TeaMellow and Sweet AftertasteRs. 450
    Oolong Teas, Toasted Teas and Herbal Teas in Sea Lounge

    Type of TeaDescriptionPrice
    Darjeeling Oolong TeaFlowery with Lemon NotesRs. 450
    Genmaicha TeaGreen Tea with Roasted RiceRs. 450
    Hojicha TeaReddish Brown, With Less AstringencyRs. 450
    Wild Berries TeaMade With Apples, Blackberries and All Things SweetRs. 450
    Pina Colada TeaPineapple with Coconut FusionRs. 450
    Gourmet AppleRosehip Leaves with Fruity BlendsRs. 450
    Organic RooiteaLow Caffeine ContentRs. 450
    5. Masala Kraft - This is the hotel's Indian restaurant, specialising in varying regional Indian dishes. With an open kitchen, you can enjoy watching the chefs while they are preparing your meals. There's also a variety of teas in this restaurant.

    Teas in Masala Kraft

    Type of TeaDescriptionPrice
    Rose TeaSweet Rose TeaRs. 450
    Fennel TeaCure for Digestive IssuesRs. 450
    Cardamom TeaBest Paired with MilkRs. 450
    Tulsi TeaMade with BasilRs. 450
    Kashmiri Kahwa TeaGreen Tea with Cinnamon and CardamomRs. 450
    Taj House BlendAssam and Darjeeling TeaRs. 450
    MangalamMalty and Lightly SpicyRs. 450
    TukdahFloral and FruityRs. 450
    6. Golden Dragon - This is the hotel's Chinese restaurant featuring Cantonese and Sichuan dishes. There's an open kitchen too, so you can enjoy watching the chefs while waiting for your food. There are also specialty teas in this restaurant that you can try.

    Teas in Golden Dragon

    Type of TeaDescriptionPrice
    Keemum TeaBlack Fruity Tea with Orchid AromaRs. 450
    Pu Erh TeaEarthy FlavourRs. 450
    Wuan Zi Qian Hong TeaDulcet Flower BloomRs. 450
    Silver Needle TeaSweet Lingering TasteRs. 450
    Lapsang Souchong TeaSmoky with Mild AstringentRs. 450
    Monkey Pick TeaClean and RefreshingRs. 450
    Ooolong TeaSubtle FlavourRs. 450
    GunpowderNutty Oak FlavourRs. 450
    7. Aquarius - Open from morning until midnight, this is the hip cafe of the hotel. It has Continental and North Indian cuisines. They also have a variety of teas along with coffees and other beverages.

    Teas in Aquarius

    Type of TeaDescriptionPrice
    Earl Grey TeaDistinct Taste from Bergamot OrangeRs. 400
    Egyptian Chamomile TeaStress RelieverRs. 400
    Masala TeaBlack Tea with Indian HerbsRs. 400
    Mint TeaLight and RefreshingRs. 400
    Assam TeaRichly Coloured and FlavouredRs. 400
    Darjeeling TeaLight and AromaticRs. 400
    Makaibari Golden Tips TeaSpicy Aromatic FlavourRs. 400
    TukdahFloral and Mildly FruityRs. 450
    8. La Patisserie - This is the hotel's bakery, with a variety of pastries, cakes and other delicious desserts. There are also beverages here but there are no available teas in here.

    Teas in La Patisserie

    No Tea Available
    9. Harbour Bar - This is the hotel's bar lounge area with a variety of cocktails, alcoholic beverages and wines. However, tea is also not available here.

    Teas in Harbour Bar

    No Tea Available
    I hope this helps you!:)

  3. G.Jain

    G.Jain New Member

    OMG with the prices of tea, I understand that its Taj, but I would think that a cup of tea would cost that much. Why are these tea costs so high?