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List of water parks in Mumbai

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by SushantPathak, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. SushantPathak

    SushantPathak New Member

    There is still some time until the weather gets a bit cold and water parks would not be a suitable place to visit. Before this happens I want to take my kids to some of the water parks in Mumbai as in a week or two they would be going back to boarding school.

    I would like it if someone would give me a list of water parks in Mumbai, which my kids and I can choose from to which ones to visit.
  2. Celerian

    Celerian New Member

    Please check these below:

    1) Essel World Water Kingdom, Borivali (West)

    Website : EsselWorld

    2) Suraj Water Park, Thane (W) Ghodbunder Road.

    : Welcome to SURAJ WATER PARK

    3) Nishiland Water Park, Vinegoan

    Address : Old Mumbai-Pune Highway, Vinegoan, Mumbai.

    4) The Great Escape Water Park, Virar (East)

    Website : www.greatescape.co.in/

    5) Tikuji-ni-wadi Water Park, Thane

    Website : Tikuji-ni-wadi

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