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List of water parks in Mumbai

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by SushantPathak, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. SushantPathak

    SushantPathak New Member

    There is still some time until the weather gets a bit cold and water parks would not be a suitable place to visit. Before this happens I want to take my kids to some of the water parks in Mumbai as in a week or two they would be going back to boarding school.

    I would like it if someone would give me a list of water parks in Mumbai, which my kids and I can choose from to which ones to visit.

  2. Celerian

    Celerian New Member

    Please check these below:

    1) Essel World Water Kingdom, Borivali (West)

    Website : EsselWorld

    2) Suraj Water Park, Thane (W) Ghodbunder Road.

    : Welcome to SURAJ WATER PARK

    3) Nishiland Water Park, Vinegoan

    Address : Old Mumbai-Pune Highway, Vinegoan, Mumbai.

    4) The Great Escape Water Park, Virar (East)

    Website : www.greatescape.co.in/

    5) Tikuji-ni-wadi Water Park, Thane

    Website : Tikuji-ni-wadi

  3. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi there, welcome to the forum!



    As diverse as Mumbai itself are the options for entertainment and recreation that it has for both tourists and locals. It's inevitable though as the city has the technology and the capacity for such centres. For families, a water park is often the best choice, as it offers an array of enjoyable activities that the whole clan can enjoy. From water slides, lazy rivers, wave pools, you get a bit of everything through these water parks. And when summer comes, what better way to escape the heat than taking a plunge in a swimming pool, right? And actually, summer is almost whole year round in Mumbai so there's an excuse to reach any of these water parks, even in the midst of December!

    List of the Best Water Parks in Mumbai

    1. Water Kingdom - Water Kingdom is part of Essel World, one of the largest amusement parks in the country and in Asia. Water Kingdom is divided into several sections, namely: What a Coaster, Bratzone, Goofers Lagoon, Adventures Amazonia, The Lagoon and Wetlantic. What a Coaster is India's highest vertical drop slide and is definitely not for the faint-hearted ones. The Bratzone is perfect for all ages and is spacious enough to accommodate a wide group of people. There are rain dances, sprinklers and even laser lights that appeal to both the young and the old. Goofers Lagoon appeals to the younger ones, with its assortment of water guns, buckets and umbrellas. Adventures Amazonia would appeal to the adventure seekers as this section has some of the most thrilling and exciting water rides. The Lagoon has a mixture of adult and kiddie slides, which is why it is a preferred spot of all families and friends. And lastly, Wetlantic is the largest wave pool in the country and it also has other features such as fountains and artificial rocks that add to the charm of the section. If ever you get hungry whilst swimming, the water park also has plenty of dining options like Domino's Pizza, Kabab Corner and other snack stalls. Truly, Water Kingdom has captured the hearts of every Mumbai local and has been capturing the hearts of even foreign tourists. With world-class amenities and hygienic premises, Water Kingdom is one of the best choices when it comes to water parks in Mumbai.
    • Rates - Rs. 999 for Adults, Rs. 699 for Children and Rs. 399 for Seniors.
    • Address - Gorai Village Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091, India.
    • Contact Number - +91 22 2845 2222.
    2. Adlabs Aquamagica - Being a part of the Adlabs Imagica amusement park, Adlabs Aquamagica is yet another exciting water park in Mumbai, off the Mumbai-Pune Highway. Adlabs Imagica actually has three sections, namely: a Theme Park, a Snow Park and a Water Park, also known as the Adlabs Aquamagica. The Water Park has an assortment of children's rides and also adult only rides. A fun slide that anyone in the family can enjoy here is the Boomerango, where you can certainly feel like a boomerang being released from a steep height and swinging back and forth at the end. The Loopy Woopy is not for the little ones, as it is almost being like in a rollercoaster, only you're thrown in water. The Splash is a wide slide, perfect for racing until the end with your friends or families. There is also a wave pool, known as the Wacky Wavess, and also Floatsa, their version of a lazy river ride. As compared to the former water park though, the rates of the Adlabs Aquamagica are a bit higher especially during peak season. Still, if you would like to enjoy thrilling rides with your families, this water park won't disappoint you.
    • Rates - Peak Season (Rs. 1,099 for Adults, Rs. 899 for Children and Rs. 599 for Seniors) & Off-Peak Season (Rs. 999 for Adults, Rs. 799 for Children and Rs. 599 for Seniors).
    • Address - No. 30/31, Sangdewadi, Khopoli-Pali Road,SH 92, Off Mumbai-Pune Express Way, Tal-Khalapur, Raigad, Khopoli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 410203, India.
    • Contact Number - +91 22 4213 0405.
    Adlabs Aquamagica.jpg
    Adlabs Aquamagica

    3. Great Escape Water Park - If you're okay with a simple water park, with just a few rides and a few swimming pools, the Great Escape Water Park can give you just that. It is primarily a water park, no other attractions like a theme park are within the premises. It is comprised of one wave pool, one adult's swimming pool and one children's swimming pool. The wave pool operates only four times a day and each session is about five minutes long. The adult's swimming pool has about six slides that even teens can utilise. The swimming pool is also not that deep so even teens can enjoy swimming here. The children's swimming pool has about 10 slides and its depth is perfect even for toddlers. The beauty of the water park is that it is enveloped in lots of greenery, as if you're transported away from the hectic city life and into the jungle. There's a small children's park as well and some shades from the sun. Do keep in mind that you need to bring your own swim suit here as there are no swim wear for hire within the park itself. The entry rates already include the meals of the day but most of the dishes are of the vegetarian variety only.
    • Rates - Rs. 899 for Adults, Rs. 749 for Children and Rs. 749 for Seniors.
    • Address - Parol Bhiwandi Road, Off Vajreshwari Road, Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway, Virar East, Thane, Maharashtra 401303, India.
    • Contact Number - +91 85 5499 2350.
    4. Suraj Water Park - Combining elements of religion, fun and recreation is the Suraj Water Park, located about 27 kilometres away from the city centre of Mumbai. For a devout Hindu, the Suraj Water Park is an experience in itself as it incorporates important Hindu principles into the water park's attractions. For example, the Har Har Gange, is a rock statue of Shiva, with flowing water within it, based off of the mythological story of how the Ganga River was brought into Earth. The Fibre Glass Cave of the water park is the largest of its kind in Asia and even this attraction has an image of Lord Shiva at its entrance. The Rainbow Tower has 16 slides attached to it where you would be dropped to the Nanha Tal. There's also the Dhadkan, which can certainly raise your heart beat, as it forces you up and down which ends up in tons of screams. The trio of high slides of Labak, Zapak and Matak is only for the adventurous ones. And lastly, there's also a Wave Pool, a Lazy River and Shiv Ganga Slide, perfect for the little ones. You must bring your own swimwear here as well as the ones available in the water park are only for buying, not for renting. The restaurant here only serves vegetarian dishes as well.
    • Rates - Rs. 800 for Adults and Rs. 650 for Children.
    • Address - Waghbil Nakka, Ghodbunder Road, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400615, India.
    • Contact Number - +91 22 2597 4747.
    Suraj Water Park.jpg
    Suraj Water Park

    5. Nishiland Water Park - The Nishiland Water Park might not be as huge as the former water parks but it provides a nice and cozy getaway for families coming from Mumbai. It is located in the old Mumbai-Pune Highway, about an hour's driving away from the city centre. Carefully designed, the water park has this jungle theme to it, with earthy colours and lots of greenery around. The smaller area adds to the cozy vibe of the whole water park. Its main attraction is the Wave Pool, which mimics that natural waves of the sea. There's also an Artificial Lake here, where guests can indulge in all the boating that they want. There's a small Children's Play Pool as well, safe enough for the little ones to swim in and enjoy sliding the day away. Or the whole family can float carelessly in the water park's Lazy River, which is probably one of the most laid-back attractions here. Of course not missing are the thrilling rides like the Hara Kiri, Aqua Tube, Speed Slides and Body Slides.
    • Rates - Without Food (Rs. 325 for Adults and Rs. 300 for Children) & With Food (Rs. 660 for Adults and Rs. 550 for Children).
    • Address - NH4, Kandroli Tarf Wankhal, Maharashtra 410202, India.
    • Contact Number - +91 80 8080 8080.
    6. Shangrila Resorts and Water Park - Located close to Thane, about an hour's drive away from Mumbai proper, is the Shangrila Resorts and Water Park. While the resort also has rooms for rent, they also have entry rates for day picnics, rates are given below. But if you'd like to stay the night here, their rooms are spacious and hygienic, suitable for families. Their water park is not that huge though but it has a couple of sections like a separate children's pool, rain dance, waterfalls and slides. They also have a small theme park but it mainly fits for younger children. There's also an adventure zone, although it comes with a different charge, aside from the day entry. An in-house restaurant can also cater to your grumbling tummies after a long day of fun and adventure.
    • Rates - Without Food (Rs. 600 for Adults and Rs. 550 for Children) & With Food (Rs. 900 for Adults and Rs. 850 for Children)
    • Address - Mumbai-Nashik Highway, Bhiwandi By Pass End, Gangaram Pada, Vadpe, Thane, Bhiwandi, Maharashtra 421302, India.
    • Contact Number - +91 25 2266 1700.
    7. Tikuji Ni Wadi - Set amidst lush greenery, about 40 kilometres away from Mumbai, is the Tikuji Ni Wadi. It makes you wonder if you are somewhere far away from the city, yet you're merely an hour away from it. Tikuji Ni Wadi is not just a water park, it's a resort, a theme park and just an overall family destination away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Kid's Pool is a favourite here by the youngsters, mainly because of its shallow waters and fun slides. They also have a wave pool which attracts guests of all ages. The Family Pool is perfect for the entire family, all members, brother, mother, father and sister can have a grand time here. Even the Lazy River attracts the guests because it's fun to just laze and float around. The resort has an array of cottages that guests can choose from but they are very basic though. Restaurants are also available within the resort in case guests get hungry.
    • Rates - With Food at Rs. 800 and Without Food at Rs. 600.
    • Address - Ghodbunder Road, Opposite Tata Power House, Manpada, Thane, Maharashtra 400602, India.
    • Contact Number - +91 22 2589 2061.
    Tikuji Ni Wadi.jpg
    Tikuji Ni Wadi

    8. Anand Sagar Water Resort and Water Park - Probably one of the most affordable water parks close to Mumbai is the Anand Sagar Resort and Water Park. The water park here is not that huge but spacious enough for a few families to enjoy their weekend. It has a separate area for children too, so they can enjoy swimming without getting into any dangers. There's a rain dance area that the whole family can enjoy, which is also a major hit with groups of friends. Slides are also available, both in the adult swimming pool and children's pool. Certain additions like bridges, a dinosaur spitting out water and family slides make the water park more interactive and fun. The best part about their restaurants is that they cater to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. And for night stays, you can opt for either their air-conditioned or non air-conditioned rooms.
    • Rates - Entry Only (Rs. 250 for Adults and Rs. 200 for Children), Vegetarian Package (Rs. 490 for Adults and Rs. 450 for Children) & Non-Vegetarian Package (Rs. 550 for Adults and Rs. 490 for Children).
    • Address - Off Anand Nagar MIDC Highway, Ambernath East, Thane, Maharashtra 421501, India.
    • Contact Number - +91 98 2284 7700.
    9. Ammu Water Park - The Ammu Water Park is a simple resort/water park in Vaholi, about two hours away from Mumbai. It doesn't have any wave pools or thrilling slides. It does have several basic swimming pools, where guests can enjoy playing water sports like volleyball or water hockey in. There's also a small children's swimming pool with slides for the kiddies. Several rain dance areas are also scattered around the water park. At the backdrop of the water park is the river, flowing within its premises and even the mountains visible from here. There's a small toy train too and a few rides that children can enjoy. They also have a few rooms if guests intend to stay overnight in the resort. Their rates are very affordable too and they already include the meals of the day.
    • Rates - Rs. 500 for Adults and Rs. 350 for Children, inclusive of all meals of the day.
    • Address - Apti Road, Off Kalyan Murbad Road, District Thane, Vaholi, Maharashtra 421301, India.
    • Contact Number - +91 99 8773 3798.
    10. Royal Garden Water Resort - About an hour away from Mumbai, located in Kausa in Thane, is the Royal Garden Water Resort. It features four swimming pools, a wave pool, a rain dance area and several slides. It isn't as extravagant as the former water parks but its location is quite scenic. Surrounded by lush greenery, well-landscaped gardens and the views of the distant mountains, you're sure to forget the city life while in here. The resort has accommodation options too for overnight stays or more. Rooms are elegantly designed and fitted with modern amenities. And if ever you get tired of swimming, check out their small amusement park that the children would surely enjoy. One downside though is that the resort only serves vegetarian dishes so do keep that in mind.
    • Rates - Rs. 700 for Adults and Rs. 600 for Children, inclusive of vegetarian meals.
    • Address - Royal Garden Old, Mumbai-Pune Road, Kausa, Mumbra, Thane, Maharashtra 400612, India.
    • Contact Number - +91 75 0682 0873.

    Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life? Well, these water parks near Mumbai might just give you a nice change of environment. You can go as lavish with the likes of Water World and Adlabs Aquamagica, where the rides can thrill the very best of you. Or you can go as basic with water parks like the Royal Garden Water Resort and Ammu Water Park, where lush greenery accompanies your weekend getaway. Whatever you choose, take a deep breath and remember that life shouldn't be all about work because as they say, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."