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Worlds of Wonder Water Park

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chit Chat' started by Kashi, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. Kashi

    Kashi New Member

    I am planning to take my kids to the Worlds of Wonder Water Park next week. I have visited the parks official site, but their information page is not loading properly.

    I wanted to know about the park facilities, rides, and services they provide so that I can go prepared. My queries are mentioned below. Please reply to your best knowledge.

    1. What are the park opening and closing times?

    2. Apart from being a water park, do they have rides and other activities?

    3. Are there food outlets in the park, like restaurants or places where you can buy things like chips, drinks?

    4. Are the food outlets inside the park costly?

    5. Can we take our own food inside as well?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Kashi, welcome to the forum!

    The Worlds of Wonder in Noida is an all-in-one destination for families and friends. It has a Water Park, an Amusement Park and Wonder Speedway. It was established in 2007 and since then, has become a popular theme park in the city. It has an assortment of rides, ranging from thrilling ones, child-friendly ones and family-friendly ones. All rides are certified safe by world standards so your safety and your family's safety are quite assured. With plenty of rides to try, you can spend a whole day here and it still won't be enough!

    Different Sections in the Worlds of Wonder

    The Water Park has different sections to keep you cool even during the summer
    • Free Fall - Definitely not for the faint-hearted is the Free Fall slide, as it falls from an almost straight angle and throws you into the cool water. This slide is only suitable for teens or adults though, not for the children.
    • Rapid Racer -Featuring slides placed side by side, it would be fun to see who reaches the bottom first with your loved ones. Unlike the first slide, this one is angled a bit more sloping, so it's suitable even for children.
    • Lazy River - Enjoy a laid-back ride in a floater amidst the manmade river, suitable for any age, even for grandparents!
    • Wave Pool - The main attraction of the Water Park is this Wave Pool. Enjoy the artificial waves, along with the surrounding views of the trees, transporting you to the beaches of Goa or Kerala.
    • Rip Curl - Slide round and round and round, until you get a bit dizzy, with this fun slide with its curves and tubes. Even children can have a blast in this one.
    • Big Splash - Slide amidst this big platform, with your friends or loved ones, giggle and do it again!
    • Deep Sea Adventure - With its winding tube slides, the Deep Sea Adventure is a must for the thrill seekers. With the pirate motif, you would feel like you're in the Caribbean with this one.
    • Boomerango - A big slide with surprising curves and bumps, the Boomerango is a fun ride for any member of the family.
    • Rip Tide - Enjoy the slide with a splash of water while riding a floater, either alone or with a friend, your choice!
    • Under Water World - Featuring small slides, buckets with water falling over you and a manmade cave with sprinklers, this section has everything for a family.
    • Deep Sea Explorer - A little tunnel that takes you around the marvels of the underwater marine life.
    • Turbo Tunnel - Slide past a tube slide and then be taken into a sloping open slide, either from your back or maybe while facing front.
    • Little Splash - With water guns to play with, this is a favourite place of the youngsters but even the adults can spend some fun time here.
    • Raft Ride - Slide down while riding a raft with your family, definitely a family bonding experience worth having.
    The Amusement Park also has different sections:
    • The Road Show - This section is mainly meant for teens and adventure seekers, with its thrilling rides. Chart Smashers is the park's version of bump cars but with a twist, as you mainly manoeuvre tires turned into mini cars. Fancy a roller coaster ride? There's the Big Beat and Fast Forward. If you're not afraid of heights, it's a must to try the Download and Feedback rides. Rides like the Mega Disko and Rockin Roller would take you round and round, no matter how much you scream Enough!
    • La Fiesta - An amusement park won't be complete without rides for the children. La Fiesta has that covered with usual rides like the Hippti Hop (Carousel), Mini Train, Mini Jet and Shanghai Swinger. For the adventurers, there are kind of thrilling rides like the Bird's Nest, Jumper, Dizzy Diana, Rockin Joker, Samba Rhumba and Space Shot. Rides like Lake Wow and Locomotion are suitable for children and adults alike. At the end of it, you can visit the Rain Dance area but make sure you have a change of clothes with you.
    Lastly, Wonder Speedway is actually a go karting area. As such, it is the largest go karting area in the whole northern region of India. Feel like a racer or maybe enjoy a duel kart ride with your loved one. Whatever you choose, you're bound to enjoy your time in here.

    Food Outlets in the Worlds of Wonder

    There are different food outlets around the Worlds of Wonder in Noida. Each section, namely the Water Park and the Amusement Park, has their own eateries in case guests get hungry.

    In the Water Park, you have four options, which are:
    • Cafe Wow - Mainly a snacks food outlet, offering sandwiches and breads. There is also an assortment of ice creams and shakes that you can choose from. Do try out their rose flavoured ice cream, yum!
    • Punjabi Dhaba - Craving for Indian food? Don't worry, Punjabi Dhaba is to the rescue, serving delicious North Indian cuisine to guests. Their naan and dal makhni are best sellers, perfect for a hearty lunch or dinner.
    • Snack Bar -Children are notorious for getting hungry every hour and so a Snack Bar is a must for in-between meals like fries, pastas and sandwiches. The Snack Bar also has some juices and shakes to quench the guest's thirst after a tiring day of swimming.
    • Pool Bar - Italian delicacies such as pizza, pasta and focaccia can be enjoyed here. All the more enjoyable is the view of the swimming pool while eating.
    In the Amusement Park, you also have four options:
    • Madras Cafe - Bringing you delicious dishes from the southern part of India is the Madras Cafe. This cafe is appropriate for breakfast, lunch or dinner, basically any time of the day. Authentic southern Indian dishes like dosa, idli and uttapam can be enjoyed here.
    • Punjabi Dhaba - Just like in the Water Park, there's also a Punjabi Dhaba here, in case you are in the mood for North Indian dishes.
    • Cafe Wow - Since the Amusement Park can be quite hot and tiring, it's a must to have some ice cream after trying out all the rides. Then, the cycle repeats, you know you can do this all day long!
    • McDonald's - Known worldwide, McDonald's is a cult favourite amongst kids and teens. Fries, burgers, nuggets, you can have it all, while inside the park too!
    As you can see, there are plenty of options for dining around the park. These food stalls are not really that expensive, but they are not cheap as well. You won't have any other choice though as outside food and drinks are not allowed to be brought inside the park.

    Timings for Worlds of Wonder Noida

    Water Park (Closed in Winter)10:00 am to 6:00 pmMondays to Sundays
    Amusement Park10:30 am to 7:00 pmMondays to Sundays
    Wonder Speedway10:30 am to 7:00 pmMondays to Sundays
    The Worlds of Wonder theme park is open all days of the week. However, the Water Park and Wonder Speedway are under maintenance right now, which is winter season. They would open again during summer or when the management announces. For the rates for the entrance, do visit this thread.

    Enjoy and I hope this helps you!:)